Friday, January 25, 2013

Put on your thinking caps and use them.

Why has education stopped teaching logic?  Why has education become the eyes and ears of the government?  Now doctors are becoming eyes and ears for the government.

Maybe this is why America is being destroyed from the inside out.  Let's take a look,

They are DESTROYING the Military, so we can no longer defend ourselves against enemies both foreign and domestic.

They are DESTROYING our Farms and Farmers, so we can no longer feed the citizens of America.

They are DESTROYING our ability to Grow Food, with GMO (Plants that kill themselves) and Laws that forbid you to grow your own Garden.

Are you connection the dots?

They are putting the death of the 2nd Amendment on the fast track.  They want to take away your guns and the right they provide you to protect yourself from enemies both foreign and domestic.  By Obama's executive orders, all 23 of them.

They have already destroyed our Medical Care with Obamacare.  It now costs you more for much less service.  With the executive orders Obama signed, doctors are now ordered to ask you, your child, if you have guns in your home, where they are, what kinds and how many.  What does that have to do with healthcare?

The Congress and President are passing bills that they Congress and the President exempt themselves from the same law.  Like Obamacare, and soon to be gun law, where they will take away your right to own a firearm, but they will exempt themselves from that very same law.

Are you beginning to see the picture yet?

You have the Propaganda Media which fawns all over Liberals and the President, with tingly feeling down their legs, (it's called pee) , while attacking anyone who opposes the destruction of America.

You have Congress wanting to pass a bill that will get rid of talk radio, one of the very few places to get the truth.  Why because they say that it should be equal time.  Both Liberal talk radio (nothing but lies, and propaganda) and conservative talk radio.  Problem is America knows that Liberal talk radio is not telling the truth, and getting no listeners. Look at Air America. A huge failure, went bankrupt and some of those hosts are now on MSNBC. No wonder their ratings went down the toilet.

You have a President who way back when, took banks to court, so dead beats could buy a house.   Many years later all those deadbeats defaulted on those loans and the Housing market collapse was triggered.

You have a Supreme Court that is ignoring the Constitution, and yet they are still on the court.  You have a President that submitted a name for the court that flat out misled Congress (that is called a lie) and was still place on the court.

Now look up what the Nazi's did to gain power and destroy Germany from the inside out.

You will see many of the same steps here that Hitler and Nazi party took back then.

The Tea Party is not just a fly by night party. I feel the Tea Party is the Next Republican Party. More Conservative, and upholding the Constitution. There is a joke going around the internet. Obama lied while taking his oath. The oath is to uphold and defend the Constitution, from enemies both foreign and domestic. When he said he did, that was a lie.

There are a few bright spots in this blackness falling over America.  There are many Sheriff's across the nation that will not support Obama and his confiscation of weapons.  There are a few States that have also taken up the war to protect the Constitution from this government. 

Is that thinking cap hot yet?  It should be white hot.  You should be smelling smoke.  You should be furious that this government is working against you instead of for you.  By the way that's in the Constitution too.  Limited government.  Not overpowering government.  

Too many people are on welfare in this country. The quicker we fix that, the better off America will be.