Monday, March 8, 2010

Soda Tax

Everyone is talking about the 2 to 4 cent tax an oz. New York Gov. wanted the tax to raise millions. It fell out of favor now Obama wants to add it to Health Care.

So if you figure it out. At 2 cent an oz. That is 24 cents a can. That comes out at $1,44 a 6 pack, $2.88 for a 12 pack and $5.76 for a case. And if it is at 4 cents an ounce just double the numbers.

But that is not where I am going. I am going to companies like Coke and Pepsi. With a tax of $5.76 to $11.52 of tax per case. If you want to destroy a world company this will be a way to do it. The sales of soda in America will dry up and most likely the world will follow and the company will go under.

Why? Greed of a corrupt government. I like Dr. Pepper. My Mom does not. She thinks it tastes like medicine. But I think if you have stock in these companies the only thing you can do with it is sale it if this tax is passed or wind up using it as toilet paper cause that is all it will be worth after the government gets done with the taxes they want.

So the final word on this is how do you destroy a multi Billion dollar company? Tax it to the point it won't sell. The Government forgets that we don't have to buy the soda, and the taxes will not be collected. But they do manage to destroy a private company that has gone global.

San Francisco now has a surcharge on restaurants for Health Care. So you now eat out in San Francisco you pay extra to pay for Health Care. They did not say how much it was.

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