Saturday, January 31, 2009


I just went to You Tube and watched Hemp videos.

Did you know that hemp was the main source of rope centuries ago. Clothing, Oil, Medicine, and lots of other stuff as well as smoking.

It was not until the oil companies fought with the US Government to ban Hemp that it became illegal. Before oil Hemp was the miracle plant. It has lots of uses and many more to come.

The Government used to give out permission slips to grow hemp and process it for the government use in WWII.

Hemp clothing, Hemp was spun into sails, ropes, maps, paper, lots of other uses because it does not mold.

Freedom to grow for uses other than smoking should be sought.

I aggree to Hemp production for rope and clothing and paper along other things to research more uses of this wonderful plant.


Friday, January 30, 2009

Alaska Volcano

Have you seen the possible eruption of a volcano in Alaska?

It is rumbling and spitting and getting ready to blow. Another Mt. St. Helen?

Keep your eyes on the internet/television.

Earth in action.

This may tie into the end of the world that we have all heard of. Its less than 4 years away.

You know Al Gore has managed to pull the wool over the people of the world about global warming. Everyone says what about the loss of the polar bear stomping grounds? Melting away. It is a cycle. Even the top dog at the U. S. Weather says its a hoax. There is no global warming. The politicians who did the study of global warming removed the times when the Earth had a cool down. So it is looking that humans have been warming the earth for centuries.

Well there are no cars and trucks back in the 12th century but the Democrats want you to beleive that the humans burned more wood than there is on earth to bring up the CO2 levels to fit their charts. Again by removing the cold times it looks like the earth is warming when it is not. Al Gore earned tons of money on a lie. Typical Democrat.


Obama's Shameful Quote

Quote - 18 Billion Wallstreet Bonuses - Shameful.

Well, how about Obama taking 365 Million of taxpayers money. What that is not shameful?

He is truly a two faced, no good, dishonest - president. His first 100 days will be the last days of America. He will surly destroy it with all his pork packages.

Too bad people did not truly look at the word change really stood for.

Canya Help A Negro Get Elected.

That is what really happened. Here is a Negro man doing his best to destroy a country. He gives his first interview as president to a middle eastern journalist. Not an American reporter, but a reporter who helps terrorist. Tells terrorists where American troops are. What they are doing and where he got his information.

These terrorists are others that Obama is paying off with the first interview and closing of Gitmo. This is PAY BACK.

Here is a man who refused to display a list of his donors, some of which Americans believe were from the middle east.

So now we have a man who has allegedly taken money from the middle eastern terrorist, and stolen money from the American Taxpayer via Fanny Mae and he is berating the CEO's of their bonuses.

So give your money back first. Let us see what you took and see what you gave back.


Obama's Bigger Government

How big can government get? Obama just made it much larger. Middle class task force. What a joke.

Obama said "You either support my stimulus plan or you back Rush Limbaugh".

After hearing what is in his stimulus package I choose Rush Limbaugh.

There seems to be big difference between what Obama stimulus package is and what pork is.

Obama said that he would not sign any bill with pork. This stimulus package is nothing but pork.

250+ BILLION for making movies. ATV trails. Study of STD's. There is no true stimulus in this package it is nothing but THANK YOU (PORK) to all his contributers.

Obama is trying to put this in a light that the GOP is aginst his TARP program.

Not one Republican voted for his pork. At least 11 Democrats voted against his pork package.

So now Obama is trying to say that the Republicans are aginst stimulus. That is not so. It is aginst pork. TARP stands for Tax Americans Reguardless of Protests.

So I will not be supporting Obama or any of his so called policies.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How America destroyed America

I have looked, watched and listened to American policies over the last 50 years.

I look back to the early 60's with Cuba. Yes we were keeping USSR from getting a foothold in North America. 90 Miles was a little close. But if we just talked to Castro we may have had good relations with Cuba. Instead we ban any and all movement to Cuba. They hunker down as a foe of the U.S.

I do understand that Cuba and Castro wanted the government leaders of Cuba that escaped to American back. As Americans we know that if we did send them back they (Castro) would kill them.

Vietnam was starting to grow. We should have pulled out but, too many people thought it was very important that we as Americans do something. So we bog down with Vietnam for just about 20 years and we lost. One of the main reasons we lost was because LBJ and the Democratic government wanted to control the war from the White House. So we lost millions of Americans and Billions of dollars.

Then we jump into Afghanistan to defeat the Russians and we want to give back to Russia what they gave us in Vietnam.

Then we help Iraq and Iraq goes in and takes Kuwait. So we go in and help Kuwait and we wind up in a war with Iraq. The stupid folks there kill each other because they pray different.

I think the easy way would be to nuke them and take care of the problem. But, since the nuke is not an option to fix stupid, we just send hundreds of Americans to their death because of stupid trying to fix stupid. So now we know that they kill each other over nothing. Terrorists blowing themselves up to kill others.

Now do you want to talk about cowards. That would be the leaders of the terrorists that con others into killing themselves and others over some jackass that said you would get 72 virgins if you killed other people and yourself. Why don't these leaders strap a bomb to themselves instead of getting poor sick people to do that for themselves.

Both Republicans and Democrats have destroyed America. Let's look at Kennedy that would be Teddy. Where he voted in a impossible health and retirement for Senators and Congressmen. That no American can afford. Then he went into SS money and spent it on programs saying that there was too much money in there. Now SS money is drying up because of Teddy's five finger grab of the funds.

Now Obama is destroying America from the inside out. Notice his first interview after becoming President is with Islam reporter. Not US but Middle East. Hello, he is really paying back his middle eastern donor. Closing Gitmo, giving interviews with terrorists. Almost anyone from that part of the country can't be trusted and who is warming up to them. Thats right Obama.

The Democrats forced the banks to give loans to people who couldn't afford it. The housing market collapsed because of all those people who got bad loans. Thanks Democrats.

Then Democrats emptied the SS funds. The Democrats took money from the government. Obama took my tax dollars from Fanny Mae. The leftist media has helped destroy America.

I see a civil war coming to America. The haves against the have nots. The corrupt against the truth.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

MSNBC on Witch Hunt

They want to go after the Bush White House. They want to charge someone for Gitmo. What they did to the prisoners.

This is like the worst News Channel ever. They don't report the news they are trying to make news.

So I can say that MSNBC is a bogus news channel. America know it too. They have the lowest viewership of any news stations.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Obama is the "black Jesus"?

I was surfing the web and came across several articles that proclaimed Obama is the black Jesus.

He is more like the Black Judas. How many coins did it take to betray America and the American people?

He was crooked before he came to Washington, and now he will ruin America.

Presidents Weekly Address

Talk about shit. He is going to give the cable company millions for high speed internet. Why are they charging us $30 a home.

That is billions they are making and getting billions on top of that.....

OUCH.... Talk about a stupid move.

On top of that we talk about Gitmo. So terrorist can move next door to you and me.

Another stupid move.

I think if we look longer and harder we could find lots of Obama'a stupid moves.

Way to go B.O.

(President B.O. His initials have the same bad smell as his policies - B.O. - They both stink.)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Great TV Shows

I do enjoy watching good television.

The problem with that is the word good.

There are alot of stupid shows on.

Two and a half men.
How I met your mother

Desperate Housewives.

I forget the name it is something like the sluts of OC or the sluts of NY.

I prefer shows like NCIS, LEVERAGE, STARGATE SG1 and my wife love the CLOSER.

The FRINGE started off real good. Then just dropped to crap.

I like NUM3ERS. It is good. MONK is Okay PSYCH is another Okay, I like BURN NOTICE, my wife hates all those shows. She will watch MONK but none of the others.

I like MYTHBUSTERS and DIRTY JOBS my wife not only hates those shows she refuses to be in the house when I want to watch these shows.

History Channel used to have great shows but now alot of trash. Gangland terrible show.

Closing Gitmo!

Well Obama signed the bill that will close Gitmo in a year.

You know what that mean - Terrorist will be moving to a town near you.

I fell that Obama just made sure that America will be on the bullseye of terrorist.

For all of you who think Obama was the one. Yea, he is one, the one that destroyed America.

As Americans we need to stop illegal immigrantion. We need to stop listing to the leftist media. We need to start listening to the truth.p The leftist media says there is two sides to every story and they tell the one they like reguardless if it is true or not.

Keep an eye out for Terrorist in your neighborhood.

Only you can keep America safe and free. The free part is just about gone.
Anything state sponcered is not free.









Nashville and English as a Second Language!

For all of you who didn't hear Nashville, TN voters, voted that English WILL NOT be the official language. They felt that immigrants legal or illegal shouldn't have to learn English.

For me that means I no longer have to visit TN. We were planning a trip to Nashville this year on vacation. My problem is that we will not find English speaking people.

Good luck Nashville. Hope you crime won't increase but I feel it will. Non speaking people living in the city means more crime.

If you don't believe me look at the big cities that have places like Chinatown, Little Odessa, places like that. Not a English speaking part of town. They tend to be crime havens.

Good luck on that.

You will not see me or my family visiting your city or state.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Most Powerful Woman In American?

It was brought to my attention that Speaker Nancy Pelosi was, well I should say is the most powerful woman in the world.

She got voted in, in 2007. She has had the job for two years and managed to put this country into a Trillion Dollar debt. She is ready to pass a second Trillion Dollar bill.

If you look at what the second Trillion Dollar debt is going to pay for is not what you think. Sounds more like a thanks from the Democrats and Obama for the funding and supporting us in the election.

So how much do you need to stomach?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Great Free Software for Windows

Here is the situation. You buy a new computer and it has Windows on it. Not much more. You want an Office Suite. Microsoft has one but you have to fork over about $200.00. There are a few other suites that cost about the same or a little less.

You know Linux has lots of software that is free. Lots of it has been ported over to Windows. That means that you can use all kinds of Linux software on Windows.

Here is a small list of stuff that you can download the Windows version and install it on your computer.

Office Software.
# OOExtras
# OOo Label Templates
# AbiWord Processor
# PDFCreator
# Scribus Desktop Publisher
# GNumeric Spreadsheet
# Gnome Office

# Juice

Web Browsing

IM Instant Message


Sound Recording


Note Taking


Stars and Outer Space

Anti Virus

Mapping Tools
NASA World Win

All this is just to wet your appetite. There is more for Windows out there.

You can find bunches more if you move to Linux.

Have Fun.

Obama's Speech

This was the pot calling the kettle black, and I paraphrase "Those of you who are corrupt and holding on to power"

This is from a man who took 365 million tax dollars from Fanny Mae. TAX Dollars.

Then refused to list his donors. Talk about corrupt. Need I say more. I could go on and on.

This is from his Media. Not from the Right but the leftist Meida. Now the Right jumps on it but its the left that tries to pass it by unnoticed.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thank GOD its almost over

Thank GOD that the Inauguration is just about over.

Gays and Obama

The gay community is up set that the evangelical pastor Rick Warren will give the invocation.

You are talking about a man and his family who sat in controversial pastor Jeremiah Wrights chruch. He listened to hate preached by this preacher for 20 years and he was the preacher that was the preacher in charge of his campaign. When his hate preachings hit the main stream media and the people objected he lied and said he never heard that preacher preach hate in 20 years.

I am sorry, I don't believe it.

The gay community is so upset about pastor Warren giving the invocation. But they ignored the pastor Wright controversy. '

So the gay community has nothing to complain about. They helped vote for this man and ignored the controversy. They get what they voted for.

So shut up!!!! You had your chance and you blew it.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Obama Crap

Hello to all you Americans out there. Have you seen all these crap items for sale with the face of Obama on it?

Let's see, there is a Plate. There are sets of coins, more that one set.

I was channel surfing and Montel Williams was hocking two coin dollars and two state quarters with a sticker of Obama on it for $19.95 plus shipping and handling.
HEY! It's $2.50 with maybe $1.00 in stickers and maybe a $1.00 in the paper holder. That is generous and comes up to $4.50 and they are charging you $19.95 Plus S&H.

I was wondering who the stupid people are that are throwing their money away on this crap?

You know you can buy 10 sets for $179.95. That is $25.00 in coins. You are paying someone $154.95 to put a sticker on a coin and put it in a paper holder. Then you have to pay to have it shipped to you.

Are you getting it yet. You are being RIPPED OFF!!!! Now if you want to throw your money away. That is fine. Send me a check for $179.95 plus S&H and I think I can find 10 things to send to you that is worth about $25.00. Hell I might even put a picture of Obama on it.

Another note: QVC was selling a 8 X 10 picture of Obama with 3 coins with stickers on it. At the most it was worth $5.00 and selling it for $49.95 Plus S&H.

This one is for all you dumb ass people who threw you money away. He's a man who lied to all of you and your hipe towards him will be lost in a year or two. Then you are going to wonder why you spent so much money on this crap.

Music Videos

I just sat down and watched the top 5 of the top 20 videos. There are some sharp groups out there. I do like some of this new music.

Of course I grew up in the greatest music ever. That would be the late 50's, 60's, 70's and early 80's.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Barry's Train - I mean Obama

Inauguration train is about as bad as anything I have ever seen.

I hear Obama talk about Americans voted for him, yes in some cases 70 times.

Do I like Obama? NO! If he was white with the same credentials he would have never made it to the national stage. Do I think he can do the job? NO! He has never ran an office how in the Hell is he going to run the country?

Will I support him? As a military veteran, if he destroys the military the answer is not only no but HELL NO! If he destroys America again HELL NO!

But if he leaves well enough alone and just runs the country then yes I will.

Computer fun!!!

By the way some of these posts were done on Windows Vista machine, some on a Windows XP and some done on many different flavors of Linux.

Today I am on Linux Freespire Live CD. It is in the cd drive and running my computer. Everything else works and I am on the internet via Freespire. So I am able to use this site.

Try Linux today, you just might put Microsoft and Bill Gates to the unemployment line.

Death of America?

I live in a small town. I think it's hay day was back in the fifties. I saw a picture book of my town in an antique mall. It was dated 1937. This town was a happening place. It had a few factories, large medical facility, a very large high school. The square was the place to be. The square and the roads around the square had business all around.

Then back in the 60's the highway was put in. It roughly followed Route 66 in this part of the country. It made a loop around the town and we have two exits. One east of town and one west end of town. Both on the same road.

Business started building up on the loop as it is called. But most of these died out and the square has pretty much died out. We lost the walk in movie theater. We lost the Drive - In Movie. We lost the bowling alley. The churches have sprung up but the places to go are gone. We have to travel 25 miles one way and 35 miles the other to get to any decent shopping and dinning.

The only decent business around are the Medical facility and the school district. There are some medium sized business around but nothing that would be considered a great place to work. Everyone just scratching out a living in their own little world.

You just don't see neighbors being neighborly. There are a few but I could count on one hand.

I also remember that when I was in school and did bad I got a spanking. Today some of these kids kick, bite and spit on teachers and there is nothing that can be done about it. The parents think of school as a baby sitting service, and refuse to hear the truth about how their kid is growing up to be a looser.

No family time, Just I want that playstation 3 or xbox 360 or wii. In some cases they want all three. As parents we need to take time out to spend time with our kids and not their looser friends. Most kids want to be in the in crowd. That means sex, drugs and B&E.

I find myself on the loosing side. There are more loosers here than workers. The only thing around here are kids driving around town throwing cinder blocks from their trucks to see what kinda damage they can do to other cars and trucks.

When the kids are found out they belong to the upper class of town. Not the low life that you would expect. That is because the low lifes cannot afford a truck, beer to get high on or cinder blocks to throw at other vehicles. These upper class kids have money, and plenty of time and most of friends that will do these crimes in a heartbeat just to stay friends with these upper class kids.

Problems are the parents. "Not my kid." Yes your low life kid did this. If you just stop throwing money at the problem and started using a belt things just may come out alot different.

Government is to blame for the death of America. Sticking their noses into everyones business. You can't spank this kid, you can't yell at this kid, you can't punish this kid. These kids have rights. Well, if the government wants to rule what my kid can and cannot do, let them raise them. They won't, they just want you to do it their way.

I know parents that refuse to spank their kids. They seem to think that their kid will find the right way without road signs. There kids are out of control.

They are monsters. I will have nothing to do with these kids, or their parents. They refuse to hear how rotten their kids have gotten. They turn a blind eye to what their kids do. A think they will see their kids behind prision bars for killing someone, just because they refused to put some discipline in their family.

This country is falling apart because Uncle Sam wants his 58% of what you make and control on how you do everything else.

These are things that I notice.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Putting Fun Back Into Computing

I can still remember the first time I got hooked on computers. Actually that has happen four times now.

The first time was way back in 1981. I was stationed in Japan and a friend of mine had a Commodore Vic 20. I played on his Vic 20 for a few months. I thought how cool is this you type some instructions in here and run it and you have a program that runs.

Then when I got back to the States I got a Commodore 64. I still have it, and it still works.

By 1987 I got hooked on IBM Computers running DOS. By around 1988 Microsoft Dos put out windows 3.0. It was Black and White and did almost nothing but it was all graphic.

By 1992 Windows 3.11 was in full stream and Microsoft was working on Windows 95. No Dos.
Up to now you had to boot up in DOS and run WIN to get windows to run.

Roughly 1995 Windows 95 came out. I can't remember if it came out late 94 or middle 95.
It booted up in windows. But as with most of Microsoft's offerings it was full of bugs. The Computer users of the world (Mainly Americans) debugged Windows for them. Not only did we debug windows we also paid Microsoft to do so. Then when Windows 95 was to be rewritten to fix the problems they renamed it Windows 98.

Again we paid good money to debug Windows 98. I can't remember how many people lost all their information updating. Now the next hitch pin in Microsoft showed up. Easy access by hackers. Viruses, and Hacks were a common thing.

On a side line I wanted to use Linux but never had a machine that would run Linux. At that time you needed much more than I had in my computer.

Well About 2001 or 2002 Windows XP came out. Guess what it would not run Window 98 software. So if you upgraded to XP you also had to buy new software to run on XP and again we debuged XP for Microsoft and they laughed all the way to the bank. That made Bill Gates the richest man in the world. Putting out trash that everyone purchased.

Well about the time Microsoft Vista came out Microsoft stopped supporting 98. So did all the software vendors. By then my Windows 95 machine broke down. I got a second hand machine that ran Windows XP. That was my mistake. That used machine lasted less than a year. At that time I was able to run Linux on this crippled computer. But it would not run Windows.

At that time I got a laptop and it had XP on it and it ran good. I got a computer built, and it cost more than one from the Electronic places but it had a good video card and I could run some games on it.

I then got another laptop with XP and it ran fine after I got it, again it was used. Put a new harddrivce in it. I sold it after a year and got another laptop and this one had Vista.

All the time I was playing with Linux and trying many different distros. They are all pretty much the same. They all have the kernel, but the different companies develop Linux in their own way. It led down to about 8 companies developing Linux and hundreds more using one of these 8, (I found mostly were Debian). They then created different flavors of Linux.

For someone new to Linux I would suggest PCLinuxOS, or Freespire. These are set up to be compliant with many video and audio codexes. They are basically ready to go right out of the box. The others you would have to download this driver this codex this latest version of this program or the latest of that program and maybe it would work. Keep playing with the different programs and sooner or later it would work.

I now have a computer waiting on harddrives to make a Linux machine again. My wife like Linux. She loves the games that come on the disk. LLGP was one of my favorite distro. I also like any with several multi features.

Going back to putting the fun back into computing. Linux has done just that. It has put the fun back into computing.

Take some time and a few distros and start enjoying computers again.

Another note. Linux (Most distros) are free. Most of the software to be productive on Linux is free too. Where on Windows you pay for the Operating System then you have to go out and pay for the applications to run on your computer as well. With Linux you can get most free. Just order a set of cd's or dvd's. Or you can download them. The only problem here is it takes so long to download. But if you have the time you can save some money and get a great Operating System that you don't have to drop in 5 years to get another one. Here you can run what you got or upgrade and it won't cost you.

Over all Linux is the way to go if you want to save money.

Have fun Carl.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Go into hiding...

I feel that America needs to go back to the 50's. Gun carrier in the back of the gas guzzling pickup.

The only difference would be that the pickup runs on fuel cells and the guns are real.

Let some terrorist make his way to America. Everyone here has a gun and is not afraid to use it. I don't know if I can kill someone but, you know the terrorists trying to kill me or my family I would not have a seconds thought to put a bullet in his eye. Keep his body out for three days. Let his family dispair that he could not be buried in twentyfour hours.

The Democratic party is just as bad as the terrorist. They are terrorizing America. Trying to force feed socialism down our throats.

This nation is going to hell in a hand basket in a hurry all thanks to the politicians and especially the Democratic party and its devils that the democrats have brainwashed.

I hope that maybe that Rachel got kidnapped and the only way to get info from her captives was to torture them. She does not think torture is a viable way to get info than maybe she dies.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Torture and live, or no torture and you die. What would you want your family to approve. Torture? No Torture?

If they believe the way you do then you are a goner.

Boycot MSNBC Trash Reporters

I Could not believe that MSNBC talked about Bush's farewell speech, and MSNBC has goodbye, good riddance. They want to talk about what was done over the last 8 years and they almost said that he had to be shot for a bad 8 years.

But nothing said about how the treasury sect. failed to pay taxes for 4 years and call it a mistake.


I said it before and will state again and again. Crooks of a feather flock together.

That no talent Rachel Huffington is one of the worse reporters I have ever heard. Talk about trash journalism Rachel Huffington is the last one I would ever listen too.

I watch CNN and MSNBC to see how bad of reporters they really have.

I cannot believe that Rachel was allowed to bad talk the President. I still think weather you like the President or not you respect the office.

I hope that the terrorist invade MSNBC and let's see how fast she wants the government to come to her rescue. Leave her hanging in the wind. Let her see how quick she will pray for help and when help arrives and saves her how soon she will trash her rescuers.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The more I watched the news the more I am sure that there is going to be a revolution in America.

The news media can no longer report the truth and the American public is starting to catch on.

How far will this farce go until the revolution becomes a reality. The news media is pumping out trash claiming that it is news.

This inauguration is going to be a bad one.

A co-worker of mine said if Barry was a white guy and changed his name to a muslin name and then decided to run for office and refused to give any information about himself. Then start his presidential run in a terrorist living room. Not only would he be laughed off the national stage he most likely would be arrested as a possible terrorist.

But because Obama is black everything is alright. Let's give this black man a free pass.

" Can he do the Job?"

Who cares, he black and was able to smooth talk (that means to lie) and get himself 365 Million dollars of American tax payers money. Talk about swindling American people, with the help of the press he was able to do that.

Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac are both run by the government using tax dollars. They can't and shouldn't us tax money to boost the canidate of their choice. Using MY MONEY!!!

The press would broadcast the fact that this candidate and that candidate that were Republican got 1/2 million dollars from Fanny and Freddie. But 365 Million Obama got from Fanny Mae was not touched by the national media.

So does America need a Revolution again, or can we just wipe everyone from congress and start all over again in the way the founding fathers wanted.

To run as a one or two term congressman or senator. Then bow out of the national stage. Then can run again for one or two terms in the state. Then leave and go back to the private sector.
If you run for President you loose your current job. No nets. You want to run for the big office you have to make big choice. Loose my current job or keep it and not run for President.

So what better way to run as President than to loose your curent job and put all the marbles in. You either win and go for another four or eight years or you find yourself in the private sector again looking for a job like everyone else. Having the same problems as the average American.

No Lifetime Health care that no one in the world could afford. No special retirement. No special pay. No earmarks. No public health care no taxing the American public till they bleed.

This is the way we need to put America back to the top. If the Democrats say you need to have the lifetime politicans, the answer is no.

In the beginning there was a job to do and we had candidates that ran on the off chance they would get the job as President. Today they want to make politics their lifes mission. Never hold down a real job. Just lie to the public and line their pockets with cash one way or another.

There are so many crooks in the congress that passes a bill that makes this highway change. Then find out that this or that politician owns the property that the new highway is moving thru.
They then get more money from the government for the land. than it was worth before the bill was passed.

Two Terms Max.

Here in MO there is a politician that said he would not seek relection. Hello he has been in the service of the state for the last 40 years.

This is not meant to be a lifetime job but a privelage to serve.

Lets see how many politicians would be there when the money dried up. Make congress and senate seates volunteer. Without pay. How many would be there next week?

Stop making it a free lifetime benifets job. Have them work for us and not themselves.

A short story on how crooked politicians are. When my mom wound up going to Holland, she had to get a passport in a hurry. They charged us in total $220.00 for a $40.00 passport. When questioned on this price inflation. The answer was to grease palms. This is how our corrupt government officals work.

Not all politicians are crooks but the ones that are, are the ones that speak out.

The other problem I have is the difference between Blacks and N_____. There is a politician in congress that is black. He is black but he is also a N____. Every other word out his mouth is racist. He is the biggest racist there is.

I am so tired of listening to his racist views. He thinks he is so full of himself. The only thing he is full of is what gets flushed down the toilet. This is where he needs to be, flushed down the toilet.

Sandman .

Democrats in Office?

I was watching the news and they were talking about the Treasury Sec. and how he failed to pay 40 thousand plus in taxes and failed to pay taxes on a maid.

Hello, those of you who remember years ago there was some confirmation hearings where someone did not pay taxes for a maid. He was thrown out of the confirmation hearings and someone else was selected.

But these Democrats are so crooked that they are going to let this guy pass.

The Lifetime crooks need to be thrown out of office and let new ones in. Term limits of no more than two. With two plus terms wait before he can rerun. That includes from Senate to Congressman or for those looking to the letter of the law. From Congress to Senate too.

If you currently hold a seat in Congress or Senate and you want to run for President you must, I repeat, YOU MUST resign your current seat in order to run for office. This way you don't have crooks moving from one job to another.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Here is a great con presented to the American people. There are TV stations going to air the inauguration all day.

Here is a guy who lied, cheated and coned his way into the office and is asking the American people to pay for his inauguration. I got an email from the Democratic machine to send money to the fund to pay for Obama's inauguration.

I am so tired of this guy (I can't call him President) taking my money and then asking for more money on top of that.

Taxing Americans Regardless of Protest. TARP that is what Obama wants to fund with my tax dollars to give to his friends.

You ask "How do you come up with that?"

Simple I listened to his press conference he wants to give weather stripping to two million homes. There are way more than two million homes in America.

So which two million homes are going to get his trickle down of my tax dollars?

I noticed that the Democrats are seeing his true colors. He has dropped a lot of his promises he made during his run for President.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Obama's TARP

Here it is. TARP and Obama wants more and more money.

Do you know what TARP stands for?

(T)ax (A)mericans (R)egardless of (P)rotests

A blanket over America - the way to destroy America from the inside out.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Angel Food Ministries

We get the Angel Food Ministries. It is great, good food for a low price.

I went to the Angel Food Ministries website. They have updated it since the last time I was there. They have recipes and I found a video of the Angel Food Ministries.

Funny thing was they show name brand food stuff in the Angel Food Ministries but In the last year I have not seen name brand stuff. Bottom of the barrel is what I mostly see. But it is still good for the price.

In several months we can get our freezer full of meat and enjoy.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Freespire - Linux

I just downloaded the latest Freespire 2.0.8. This version is based on Unbutu. This version was about the only one I have come across that will run everysite I went to. Video and Audio all worked fine.

There are lots of different versions of Linux. Some are based on Red Hat, some on Shareware, but most I find are on Debian. Playing with Linux and learning the different commands. How to use the shell.


Here is a prime example of the government destroying America.

Here is a man who STOLE 50 BILLION DOLLARS. That is a "B" for BILLION - that is 1000 MILLION. In this case 50,000 MILLION. That is money that belongs to your Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, and Friends and other Family members that were in different accounts.

The government said let him out on a 10 MILLION DOLLAR BOND. What does he do while out on bond? Hiding money and gifts worth over a MILLION DOLLARS.

This is your government at work. Screwing you while your down. As long as they can get their pockets lined with cash.

As I said before. Crooks, Liars and Thieves.

Sooner or later you will get it..... I just hope it is sooner than later. Later would be the end of America. Sooner could be the end of America too. It may be too late to save America.

God help us.....

Crooks, Liars and Thieves - Oh My - Politicians in America

Have you heard the trash coming out of the Democratic congress?

The problem is, you hear there are two sides to every story..... W R O N G ! ! !

That is what the National News and Democrats want you to believe. The truth is there is the TRUTH and a story. But the Democrats want you to believe that their story is the truth.

They would not know the truth if it came out and bit'em in the ass.

They are destroying this country over the last 30 years, and blaming it on the Republicans. They cause the problem with Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac.

They (All of congress) needs to be removed. Get rid of them all. Start from scratch. If America cannot or will not do this. Then America is gone. Destroyed by selfish individual politicians.

My question is why is government programs giving politicians money? This is my money they are giving to people I would not give a dime.

Notice Obama got over 3 hundred million (Yes MILLION) dollars from Fanny Mae. All you heard from the news media was this or that Republican got a hundred thousand dollars from Fanny Mae. Hello, Obama got over 30 times that much and the news did not say much about that.

Any business that gets money from the government cannot, should not be giving my money to any politician. This is MY MONEY. It is also your money. If you want to give a politician some money that is fine. But not a business that uses my money to run on. They should not be giving my money to someone I don't trust.

Crooks, Liars and Thieves. That is what we are looking at in Washington. D.C.

I saw an article in the local paper about the mass sales of weapons. Look at what Americans have voted into office. Everyone should get weapons, protect themselves from these crook, liars and thieves. Notice Obama wants to get rid of the CIA. He wants to beef up the FBI. Talk about destroying America from the inside.

May GOD bless me and God fearing Americans. May God also smite the crooks, liars and thieves.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Franken (stein) - Wins? Cheated more like it.

This non comic, failed radio host cheated his way into a senate seat.

The only way Franken won was to have a car full of ballots no one knew where they came from and it is a wonder that they were all for Franken. (Smells dirty to me). Double counted ballots in Franken's favor.

But you know Franken can't be funny, he can't be a radio host so what makes you think he is senate material? He's not!

But you know everyone has an opinion and this is mine. If Minn. wants to let this guy who is bad in everything he does become a senator (Hmmm sounds like Obama), so be it.

Again, birds of a feather flock together. (Crooks are as close as your nearest politician).

The old saying - "Q. How do you know if a politician is lying? A. His lips are moving.

This is so true. Look at Obama - he has lied, and lied, and lied since he was elected. All those folks who voted for him is now finding out that he lied about everything.

Say anything to get elected. Then screw the folks that voted for you.

I think Obama has this tatooed on his body somewhere.

Barry - just go hide in the white house and leave the country alone for four years. The only thing I can say is that Barry aka Obama will destroy the world in four years. (They say the world will end in four years, so who better to blame then a black man who has never done a productive thing in his life.

This is my opinion, and is not the opinions of Blogger or its parent companies.