Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gas prices

Gas is busting 3 dollars a gallon here and pushing 5 dollars a gallon in other parts of the country (California). What is Obama doing? Nothing. Obama wants gas prices in America to hit 7 or more dollars a gallon. How are you going to make it? If we drilled for oil here in America we can bring the prices way down. But the Government and the EPA labeled oil production as illegal. Now they want to make food production illegal. You have heard that Obama wants to charge you a mega tax to have a garden in your backyard! This is not someone who is looking out for the people. Yet he flies all over the country telling everyone how great America is and we are past the recession. How about depression is still on the edge. The only thing Obama has done his first two years is fund his reelection campaign through the unions. Obama has been in office for two years and has managed to spend more in two years then all presidents from Washington to Clinton combined. As Americans we need to close the borders, cut welfare. Welfare should only pay enough for food for a month. Not pay all your bills and live at home for the month playing video games paid for by the Americans that are working. The Republicans are just as much to blame on this as the Democrats and Obama. Lamestreammedia has refused to report the truth.

Friday, February 4, 2011


I think every American who has given up on seeking work, should go out next month and seek work. Just to show the TRUE unemployment numbers.......

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The latest on the killings.....

The bird kill off is now because of the New Madrid Fault Line. The Cows died from old sweet potatoes. Fish kill off no comment so far.