Friday, March 26, 2010

They Exempted Themselves

The Tax cheats in Washington DC who are now in power have passed this Health Care bill that adds 16500 new IRS Agents to go after you and your taxes. They exempted themselves!

They are fearing backlashes from the American people for the passage of this bill that is unconstitutional but they don't care. They are wanting the American people to stop the violence and the threats to the Officials.

All these in Washington now are known Radicals and Terrorists of the 60's. They fear we will be the Officials in the near future and repeal these bills or worse yet cancel their exemptions.

We the American people have to go out and educate the brainwashed, the lazy and the uninformed. Get them to vote and STOP the corruption.

I am in favor of prison time and loss of all benefits.

Let's put these Radicals and Terrorists where they truly belong.

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