Thursday, April 30, 2009

Propaganda machine

Obama's Propaganda machine telling us what V.P. told us was wrong. He said just what he was thinking not what Obama wanted him to say.

So since the VP likes to say whats on the top of his head. Obama does not like that. So the propaganda machine jumps in and tries to correct what the VP was to say.

Corruption breeds corruption.

Obama's first 100 days

Obama's first 100 days. Bankrupt the country, Destroyed the Health Care system. Wants to destroy power grid. Remove anyone who opposes him. Not bad for an elected terrorist.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I said it before and I'll say it again.

I talk about how corrupt Congress is and today they proved it.

Another tax cheat confirmed.

A politician dumps his party to save HIS neck. He does not care about his state. He wants to save his job. He is not living up to the Republican way so he blames the Republicans and jumps to the Democrats. He's been voting Democratic for awhile but saying he's Republican.

So when will this madness stop end? Corruption to the right of me and Corruption to the left of me. May God guide me through the valley of Corruption.


I have not seen any improvement since the Democrats and President got elected.

Waiting until the President and Democrats destroy this fine country is not an option. Spending money like there is not tomorrow is not responsible by our elected officials.

We still have no proof that Obama fulfills requirements to hold the office of the President of the United States of America.

If you have nothing to hide Mr. President release your official unaltered birth certificate. But we both know that you do not fulfill the requirements. My only hope is that you are found out and you and all your Democratic supporters are jailed as traitors to the United States and not for a few years either. Let's start with 20 years and go up.

If Obama exposes the truth about his conning of the American people and quits now I will support a few years in jail. But by staying in office and if it comes out after Obama gets voted out we should go after Obama and throw him in jail for 20 years plus. Then go after the Judges who supported him and the Democrats in Congress who said he was within the Constitution to hold office and throw them in jail for 20 years as well.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Use your brain.

I love Liberals. They prove time and time again how ignorant they really are. Have either of you ever had a thought of your own? I hear you spew what Obama wants you to spew. Wake up and smell the shit Obama is shoveling. Don't drink the poison koolaid of Obama's. He is a con man and you have been conned. I hope you are getting madder by the minute. Because then you will take the time to say "Hey, let me think for myself." I should see if he is really right?

Listen you have the internet. Stop listening to the Alphabet news services. You know CNN/MSNBC/NBC/ABC/CBS/FOX. You can look up US news from the rest of the world. See what really is going on. Not what the propaganda news services and the Democratic and Liberals want you to hear. Use that mush ball between your ears. Think for yourself. There is about 30% of Democratic Liberals that can't think for themselves. They pull the party line no matter what. I assume that you know how to read. I also assume that you have your own computer. You are connected to the internet. Now use this powerhouse setting on your desk. Look up history. Look up how socialism worked in other countries. Look at the care the people of other countries get. This is not really about socialism. It is about freedom. Do you want your internet? Want your car? Your House? Food on your table? Electricity? Protection both in your house and in the city? Being able to see the doctor of your choice? Socialism removes freedom. The Constitution offers freedoms from oppression. Notice that the Democrats and Liberals want to oppress the people.

Listen the Democratic Liberals have done a great job in destroying this country. They are refusing to close the borders. Even with a pandemic happening. That should throw up red flags all over the place. NOTHING....... Obama and Congress are corrupt. They need to be replaced. Put people who really care for the people in office. You forget they work for us. They bank on it. You vote for them and then they do what they want to do.

McCain is gonna loose, and he deserves it. He has not full filled his duty as a Senator. Most Senators have not. There are way more Congressmen that need to be removed too.

Use that marvel that God gave us. Our Brains. Start with reading some books. Lets start with the fair tax. If you read it you will see that the Government will have all the money it wants. But Congress is afraid of it. Ask yourself why? Because they will lose power. That's why. They know it is a better way to get tax revenue. But they lose power if they agree with it. So they will tell you lies hoping you are too ignorant to read for yourself.

Stand up for yourself. Obama is not fit to hold office. He needs to be impeached. He is a traitor to America and the American people. Bowing to a Saudi King. Telling the rest of the world he is sorry that America is good. I am not sorry. I served my country. I took the same oath they did. I lived up to that oath. The corrupt Congress has not. Forcing Gay Marriages on us. I refuse to believe in Marriage between he and he or she and she. I have no problem with a civil union. Marriage is between one (1) man and one (1) woman only. Read your History. Roman empire was brought down by same sex unions. The Liberals want the same thing for America. History has a way of repeating itself when its people are too stupid or too dumb to change it. Stand up for yourself not for what someone else wants. If you believe in 100% of what he or she stands for then put your voice behind him or her. But if you believe in 95% of what he or she believes in. Now you have to determine if that 5% is worth giving up. If that 5% means you have to kill one of your children because you can only have one. Which one would you kill? Ask the Chinese. They do it all the time. They kill the women. Keep the men so they can carry on the surname. In 20 years China will have a country of men. No women. Is that smart thinking?

You have a gift. Its the ability to think for yourself. Use it. Start reading, pay attention. I am conservative not Republican. I have not supported the Republican party. I vote that way but that is another problem I have. I want to vote for a Democrat and I can't. The vote is set up on party lines. That is not true representation. That is party lines. I don't want party lines. Our Government is corrupt. They prove it everyday.

Go out and think. I don't want to hear Obama in your replies. Use your own mind. Not a Liberal people herder.

Be brave. Use that brain and think for yourself. You will get your eyes opened up. You will see the truth. The truth will set you free. Remember that.

I bash Obama because he is unworthy to hold office. He is not American. Why else would he hide his birth records? Use that brain. Think for yourself not the propaganda Obama wants you to hear. For Gods Sake Wake Up America.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I have found NSPD-51. This is a Presidential Directive that gives Obama the right to become Americas Dictator. Before all you naysayers jump on this look it up yourself. Google and Yahoo are search engines and you can look this up. Just go to Google or Yahoo and type NSPD-51.

It gives the President the right to become Americas Dictator. He will have the right to run every aspect of the country. Electricity, Oil, Internet.

Be very afraid. Obama is going after Americans for all sorts of imaginary crimes but he is bowing to Muslim Kings, Keeping borders open so drug lords can kidnap or kill Americans with no retributions.

Obama lovers beware. You are next. Wait until you have inflation at double digits. Taxed beyond relief. Then lets see how much you love this con man. He is a fake. But you Liberals are too stupid to figure it out.

Good luck. The end is near. Obama has made sure of it.

NSPD-51 is bad for the country.

NSPD-51 gives Obama the ability to become Americas Dictator. When we get attacked again, and we will. We will be screwed. Obama = Hitler.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The President has now proven without a doubt that he is incapable of running the United States of America.

This is now time for him to step down and save this country. He has proven in the last 90 days that Affirmative Action doesn't work and he has no clue on what's he doing. He refuses to listen to his so called experts. He bows to the Saudi King. Buddy up with dictators from all over the world.
Bad mouths America to everyone. He is not proud to be President of the most powerful country in the world.

This President has now set America up for attacks. Getting rid of our new Military technology. Getting rid of our secrets. It is now time for us to be getting rid of him.

Save Our Country Now. (SOCN)

You do nothing now you will have Obama approved attacks on America by foreign forces.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Obama seeking the Illegal vote.

There are twelve plus million illegals here in this country.

If we were to get rid of the illegals what would we gain?

Relief on our health care system,
relief on our prison system,
relief on our food stamps system,
relief on our school system,
relief on our insurance system,
relief on our housing system,

lets look at how much we can save by getting rid of illegals.

Well for starters we would have jobs. We need to get those Americans sitting on their asses out in the fields to pick cotton or what ever the farms are growing.

The health care system will not have illegals come into the emergency room then skip out so they don't or won't have to pay.

How many illegals drive illegally. No insurance. They get into a wreck and insurance goes up. We have to carry insurance for the uninsured motorist. What kinda of crap is that?

They can't get license without insurance. How do they register their cars and trucks without a license or insurance?

How many illegals wind up in trouble and take up space in the court system and the prisons.
Giving them a lawyer, food, clothes, television, health care and God knows what else.

Then they wind up getting on the food stamp system. They wind up taking services from Americans so they can bring illegal Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Brothers, Sisters, Girl Friends, Mommas, Poppas, and again God knows only who. So what started as one person who is not eligible for services winds up being a family of ten or twenty who needs hundreds of dollars of services to survive. Then they have a job (illegally) and send most of that money home to Mexico there are fifteen illegals working no records. So the state thinks there are twenty without work while fifteen are working but drawing for twenty. So all this money they earn gets sucked out of the country.

So then they have to send their children to school in order to get the free food stamps so now the kid knows no English so they get taught English and bringing down the rest of the class because of the lame no child left behind. So now no one is learning because all the time is spent on this kid that knows not English plus they get free lunches, again free health care.

Then there is the housing problem. They are here illegally, so housing is sometimes given to them and sometimes they pay rent. They are let into a house for a family of three or four after they get settled in there winds up being twenty to thirty people living in this one house.

We are talking BILLIONS of dollars thrown away on illegals so Democrats can get free illegal votes.

YES the Democrats have given the Illegal population the right to vote.

Again circumventing the Constitution.

Giving an illegal the right to vote is like giving an ineligible man the right to be President. Oh yea the Democrats have done that with Obama.

The corruption that has showed its face since Obama has been elected is just outragious. Obama forced through this stimulis package that was nothing but pork. Obama swore it was stimulis and had to be signed right now. Don't read it just sign it. The Democrats did. Obama later confessed that his stimulis package was almost all pork. So what he said.

The taxes that are being shoved down the throats of Americans is excessive and illegal. Obama has forced three TRILLION dollars to be passed by Congress in his first sixty days. He wants his budget of four TRILLION to be passed without review.

he thinks that Americans are too stupid to understand that he is giving away America to the Middle Eastern Devils that want to destroy us.

We will fight back.

Look they brought in a car full of illegal votes to get the Democratic poster boy elected in MI. I think he is the poster board for abstinence. God knows that corruption is rampant in the Democratic system. It is in the Republican system as well. The Republicans are refusing to follow their voters and do what they want. They are taxing the American people into oblivion but manage to give themselves healthy pay increases. Can you spell CORRUPTION?

They want to control what every American gets paid, what Health Care he gets as long as it is the cheepist. but wants to be covered like Kings. Best Health Care in the World best Retirement in the World with we suffer.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nazi Left Showing True Colors.

I never thought that I would see the Congress and US Government the most Corrupt organization in the free world.

The Democratic Left is so corrupt that they have set the Left leaning press and the Cops and FBI to start looking at anyone that is not a hardcore leftist Democratic.

Don't believe me? Look at the new report put out by the homeland security. You can't believe that if you didn't vote for Obama that you are now considered a terrorist. The troops coming home are not a threat to the President.

The real threat is the con man posing as the President. The press and Congress and the Left leaning Democrats have ensured that America is heading toward a second Civil War. The truth leaning right against the Nazi left Democrats.

I believe in the Constitution of the United States. The Democrats don't I should say Congress doesn't. Both Democrats and Republicans have taken the oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Once in office they do anything but. But because I took the oath when I joined the Marine Corps I am now considered a terrorist because I still believe in the Constitution.

As Americans we need to fight against these corrupt politicians. Remove them from office and place real Americans in office.

I guess the real test will be tomorrow when the Tax Parties hit. See if the corrupt alphabet soup news service really covers this or covers the party line.

Propaganda Press. I love how they discuss how radical the right is. But how can the right be radical if it is never covered by the press? They just repeat what the Democrats want them to say. So I guess we could call them the Democratic Propaganda Parrot Press. The (DPPP).

I did not serve my Country for 12 years to have some leftist radical tell me I am a terrorist. That leftist radical is the terrorist.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Typical Liberals

I was watching Hannity and the liberal on the panel was a White House Parrot.

Obama bowed to the Saudi King.
No he didn't bow.
Watch the video. Oh yes he did.
Typical Liberal Lie. If you can't convince them, Lie. Bill Clinton was a pro at it....

Liberals love to lie to the American People. That is why Obama is President. He is another who is a pro liar. But most politicians are Professional Liars.

Americans need to wake up and sell the CRAP that Obama and Congress is shoveling.
Mainly the Democrats. But there are a few Republicans that need to be culled from Congress too.

Democrats are starting to feel the hate. Americans are mad at Congress and Obama. Some Democrats see their carriers evaporating standing behind Obama. Lying to the American people is not a good policy to do right now. Some of us have long memories and will make sure that these politicians who lie at reelection time saying I was not behind Obama... Well guess what. BUSTED!

Shut down the Border. Lets put down sensors and put up signs LANDMINES. So sensors go off when an Illegal passes alarms go off lights go on and giant speakers go off sounding like explosions. They then get thrown back over the fence.

The Drug lords over there need to be stopped. Ready Aim and Fire. will correct that problem.

They kill Americans over here. They are killing Americans in America. Nothing is being done about it. If we kill a drug lord our country wants to put us in jail. So what they kill 20, 30, 40 hell 1,000 Americans. They have a right. We are victims.

I am tired of our government telling me I cannot protect myself. I grew up in California and was robbed on a regular basis. It was all illegals. Getting a house full of furniture and clothes by stealing from the family down the street. My house. Cops would do nothing.

It's worse now. That is way I don't live in California anymore. Plus the excessive taxes out there. Anyone who moves to California is a dope. Everything is way more expensive out there and the taxes are 2 to 3 times higher than here. Why do you think so many people are moving away from California.

Then only way to live in California is if you are rich and want to throw your money away.

Because you need a massive Security system. You also need extra Insurance because the Illegals out there don't buy insurance. They just steal a car. I guess you don't need insurance if you steal the car.

Again California is broke. Illegals using the health care system. The rest of the country needs to help California out. HELL NO!!! Get rid of the illegals, you save on health care, prisons, food stamps, courts, insurance, schools, housing, the list goes on and on and on. Within a year you could save BILLIONS. Numbers of Illegals is between 12 and 40 million depending on who came up with the numbers.

But the Democrats want to legalize the illegals. That would mean more voters. Thats all Democrats are worried about. Getting reelected no matter how...

Upbeat note

I hope everyone enjoys a wonderful Easter. Let's keep the reason for the season in our hearts and prayers. Let's pray for the Captain being held by the terrorist (pirates).

Let's pray for God's hand in guiding those officals in office.

Let's also pray for all those affected by the tornados in TN.

May God's blessing reach all of you reading this.

MSNBC Upset over Obama not getting honorary degree

I have never heard such crap. All the people who they tagged as receiving honorary degrees did something before they got their degree.

Obama has done NOTHING! Except getting elected President. That does not deserve a Honorary degree. Let's see how bad he destroys this country before we start giving away Honorary degrees.

I think ASU is doing the right thing.

Obama and the Pirates.

The Captain made a daring escape last night. What did we do? Not a thing..... We could have filled the boat with lead killing all the terrorist... Ahh I mean Pirates. Then rescued the Captain. But Obama does not want his fellow countrymen killed.

Obama is a Traitor to America and the American people.

He has shown his true colors and they are NOT RED, WHITE and BLUE.

Bowing to a Saudi King. Horse shit.
The White House said he didn't. But Video shows he did.

Refusing to pay homage to fallen Americans in WWII at Normandy.
Said did not want to disgrace Germany? What? Hitler is dead. Who are you going to Disgrace? Horse shit.

Going into a mosque in Turkey. Alone not a problem. But all together signs of a Traitor.

Saying he is sorry for America?
Sorry for what? America stopping Hitler and the Nazis? Stopping Japan?
I am not sorry for America. I am proud of America. Proud to serve my country.

Letting all the Illegal aliens become citizens? How many Terrorists are in this group???
Get rid of the Illegals and we could save Billions in Health Care, Prisons, Food Stamps, Courts, Insurance, the list goes on and on. They are draining the country dry. They do not contribute to this nation.

Giving Muslims first Interview as President? Says it all, doesn't it?

Well lets keep going.

2o years listening to Rev Wright's God D*** America racist speech from the pulpit.
We know how he feels about America don't we?

Hiding his birth records. Why? Not eligible to be President? Circumventing the Constitution?

Just keeps adding up..... Traitor...

Spending TRILLIONS not BILLIONS but TRILLIONS to repay his supporters. He said it was not pork or earmarks. After it got passed he admitted it was pork a.k.a. earmarks.
That would be flat out stealing from the American people for political gain.
Isn't that illegal within the bounds of the Constitution? Oh yea they are ignoring the Constitution and the oath to protect and preserve it.

That alone should be an impeachable event.

Yet the press refuses to draw the line from dot to dot to show the big picture.

Obama is a Traitor to this country. He is a hero in his homeland. (That is not America).

How long will we have to put up with this con man?

Pirates need to be stopped!!!!

That coward known as Obama is refusing to do anything to stop the pirates. Those are his fellow countrymen. He is starting to show his true colors. They are not RED, WHITE and BLUE.

The Captain made a daring escape last night. What did we do? Not a thing. We could have filled the life boat with lead and killed all the terrorist... Oh I mean Pirates. Then rescued the Captain. But Obama does not want his fellow countrymen killed. He is a Traitor to America and the American People.

Saving Billions in America

Get rid of illegal aliens that would save BILLIONS in health care, prisons, food stamps, courts, the list goes on and on.... BILLIONS in savings.

CLOSE the BORDER!!!!!!!!!!

If Illegals make it in so do terrorists.

Congress is inept. Obama is inept.

Giving illegals citizenship is saying American Government is not willing to protect its citizens.

Remove them all....

CNN was Great this morning.

CNN ran a segment of Obama bowing to the Saudi King. One response was great, America never bows. We need to get rid of this Traitor.

He is not worthy to hold the highest office in the land. He talks down America and Americans. For Christ Sake he is the President of this Great Nation and all he does is tell the rest of the world we are sorry for getting rid of the Nazis and repaying Japan for Pearl Harbor.

We are not sorry. I am not sorry. If we didn't do it we would be speaking German now.

We need to get rid of this Traitor and Con Man. Impeachment for being a Traitor to the American People.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I rest my case.

You should read some comments and you will see that I am correct.

There are so many Americans with blinders on who think Obama is the second coming.

He should not even be President. All those knuckleheads out there who believe what Obama says are the dumb ones.

You don't know your history. I guess you can read blogs but you can't read history.

This crap we are in, is caused by Democrats with a few Republicans hear and there. But to say it is President Bush's fault. That is just like a parrot, repeating what Obama wants you to say. I guess if you say it enough times you can be brainwashed. Seems to work for Obama. So many Parrots out there that can't think for themselves. What a pity. All these people with brains but have no clue how to use it.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Censorship and

I put up a blog entry that bashes the con man acting as the President and replying to a ignorant person who tried to tongue lash me.

So almost at once my blog entry is flagged inappropriate content. I think the bloggers at are inappropriate. They can't handle the truth and go hide. Let's flag this blog entry. We should not have to read the truth. I get all the truth I need from the bias media.

I don't need some veteran telling me about the Constitution and freedom.

I am as free as I want to be. God these bloggers have no feelings for us common folk. They should stay on their side of the internet and I'll stay on mine.

It does not work on the playground and it does not work in real life. You have to face the truth sooner or later. Better to do it sooner than later because later may be too late.

I know this entry will most likely be flagged inappropriate too by some Obama ass kissing liberals.

Terrorism is on the rise. The economy is causing lots of Americans freak out. Loosing jobs, houses, cars. In some extreme cases children. The Affirmative Action con man pretending to be President is bowing to Saudi King. Slipping into a Turkish Mosque. Refusing to view the graveyard of fallen veterans of WWII.

Obama is already spending more money than President Bush did in his eight years. Did you follow that? Obama has spent more in 60 days than President Bush spent in 8 years. If Obamas budget goes through Obama will have spent more money than all Presidents since JFK. Thats almost 50 years worth. Think about it. Obama will have spent more in 100 days than what 9 Presidents together did not spend.

Does anybody catch what is going on? Obama is killing a lot of military funding. Missile defense. This will leave us open to destruction. Does the Terrorist care. Nope This is what he calls CHANGE.

You ignorant blind pied pipers voted for this con man and now we have to fight every step of the way to stop him. The Democrats in Congress are getting carried away. Blank Check. When it comes time to run again they will have to put up with a pissed off out of work population.

So you can find me elsewhere on the Internet. Trying to enlighten Americans on the Sins of the Democrats and Obama. Delivering the truth that I can because the bias media won't.

Ignorant Americans.

I get so tired of ignorant people who have no clue of what is really going on. They listen to the bias news and think that how things really are.

That is not what the truth is.

You have the Internet.

You were on this site giving me the what for because you did not like what I wrote.

Now I got your attention. How about reaching out (AWAY FROM AMERICA) and start reading news about America from the view of other countries.

Then you start seeing the truth. Its not the same as what you hear here.

You most likely still live at home you don't pay taxes, you get your food from Mom and Dad. You are so sure that Obama is right that you just don't have a clue of what is really going on.

Ask yourself this: Why is he hiding his birth records? Hmmm maybe hes ineligible to be President. He knows it and hides his birth records. Your corrupt Congress has hid this from the American people. That is why there are so many law suits over Obama's birth records.

So be more insightful or stay ignorant and suffer what comes. Taxes your grandchildren could never repay.

Bais News.... No Wonder We Distrust the News.

Here is a story that did not make the news.... Wonder why?

Officers Detonate Suspicious Package At Bank

Thumbnail SPRINGDALE — Police bomb squad technicians Thursday morning detonated a suspicious package left at Bank of America, 3144 W. Sunset Ave.

Bank employees called police about 7:45 a.m. to report a suspicious FedEx box leaning against the front door, said Springdale police Sgt. Shane Pegram. Police X-rayed the package and found what appeared to be a pipe bomb attached to a cell phone.

This is from the THE MORNING NEWS in Springdale AK.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Traitor to the USA

Noticed Obama would not go to Omaha Beach to the American Graveyard but he could slip into a Muslim Mosque. He is a traitor to the USA.

Obama and Sunday Church

I love watching the news and hear that the Obama's can't find a church to go to. I can fix that. Just bring Rev Wright to Washington and let him preach then the Obama's will be happy to listen to hate and racism and feel right at home.
I heard on TV this morning there was a plot to kill Obama. I wonder if it was the same as Mrs. Clinton's claim? That was a lie too...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Left leaning press ingnore the truth.

The American press is so left leaning that they just flat out refuse to report the truth.

Lets start with the President.

Is Obama a natural born citizen?

The press used the paper Obama produced. It is not a true birth certificate. It is just a piece of paper that said he was born alive. Not where he was born. Not if he was born in America or another place? Secondly he was not named B. H. Obama at birth.
He changed his name later. Yet not a single reporter sought his true birth certificate. They did find out that it was guarded by a law firm, and Obama is spending 1 million dollars to hide his birth records. Yet not a single reporter found this strange or asked questions about it.

Obama is ignorant to the ways of foreign policy.

He bowed down to the feet of Saudi king? Disgraceful. Check out previous blog for link to picture of Obama bowing. It is also on Twitter and Facebook.

All the tax cheats in Obama's cabinet is not sought after by the press. They drop a note in the news and none at all.

If this was a Republican seeking a spot in a Republican Presidents cabinet they would be dragged across the coals. They would have to pay the taxes penalties and fines. Then get dropped for the cabinet position.

But Obama's cabinet has now what 10, 12 tax cheats? They paid the tax amount but did not have to pay any penalties or fines. Several more who dropped out because of problems like this. There is no follow up. It is dropped right there.

The press is as corrupt as the politicians in Washington.

The free press is now propaganda press. They will print or use as much time as needed to get the message across. If they are against it they will print a one liner or not at all and the tv will be silent. Not a second.

Now Fox news does try to be fair. Talk radio tells the truth but sometimes far to the right.

Now lets talk about Congress. They want the fairness doctrine to shut down talk radio. Censorship. Anyone who disagrees with the government is now censored.
You know what this means. If you are talking about the government and disagree with them and it is going across the airwaves it will be censored. You can still talk in groups as long as it does not go across the airwaves. Print media is not covered by this right now. But that could change.

Propaganda and censorship is the way Democrats and the press get information out to the American people. The next victim of Congress is the Internet.

The free press is anything but free. They have set themselves as the press for the Democrats. Print media is as bad.

Again there are a small and I do mean small pockets of free press. But even the free press do things to influence votes.

Local school board elections are coming up this Tuesday. The school board hired a principal from out of town vs a local teacher. The press printed how the school board voted. That has never happened in the 9 years I have lived here. I think the press wanted the local teacher to get the job.

We no longer have a free America. It is possible to return to a free America. But it will take a long time. The press will make sure that will be almost impossible. If Americans get off their behinds and actually pay attention to what is really going on and not listening to corrupt politicians or the propaganda press. Then we Americans can vote for true politicians that will be in Washington to do what we want them to do and not what they feel like or what will put the most money in their pockets. Ask yourself this. Most politicians make good money when entering Congress but most come out as millionaires. They don't get paid that much. How is that possible? Corruption.

Be careful in who you believe.


Friday, April 3, 2009

Obama bows to his king.

Obama caused an uproar yesterday when he bowed to the Saudi king.

Here is the link to show Obama bowing to the Saudi king. Disgusting. He is not an American President. He is a FRAUD. Congress helped with this fraud. We need to vote all of Congress out of office. They knew he was a fraud and did nothing. If they believed in America they would uphold the Constitution. The oath they took when they took office. But not a peep.

America is going to have a revolution again. Corrupt government vs the people. It will happen all thanks to Obama and Congress. Both Democrats and Republicans are to blame.

I have told my Representative to vote no on Obama's budget. I got a message back telling me they are in favor of Obama's plans. They want bigger government, socalism on a grand scale that has never worked.

Thank God I was strong enough to join the Military and learned what freedom really means. To uphold the oath I took back then. I still uphold that oath even though I have not been on active duty for 30+ years.

That is why I am fighting against Obama. He is not an American. He is a fraud. A traitor. He is a muslim in sheeps clothing. We no longer have to worry about terrorism from abroad, we have a terrorist in the White House. If he was a true American he would have presented his true and unaltered birth certificate to the American people.

We Americans who are veterans must uphold the oath we took. We will keep our free country free from government. Going into that we need to get the truth out. They have government controlled television and mostly radio. Talk radio tells the truth, but they know it and want to pass the fairness doctrine, that will shut down anyone that opposes them. Censor of the people by the government. I love how the president uses the words like censor and bias. He is censoring the Americans, biased towards socialism and corrupt in everyway.

His cabinet is full of tax cheats that the corrupt congress passed them. If it was a Republican not only would he be forced to pay back the money like Obama's folks did, but then they would be forced to pay fines and penalties. Obama's picks have not had to do. Then they would not be passed. But that these are Democrats slide them through.

Corruption is so rampant in Washington.

When Americans pay three times the tax they pay now.

Obama says we have a unreliable health care system. We have the best health care system in the world.

God he is an ASSHOLE and a TRAITOR.

God help us all.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Things I notice and Things I miss

I do miss my Brother. He died 16 years ago. He was my twin. We were not real close brothers. But we were friends. I think of him on a weekly basis. I miss talking to him. I could tell him things I couldn't mom, dad or my wife.

I do miss my Mom. She died last year. She was from the Netherlands. Well my whole family is Dutch. My brother and I were the first ones in the family born in America. When mom was a young girl in Holland, Hitler was in power and the Germans were in Holland. Mom had so many stories from the war. I tried for years for mom to record her memories. She said it was her memories and her horrors. She did not want to share it.

My Dad is still alive. He was 7 years younger than mom. He was really too young to remember anything of the war years.

It is amazing what you think of when watching old movies. I'm watching "It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world". Clean comedy, fun and great personalities of the time. Jack Benny's Rodchester is in there. Old silent film stars, the 3 Stooges. This really had lots of stars of the day. The beautiful old cars. The big cars with rear fender fins. Beautiful old bildings, parks, roads.

How much has changed in 50 years. The world is going to hell in a handbasket and I hate it.

I hope you have better memories watching old movies.

Corruption In Washington

I got an email from the Republican Party telling me how corrupt the Democrats are and send us money. That is all I see send me money. The Democrats did this and send me money. I am so tired of this. They have done nothing to oppose Obama, but they want my money for what? Fill their pockets?

I have written my senators and congressman. Two Republicans and one Democrat. All backing Obama.

No support no money.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Strip this Award from Murtha.

This just shows the corruption that is rampant in Washington. They take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution just as all military members do joining the service. Then they spit on the Constitution after they become members in Congress.

To give this honored award to someone who so hates the military is a slap in the face of all current and former military members.

This award should be publicly stripped from Murtha.

Here is what Obama sent out as his Birth Certificate.

Hmmmmmm. He changed his name 20 years ago. Hmmmmm Aug 4 1961. He was not born with the name of Barack Hussein Obama

So this looks like a bogus BC to me.