Friday, February 27, 2009


All you Obama loving idots. Do you know that Obama's new bill has about 40 different taxes on big oil. Where do you think these taxes will wind up......

Yo, The PUMPS.

You and I are going to pay so much more because of Obama's bill.

This is a guy who wants to destroy this country. He is killing Big Oil, Military, Banking and any other thing that Americans use.

Watch out the Internet is next.

And you wanted change.

Welcome to the Death of America. via: Obama Supporters.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Linux and Blogger

Trying out blogger in Linux ubuntu. So far its working great.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hitler State Coming! Beware!

You think Obama is for the people.... Bullshit he is there just for himself.

Let's look at his stimulus package. All pork. He said no earmarks. Just words. Read it for yourself. It is just nothing but pork.

Since when do you listen to a politician. Do the research yourself. You know politicians lie.

Now he wants you to keep people who cannot own the house they are in, in their homes with your help. You will make up the difference.

Then he wants to get rid of weapons. All weapons. America was born on the right to bear arms.
Obama wants this gone. He wants the crooks to take over the country. That is what will happen if this bill passes.

Be afraid be very afraid.

Obama wants to destroy the country he is doing a good job.

I watched Obama on facebook with remarks from viewers.
Read for yourself. Don't listen to Obama.

Mostly blacks goo and gaa over Obama. I guess most of those who are gooing and gaaing can't read. Otherwise they would become afraid. Because you can figure out what Obama really wants to do to the country.

Obama speech was presented good. But the content sucked. Real Americans read and question.

Obama still may not be President. Not until his proper birth certificate is presented to the nation. Not a bunch of Democrats say that he is an American. Proof is in the documents.

Proof is needed. We need to prove that the Democrats are crooked.

Economic Terrorism at its best.

Affirmative Action at its worse.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thomas Jefferson had it right.

Thomas Jefferson wrote over 200 years ago: "I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent Government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them."

How true, how true.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Gain up to $13.00 a week in tax cuts, how much will you loose in taxes

So we are going to get up to $13.00 a week in stimulus and now the taxes are coming. How much of our paycheck will we loose to taxes? $150.00 a month?

Okay. $13.00 a week, Thats an average of $52.00 a week not the $65.00 that Obama is talking about. Then if we wind up with $150.00 a month in taxes we will wind up loosing $98.00 a month.

That means we will loose $1,176.00 a year.

In any case we are loosing money while the politicians are getting fatter and fatter in the pockets.

How much do we have to loose before we say enough is enough.

Canya Help A Negro Get Elected (CHANGE) is not what I was looking for.

Affirmative Action at its best. Thats scraping the bottom of the pot.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Just like the terrorist.....

'World duped by Hamas death count'

Four weeks after the cessation of Operation Cast Lead, the IDF finally opened its dossier on Palestinian fatalities on Sunday for the first time, and presented to The Jerusalem Post an overview utterly at odds with the Palestinian figures that have hitherto formed the basis for assessing the conflict.

Anas Naim, a nephew of Hamas...

Anas Naim, a nephew of Hamas Health Minister Bassem Naim, who was killed on Jan. 4 in Gaza City, was described in Palestinian reports as a 'medic.'
Photo: Courtesy

While the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, whose death toll figures have been widely cited, reports that 895 Gaza civilians were killed in the fighting, amounting to more than two-thirds of all fatalities, the IDF figures shown to the Post on Sunday put the civilian death toll at no higher than a third of the total.

The international community had been given a vastly distorted impression of the death toll because of "false reporting" by Hamas, said Col. Moshe Levi, the head of the IDF's Gaza Coordination and Liaison Administration (CLA), which compiled the IDF figures.

As an example of such distortion, he cited the incident near a UN school in Jabalya on January 6, in which initial Palestinian reports falsely claimed IDF shells had hit the school and killed 40 or more people, many of them civilians.

In fact, he said, 12 Palestinians were killed in the incident - nine Hamas operatives and three noncombatants. Furthermore, as had since been acknowledged by the UN, the IDF was returning fire after coming under attack, and its shells did not hit the school compound.

"From the beginning, Hamas claimed that 42 people were killed, but we could see from our surveillance that only a few stretchers were brought in to evacuate people," said Levi, adding that the CLA contacted the PA Health Ministry and asked for the names of the dead. "We were told that Hamas was hiding the number of dead."

Palestinians carry a wounded...

Palestinians carry a wounded man into Shifa Hospital in Gaza City during Operation Cast Lead.
Photo: AP [file]

As a consequence of the false information, he added, the IDF was considering setting up a "response team" for future conflicts whose job would be to collect information, analyze it and issue reports as rapidly as possible that refuted Hamas fabrications.

Basing its work on the official Palestinian death toll of 1,338, Levi said the CLA had now identified more than 1,200 of the Palestinian fatalities. Its 200-page report lists their names, their official Palestinian Authority identity numbers, the circumstances in which they were killed and, where appropriate, the terrorist group with which they were affiliated.

The CLA said 580 of these 1,200 had been conclusively "incriminated" as members of Hamas and other terrorist groups.

Another 300 of the 1,200 - women, children aged 15 and younger and men over the age of 65 - had been categorized as noncombatants, the CLA said.

Counted among the women, however, were female terrorists, including at least two women who tried to blow themselves up next to forces from the Givati and Paratroopers' Brigades. Also classed as noncombatants were the wives and children of Nizar Rayyan, a Hamas military commander who refused to allow his family to leave his home even after he was warned by Israel that it would be bombed.

The 320 names yet to be classified are all men; the IDF has yet complete its identification work in these cases, but estimates that two-thirds of them were terror operatives.

The CLA gave the Post the names of several fatalities who it said had been classified by the Palestinians as "medics," but who it stated were Hamas fighters, including Anas Naim, the nephew of Hamas Health Minister Bassem Naim, who was killed during clashes with the IDF on January 4 in the Sheikh Ajlin neighborhood of Gaza City.

Following the clashes, the Palestinian press reported that Naim was killed and that he was a medic with the Palestinian Red Crescent. The Gaza CLA, however, produced photographs of Naim posing holding a rocket-propelled grenade launcher and a Kalashnikov assault rifle that had been posted on a Hamas Web site.

Levi stressed that on no occasion were civilians deliberately targeted, and that every effort was made to minimize civilian casualties.

Work on the death toll list was started during Operation Cast Lead under Levi's direction. A special team was set up and led by an officer in the CLA who coordinated efforts with the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) and worked from statistics and information on the dead from the Hamas Health Ministry, the media in Gaza, and other Palestinian and Israeli intelligence sources.

Much controversy and confusion has surrounded the number of Palestinian noncombatants killed during Israel's three-week campaign against Hamas, with the IDF and the Shin Bet refusing to release official numbers to refute Hamas allegations. Israeli estimates were intermittently leaked to the press but not published in official press statements.

Sounds and looks just like the crap the Democrats spew. Political Terrorism by the Democrats.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Burris is a Racist

Yes you heard me. Burris is a Racist. He was screaming the racist card when it did not look like he was going to make it. Now it turns out he is a crook and a racist. How much of this crap do we have to put up with?

Impeach Obama.

I know what you are thinking. That's not Burris. No he is a product of the corrupt Chicago political machine. Hence Impeach Obama.

Obama wants to Fix the Housing Problem?

How dumb do you think the American people are? It was the Clinton administration that caused the housing crisis. Now Obama wants to fix it by asking for more and more money.

You cannot fix stupid. Obama is stupid. He thinks Americans are illiterate. We can't see past our nose. Hello Mr. Obama. I see and many others see that you have no clue in what you are doing. You want to throw my money at this problem. I will not put up with your lack of knowledge or your stupid, and I do mean stupid "I have 100 economist to confir with." Do you really think Americans are that dumb that they do not see past your failure to know.

Not 24 Hours Later Obama Wanting More

Not 24 hours after Obama signed the massive pork package he wants more of your money. How much are you going to put up with. He already spending more than my great, great, great unborn grandchildren will not be able to pay off. Now he wants to add more so their great, great, great unborn grandchildren will not be able to pay off.

When will this insane spending stop? Obama thinks he has unlimited funds. Again someone who has never held a job has no concept that you have to work for this money. Affirmative Action in action.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


You know that this massive spending package is going to surprise you about health care.

Health Information Privacy

The Office for Civil Rights enforces the HIPAA Privacy Rule, which protects the privacy of individually identifiable health information, and the confidentiality provisions of the Patient Safety Act, which protects identifiable information being used to analyze patient safety events and improve patient safety.

This is right out of the HIPAA web site.

With a stroke of a pen this no longer applies. HIPAA no longer exists. All your records are now going to be computerized which means anyone with a computer can access YOUR RECORDS. Whats worse they can manipulate your records.

Now the liberals (a.k.a. Democrats) want all the illegal aliens to vote Democrat. For that, they will make illegals, legal.

What that means to you and me?

Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, Scarlet Fever, Polio and much much more.

Your children, grand children and great grand children being subjected to these diseases in mass amounts.

These are directly caused by the liberals. If anything we need to hold these Democrats responsible for the medical bills we incur from our children contracting these diseases that are showing up in schools and work because we have to educate the illegals.

The Democrats rant and rave that this bill had to be passed. It was and Obama took a vacation. If it was that important Obama should have signed it that day or the next. No he waits 4 days while he goes on a mini vacation. Hell he hasn't been on the job 3 weeks and already taking a vacation.

We need to educate America in the truth not Democratic Spin. There is a huge difference.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Will Obama ever Answer A Question? - WATCH OUT

I say no. Obama will most likely say HELL NO!

Have you listened to any of the press conferences that Obama has? You got it. He has never answered a question.

Yet American public has yet to notice.

Are they going to get upset when Obama claims to be a Dictator of the United Socialist States of America.

Then it will be too late to voice your opinion.

The Democrats will like that. That means one party rule. No two party system.
No voting.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Axelrod and Obama seem to forget how to do math. Clinton policies caused all the problems we are now incurring. But Axelrod and Obama seem to think it is a Bush administration problem.

Axelrod and Obama want to ramrod their Socialism policies on the American people.

The cost of health care is massive and the new administration wants to increase it even more.

Since when is the President an expert in the Census? Axelrod said that the President wants the Census to be run by experts. Who said Obama is an expert?

I noticed that if you disagree with the administration they call you irresponsible and racist. If you complain about Obama's policies you are irresponsible.

Kitchen table chatter is yelling NO to this stimulus package. But Obama's Administration is just hearing what they want to hear.

Obama wants to destory the Health Care system in the United States. He seems to think we have a poor health care system in this country. We have the best in the world and he wants to make it better so we can be behind the rest of the world.

The Democrats raped and robbed Social Security. It had BILLIONS in its coffers. The Democrats said “I want some of that money!” So they robbed it and took it right to the edge of bankruptcy .

I also noticed that the economy was showing a turn around and Obama wanted this bill to pass so America would not figure it out. It did not need this massive pork package. A trimmed down true stimulus package would mean Obama would not be able to say thanks to his supporters.

Fiscal responsibility by the Democrats is quickly becoming fiscal irresponsibility.

Did anyone listen to Meet the Press show this morning?

Well you should have. Axelrod was on and he noted that Obama admits that there is no stimulus jobs in this package. Axelrod said he hoped that there would be 3 million jobs. He also said that Obama wants another stimulus package like this one next year.

Obama is spending money my great, great, great unborn grandchildren will working to pay off.

This is fiscal irrespondsibility at its finest. Afformative Action at work.

Obama's Massive Pork Package

Now I downloaded this bill HR1 a.k.a. Stimulus package a.k.a. the Pork Package.

Obama and the Democratic Congress said that there were 3 million jobs for this 800 Billion Dollar package.

Well the few of us who actually downloaded it and read/browsed threw it will know if 25 thousand jobs come out of it will be a miracle.

There are provisions for cable companies to get free cable laid for out of the way areas that the cable companies do not want to run cable because it will cut into their millions of dollars in profits.

Hello think about it. Here are the cable companies making millions in profit. The CEO's getting millions of dollars in pay and bonuses. They don't want to loose it so they ask Obama for help and presto. Millions to lay cable. Don't use your bonuses to lay cable.

The Congress and President complain about the tarp money going to the banks and it going to the top brass as bonuses.

This is the same thing. Just not a bank.

Download this Pork package and read it for yourself.

Don't trust me and this blog. Read it for yourself. This pork package that Obama got passed in Congress will be very destructive to the American worker.

Just think about it. All this pork that goes into this package how much winds up in the Congressmen, Congresswomen, Speaker of the House and the Senators pockets?

Again download it and read it for yourself. If you have several reams of paper laying around and lots of ink. Print it out and read it on your back porch while you are BBQ ing in the backyard wondering how you are going to make it the next four years of this huge mistake.

Like I said in a previous blog entry. Affirmative Action President does not work. Thank the press for the problems we are now moving into. Enjoy those of you who voted for this mistake.


Friday, February 13, 2009

New cases of Affirmative Action President

To show how much Obama is an affirmative action president.

Let's look at what he says all the time.

Clinton that would be the former President. Cause alot of the problems we are facing today.

But Obama seems to mix Bush with Clinton.

Obama says the housing crisis is caused by the failed policies of the Bush administration.

The truth is Clinton caused the problems we are facing today. He is the one that pass the law that said the Banks HAD to give a loan to someone that could not afford it. Or they would not get FDIC funding. So Banks made loans to poor people mainly black. They never paid back the loans. Banks went under. Clinton was proud of the policy he passed.

Obama must have failed History, Social Studies, Math and Research. If he did any of that he would have found that Clinton caused the problems and Obama's math is wrong. Clinton was in office more than eight years ago. But Obama keeps saying the last eight years.

Again another feather in the hat of Affirmative Action President. Just proves my point.

Affirmative Action does not work. It puts a black man in a position he can't do. How many more indicatiors do we need?

He has proved time and time again he can't do the math or research the truth.

Time to get rid of this terrorist.

Linux on a USB Thumb Drive.

Linux can now be placed on a USB Thumb Drive. You can have an entire distribution on a thumb drive. That way you can carry it with you where ever you go.

I mean you can take a full DVD distribution of Linux and place it on your Thumb drive.

Once you have this on a thumb drive you will be able to add files, play games, surf the internet, create a spreadsheet, or a word document. Put it on your thumb drive and then take it with you.

That means that you will never need to be pinned down to a computer or carry your laptop with you again. Just have thumb drive will compute.

Neo Nazi Schumer

Did you hear Chuck click the lock step of the Neo Nazi Left.

It was so sad to see that the Democrats are harboring nazi way of life.

Neo Nazi Nancy was gloating that she was able to pass this Terrorism bill.

Obama will sign this Terrorism bill a.k.a. PORK bill.

Obama was able to redefine the word PORK to stimulus.

Bad part of it. America fell for it. Is America so illiterate?

Democrats and Republicans have been able to destroy the education system in America so now America can no longer read, think or figure out the logic of this pork package.

There should be an uproar in America when Obama signs this bill.

If Obama insists on destroying America, we as Americans should scream 'NO MORE'

Impeach Obama.

Remove Democrats.

Fire them all.

Obama and the Democrats are Economic Terrorists


Let me say that again


Everyone who voted on this bill is a TERRORIST.

The Economy is improving already before this bill was passed and the Democrats are trying to say this PORK package is saving America.

Looking for the proper word..... Hmmmm Oh yea...


They are all terrorists. America needs to remove these terrorist from office.

My god they are destroying America with this terrorist move.

One bill at a time to destroy a free America.


This just confirms my previous blog. Obama is an affirmative action President.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Terrorism in America

There is a massive amount of terrorism in America.

The Americans are so blinded to it that they are embracing it.

Obama and the Democratic party are freely scaring the American people with doom and gloom if the stimulus bill does not pass.

The American press is in bed with the Democratic party so you will never hear the truth.

Obama is a Terrorist to the American people. His bill has to be passed.

That is Economic Terrorism.

The Democrats are Terrorist to the American people also.

Just listen to them preach for this bill.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stimulus package crap

I am so tired of hearing this stimulus package this, this stimulus package that.

No, this bill is all pork. There is no stimulus in this bill.

Enough Bullshit!

Enough is enough.

I don't think that the presidency of the USA was based on affirmative action?

Then why do we have a black man in there?

If he (Obama) was a white man with the credentials he brought to the national stage he wouldn't have made it to the primary.

So because Obama is black he got a free gimme.

So does this mean he is an affirmative action president?

Chuck Schumer

Talk about corrupt politicians! Chuck said that "Americans don't care about little pork packages". This is the same package that Obama said "There is no pork in this package". I wonder how much of this little (900 billion) in pork that they are getting?

I am sorry but this is pure pork and these life time politicians needs to be arrested or kicked out of office and loose everything they got as a politician. That would be homes, cars, bank accounts, offshore accounts, homes outside the US.

They are crooks.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Obama's First TV Interview.

Did you hear how he tried to scare America into passing his Stimulus Package? He was typical Obama. Lie to get your way. If you don't agree with me then you are against me.

If that is the case I am against him.

NO on Stimulus Package

Tell your Congressmen, tell you Senator, Vote NO on this Stimulus Package.

Do not let Obama get a chance to hock America.

I do not trust his Middle Eastern ties.

He lied to us to get into office and how far will he go to destroy America for his Muslim friends?

Gloom and Doom

How much do you want to bet that Obama will spew Doom and Gloom in his television address tonight if his thank you package does not get passed.

Mr. Obama you said "I will never sign a bill with pork in it". Hello, this is nothing but pork.

America call your congressmen and senators and tell them NO.

Don't let Obama sell this country to the middle east.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ray Lahood Who?

Did you see the joke. Ray said that there will be jobs for transportation projects. There is no money for transportation projects. Its just talk.

The Democrats are pushing this bill into a slush fund for Obama's friends..

All the blacks and the left want this bill passed. It does not matter whats in it. Just pass it.



We do not want or listen to liars in Office. Obama lied and admitted it.
We cannot trust this liar.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Have you heard?

The thank you package that Obama wants passed in Congress is just a joke.

There is no job creation there it is just pork. It is a Thank you to all of Obama's supporters.

Don't let Obama's scare tactics get to you. He wants you to vote yes. Did you hear him on the news about the resistance to this package? He was pissed that he cant get what he wants with the White House, Congress and the Senate. The Democrats own all three but there is some Democrats that understand that this is just pork. There is no job creations.

So some so called Republicans from a very liberal state are trying to pass this bill.

It is wrong. Vote 'NO' on this package.

There is no such thing as an Obama plan. There never was. It all was a way for Obama to repay his supporters. Millions for an ATV course? 268 Million for the movie industry. I think the movies make enough in ticket sales as it is. 7-12 dollars a ticket?

I am pissed with Obama and his scare tactics. If you vote no the country will be destroyed. It already is if this bill goes through.

Gitmo closed.

Soon you will see:


Make all checks payable to Obama. Send it to my offshore accounts.

I will not be going back to America.

He is a terrorist in presidental clothing.

If not then prove me wrong. Get rid of this pork package.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Obama Blowing Up?

Did you hear Obama going into meltdown stage?

He is pissed that he cannot get his 900 billion thank you package passed by the Congress.

I am so happy to see him meltdown. He thinks that he is the second coming and the American Public is getting in his way.

Let's get in his face.

If you are a follower of History...... Look at the rise of Hitler and look at the rise of Obama. Very close.

Look at what Hitler did before he had a melt down. Look and what Obama wants to do before he melts down. Again very simular.

The world cannot afford another Hitler. Obama has lied to get into office lets keep it at that. Don't let him go to the point that he destorys America to the point that it cannot be fixed.

His so called stimulas package is not. Its a thank you. He has thanked his Muslim backers by closing Gitmo.

How much more damage do you want him to do?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Comparisons - Then and Now. - READ THIS ONE

He was extremely charismatic. So is Obama.
You may hate him but when you talk to him face to face you will do almost anything he wants.
He wanted to make the country government controlled. So does Obama.
He put millions to work and produced some great infrastructure projects. So does Obama.
He lied to get into office. So did Obama.

Ring any Bells?

He wrote a book. So did Obama.
He stayed behind the scenes until he could con his way into office. So did Obama.
He created his own army. Just like Obama wants to do.

Have you figured it out yet?

Obama is following in the steps of Hitler.

Can no one see the Similarities

Obama Throwing Money Away

Okay Obama just signed the 'S' Chip bill. Which by the way was jacked up by the Democrats in Congress to include folks who makes up to $100,000.00 a year. That is 1/10th of a million. Most of us will not make that much in 3 to five years and we provide insurance to our kids.

Obama and the Democrats just put it to us. Now people who are considered rich by the Democratic system can now get free health care for their kids.

Hello you STUPID Americans.

The Democrats think if you make more than $20,000.00 a year your rich.
They want to tax the hell out of you if you make that much a year.

We need to put the brakes on the Democratic steamroller. They will surly destroy America as we know it.

Call your Congressmen and Senators and tell them to vote no or loose their job in the next election.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The 'S' Chip bill er Law

Now we have to pay for all the illegals in this country and deadbeat parents. Parents making up to $100,000.00 which is 4 to 5 times more than most of us make and they no longer have to worry about insurance for their children. Uncle Sam will pay (I mean we have to pay for it.) This also includes women expecting kids.

Now they want to pay this with taxes they get from smokers.

So if the smokers quit smoking where does the money come from?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Look at it from the correct side.

That would be the RIGHT side.

Someone asked me if I hated the President.

The answer is "No I don't".

I think he is a crook.
He has said as much.

He is a liar.
He has said as much there too.

Do I think he Stole/Conned his way into office.
He did not say anything truthful during his campaign.
Do we hear any calls for his impeachment?

This will go down as the most dishonest President in American History.

Watch the funnies. He will be in there plenty.

How Stupid are the Democrats?

Let us count the ways.

First more than one.

Lets talk about the Cigarette taxes that was pass going up $6.50 a carton.

We are going to fund this project and that project with the wind fall of money that will come in from the smokers. Well lets just step back and look at what these so called politicians (smart people - because they got into office) It will take 21 million new smokers every year to fund this project that they want. Not only the current smokers but 21 million new smokers to break even on what they want this money for.




Did you hear Obama talk after two cabinet picks dropped out because they did not pay taxes. He was upset. :( Poor baby.

He wanted them to continue because the Democratic Congress would have passed them with no trouble.

But now we are beginning to see how corrupt the Obama White House really is.

They have no problem with tax cheats in the Administration.

Obama came out after flatly saying I had no Muslim upbringing. He admits now he did. Do I hear any calls for his impeachment? Hell no he is the second coming. Of course its destruction that's coming.

When will the American people wake up and smell the shit Obama is shoveling?

He is a liar and admits it. He is a thief and admits it. He is a con man and admits it. He wants to be known as Barrack Obama not Berry the Bum.

Regardless what you call him, he is still a Bum.



Call your Congressmen and Senators and tell them no on this thank you for voting for me package.

It stinks to high heaven. If you believe he is the second coming then it stinks all the way to the White House.

Tax cheats falling off

I am so proud to hear that the tax cheats dropped out of being in a corrupt cabinet. Makes my day.

Fry the bank CEO's. Bank of America doing a week long NFL Experience at the Super Bowl. Now we hear of CitiBank putting their name on the stadium. Using MY TAX DOLLARS. They say not but how are you going to split my money from my money?

I put my money in the bank and I hope they use it responsibly. Then they don't and ask for a bail out and then use it to do the NFL Experience or put a name on a stadium.

So now we need to kick the CEO's, CFO's anyone in charge and anyone who took trips on bail out money. There are several of them.

FRY THEM......

Pied Piper of the US

I have noticed that the American public is like the rats from the story about the Pied Piper. They follow whatever the Democratic party wants. In ten years there will be no America left. Obama will see to that.

America may she RIP.

Monday, February 2, 2009

So much to write about.

I saw today that global warming has hit London. Most devastating snow storm in over 20 years.

Then there is the TAX CHEATS that Obama is wanting in his cabinet.

I have said it before and I will say it again..... Birds of a feather flock together.

Oh I mean Cheats of a feather flock together.