Monday, November 12, 2012

Divided States of America.

If the freeloaders don't think freedom is needed, then neither is their entitlement society.  The problem is we have corrupt Senate, President and Supreme Court.  They ignore the Constitution the very Constitution they took an oath to protect and defend. 

In MY America they would be arrested for crimes against the Constitution and America. 

That is where we need to take America.  One way or another. 

The Liberal Left a.k.a. Democrats. are the REAL danger to America.  But, you voted for it, now you have to live with it.  When they take your weapons, money, food, electric, gas, freedoms, I don't want to hear you bitch about it.  You voted for it.  Even after you knew what would happen.  You want free Health Care?  You want Unlimited UnEmployment?  You want Social Security and Medicare that Congress stole the money out of?  You now have all you want.  It won't last and with luck you will see it quickly, else you will wind up like third world countries where flies eat your flesh, you grow worms in your body, vomit everything you eat, can't keep food down due to sickness.  That is what you voted for and that is what you will end up with. Freeloaders will get just what they voted for.  

I Pray to GOD everyday that he enlightens them with the truth.  But I think GOD is angry with America because we now have a Democratic Party that does not want GOD in their platform or my country.  Did you miss that at the convention?  Too busy playing video games or texting your friends and ignoring the truth?

Liberals can't do talk radio, Why?  Their message.  Conservatives can do talk radio because they tell the TRUTH, something you don't want to hear.  Again you will get what you voted for.  

Welcome to the Divided States of America.