Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mad as Hell Follow up

Obama has proven to be a Wolf in sheep clothing. He lies to the American people daily trying to pass this country destroying health care takeover. If he truly wanted reform he would listen to the Republicans instead of stating lie after lie. He said that the Republicans had 10 years - but that was only the President. Congress was Democrat and a corrupt Democrat at that. Look at all the corruption going on in the Democratic party and members of Congress and the Leadership turns a blind eye to it. That is a disgrace to America and the American people. If we went up there tomorrow and threw them from office for lying to the American People, ignoring the American People, and stuffing their wallets with tax payer money and lying about it. They would call the police to hold on to their office. They are as corrupt as the grains of sand in the hourglass. Yes Elections have consequences and we can be as nasty as the Democrats were towards Bush. They don't like it. They label you a domestic terrorists if you voice opposition to the Socialist agenda they are forcing down the throats of all freedom loving Americans. I believe this would be know in another time as Treason.

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