Monday, December 17, 2012

School Mass Shootings.

For those of you who have not connected the dots yet... 

Mass shootings in schools. 

Where is it illegal to carry a gun? 


Who knows it? 

The criminals. 

All the victims you could want and no one to shoot back. 

If the teachers had conceal carry how far would he have gotten? 

You want to blame someone - Start with the federal government who put this ban in place.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I was watching the News about MI right to work law.  A worker claimed that this right to work is bad for the worker.  WRONG!  It is bad for the Union.

It is actually better for the worker.

Why you ask?

These states that are Union Run, like MI.  Is bad for the worker.  They either have to join the Union and pay dues and if you refuse to join the Union, you don't work and if you do work they still take union dues out of your paycheck. 

On the other hand the union has got great health care and retirement packages for its workers and in the process destroyed companies, cities and states. 

Look at GM?  Bankrupt.  Saved by Obama at the request of the union and the American taxpayer is paying the price. 

Look at Detroit?  Bankrupt.

Look at California?  Bankrupt.

The cities that do not allow unions in are doing fair.

Just a side note.  Republican run states are running in the black while Democratic run states are running in the red and/or close to being bankrupt.

Unions had their time.  When the American worker needed a hand the union helped.  This was back when Henry Ford started and ran the Ford motor Co.

Union hay day was back in the 60's.  Today Unions are more known as thugs and criminal enterprises.  They ignore the Constitution when they want something, but insist on their Constitutional rights when things go against them.

Right to work laws are a direct result of union corruption.