Friday, March 19, 2010

Obama's last push

Obama is pushing for passage of this corrupt health care takeover.

We Americans who believe in freedom (by the way that is over 70%) must push back harder.

This has nothing to do with Obama and his office. It has to do with the American People. The founders of this nation set up a Constitution to protect this country from tyrants like the one in office. He should be impeached for crimes against the Constitution. Same with Congress.

They are working hard to destroy the Constitution and our rights.

Now is the time to call Washington DC and tell them how you feel. Remind these Senators and Congressmen that they work for us and not the Party. Obama cannot fire you, he may try to make your like hard in Washington. But you accepted this job and we expect you to fulfill your duties or resign from office. Be polite take names and most of all remember they work for you. You are the boss. No matter what they say.

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