Thursday, April 28, 2011

Are you happier today than three years ago?

You know, you idiots out there are encouraging this Bozo called Obama to continue to destroy America. Like the title says - Are you happier today than three years ago?

Gas was an average of 1.61 a gallon when Obama got elected.
Today it's an average of 3.88 a gallon. That's 2.27 Dollar increase just say 2/3's more expensive since Obama placed his economic policy in place with the super majority Democratic Congress.
With Gas projected to cap 6+ dollars a gallon that would mean you lose not 2.27 a gallon but you will lose 4.39 a gallon. At an Average of 10-15 Gallons to fill up would mean 43.90 to 65.85 every time you fill up. If you fill up once a week that would mean you would lose 175.60 to 263.40 every month. Don't know about you I don't have 263.40 a month to give to the Government. It's Obama's policy to increase gas prices to collect more money.

If we are on the massive increase cost of things. Let's talk about FOOD!!!
You know Obama and his administration said that Inflation is not bad at all if you DON'T COUNT FOOD or GAS. Well since Food and Gas take up much of your free cash to say if you don't count it Inflation is doing fine. If you add Food and Gas into the Inflation equation we are in serious trouble.

Then we talk about purchasing things they add an extensive Gas Adjustment so a 2.00 Item is now costing you 6 to 10 dollars more.

Then we have to look at Housing. This Government has caused the housing collapse with Fanny May and Freddie Mac. Then they refuse to fix the problem. continue the same o same o. and watch this country fall apart.

Let's look at this Administration's civil rights records since Obama got elected. Black panthers not allowing voters to vote and the Administration drops all charges against these criminals. Talk about Justice.

It is long overdue for the American People to show true Justice. We are on the verge of an all out revolution in America. Just listen to Obama and his czars, ex-czars and his Union leaders. They are calling for revolution in America. If we were to go on TV and call for revolution. We would be thrown in Jail. Obama's friends are screaming it and nothing is being done about it.

What happens when the Government demands your weapons? The Military is split. The Unemployed will back Obama (that's their meal ticket) the business owners and conservatives in America will back the TEA PARTY. The rich will leave the country and take the money with them.

Those of you who were denied the education that the government says it provides. Need to do some learning on your own. History tells us that Socialism, Nazism, Liberalism, and Democrats do not work. They want to steal all your money to pay their friends to sit at home and collect a pay cheque. Look at the current Unlimited Unemployment of Obama? a.k.a. Welfare It does not work. Look at Obamacare, it does not work either. All it does is steal your money and ration health care.

So with almost a book of facts do you still think that you are better today than you were 3 years ago?

If you say yes then you are part of the corrupt, getting paid off, or are too stupid to read.

If you said no then get out and tell all your friends and VOTE these crooks out of office. Otherwise we will be meeting in the streets with our guns to fight off the Syrian style government hold on to power. If this was truly the home of the free and the brave those crooks will step down. The corrupt will cling to power any way they can.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gas in America

Obama has wanted $5.00 + a gallon of gas since he got elected. He shutdown all oil drilling in America. Then he tells the American people it's Oil Companies fault for the high priced gas we are paying for. Typical Obama, blame someone else.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Future of America

History will prove that Obama's plans was the linchpin that destroyed America. Until the American People get Government out of health care, business, education and get the ILLEGALS out of the country and stop taxing the working man to pay for Obama's Welfare (unlimited unemployment) and force the corrupt out of office. America will go the way of Rome, destroyed from within.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Learning Linux

There is a saying in the Linux World RTFM which stands for Read The F*****g Manual. Alot of times the Manual is way above the reader. Being from the Windows were everything is done for you and even though Windows is as faulty as it is, not having a computer to run Linux when Linux first came out but today Linux will run on just about anything.

As you grow into your world of Linux one of the things I notice is how much easier it is to read the manuals. How much easier it is to find information on the web. How much easier it is period.

Some one once told me it takes about two years to get to know your system. That is just about where I am now.

Home computers 30 years later.

I was reviewing some old computer magazines from 1976. Atari. It was amazing to see. Here is a computer that could do almost nothing. Yet we were able to play games and had a simple basic and it was fun. Over the years the processors got better and so did computers. Bigger harddrives, color monitors, surround sound and color printers. Today computers are everywhere and you can't do anything without a computer recording it somewhere. Just when did computers take over the world? When will Terminator scenario be executed?

Just something to think about as 2012 looms around the corner.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Story of a Constitutional Teacher

I noticed through various media that Obama claimed himself as a Constitutional teacher for 10 years. After seeing him in action over the last 3 I have one thing to say to all his students.

SUE - Bring lawsuit against the school and Obama for piss poor education and training. If you were to do what he is doing you would be in Jail.

So that begs the Question? Why is he still in power? Simple. The Corrupt Congress.

IF WE THE PEOPLE refuse to take our country back from these crooks we deserve all the heartache and pain we have coming. Our ignorance, stupidity and laziness are the reasons this country is going to Hell on a Sled Rocket.

You refuse to listen to the truth. You listen to the likes of MSNBC. They could not report the truth if it were plastered on the walls in front of them.

You have the likes of the Unions who are being paid off by Obama for a health care exceptions.

Look at Obamacare a unconstitutional law, forcing the people to pay for a product the government can't provide. There you look at states like AZ where the Gov. of the state looks like she was paid off to veto a law to correct a wrong done to the American people.

The Corruption in America is so out of control that we the People need to start over. Take the document called the Constitution that our forefathers created and start again. But this time we keep Government OUT of Education, Health Care, Energy, Business, Everything but securing our borders and providing for the common defense.

We can never get free as long as the corrupt in charge.

The Tea Party has pushed against the system and the system is scared. They see that the PEOPLE wll take down this corrupt government if given half a chance.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Obama's Deficit Plan

Obama wants to cut the debt by 4 trillion dollars over the next 12 years.

Sounds great. Now reality.

Obama is spending over 1.5 trillion a year since he has been in office. If you carry that out over the 12 years, because he is not calling for any cuts except for the military. That is not nearly enough.

Obama's deficit will DOUBLE in 12 years. That's right you heard me right.

The Debt is now at 14 trillion if you do the math Obama's plan will raise it to 32 trillion minus the 4 trillion which brings the debt to 28 trillion. That's double what it is today.

So that means your great, great, great, great, great, great, great, grandchildren will not live long enough to pay off Obama's debt.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Going back to work

A week and a half after Gallbladder removal I am heading back to work.

Feeling pretty good.

Learned so much about Linux/Unix the week I was home.

Did some practice programming with c/c++. Mainly c.

Had loads of fun there too.

It is amazing what you can learn when you put your mind to it. The time off just FLEW by.

It hardly seems I spent 7 days off work. Seems like it was just a few days.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Microsoft is losing market share

There was a story on Linux celebrating it's 20th year. In that story it noted that Linux has 70% of all market share from smart phones to Super Computers. When it comes to the desktop it is less than 1%. MS has 90% of the Desktop market and Apple has just about 10% of what's left. Linux has less than 1%.

When you look at Windows you have to spend good money for the OS and then you have to purchase an AntiVirus to get Windows to work. Then if there is anything you want to do you have to spend good money to get that software. Then if Windows thinks you owe them money they shut down your computer.

So you spend money to buy your computer but Windows has control of it. It is time to take back control of your computer just like your country. Try Linux.

It comes with just about everything you could ever want and best of all. It Free. Just purchase a magazine with a disk in it or download a version and install it. You can even run both Windows and Linux from the same computer although why you would do that I really don't know.

There are only a few places were you have to put up with Windows. But for the most part. You could save thousands just by switching to Linux. And did I mention, Wine on Linux will allow you to run some Windows software on Linux! I think it is long overdue for you to take back control of your computer. Bring that Desktop market share to 70% like everything else Linux is involved with.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Several stories that showed up this morning 1/4/11

Gas prices have doubled since Obama has taken office!!!

Black Lawmakers sue to dissolve cities that are too "WHITE"!!!

This just proves that Racism is alive and flourishing in the Obama administration.

It is long overdue to remove these racists from Office. Starting with Obama and impeach all the lawmakers that want to sue the cities for being too 'White'.

We need to take back America from these Crooks and Racists.