Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Constitutional Conservative?

I see so many conservative call themselves Constitutional Candidates.

I see things this way:

If you are a Constitutional Conservative you are for smaller government, lower taxes, Secure borders, enforce the laws of the land, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and the right to bear arms.

If you are a Democratic Liberal I see you stand for bigger government, higher taxes, Unsecured borders, Ignore the laws of the land, No freedom of speech if your not Liberal, Protect Islam and attack all other religions, furious that you can't get Americans away from their guns.

So I see that Conservatives are for America and the Freedoms the Constitution afforded us, while the Liberals are for an imprisoned, enslaved American Citizen.  I also notice that if you are an illegal alien in America, you have more rights than an American Citizen.

What do I consider the solution to fixing America.  Number one.  Liberalism is a cancer on America.  If Liberals want a power, move to another country that believes in your way of thinking.  Europe comes to mind.  Liberals are not following the Constitution so they by definition Anti-American.

So when I hear that the Liberals on the court, I am thinking LAW BREAKERS.  There is one thing to have freedom of speech and another to breaking the law.  Liberals and Conservatives who go against the Constitution are by definition law breakers. 

The Obama Care law is Un-Constitutional because the government is forcing you to purchase something they can't provide.   They can't provide health care, yet they are forcing you to pay for it - via a tax.  Obama Care is known the largest  tax increase on Americans EVER!!!  You wanted Obama Care I hope you enjoy it.