Sunday, March 28, 2010

America under Siege

Well, without a doubt America is now under siege from the Corrupted elected officials.  Just look at the bogus health care law.  There is no real health care in it.  Its just a tax on the American people.

Hey if it was health care reform, Torte reform would be front and center of this law.  Not a whisper. 

Hey if it was health care reform.  There would be special benefits for doctors and nurses.  Not a one.

Hey if it was health care reform.  There would be first day care of the uninsured.  Nope not in there.

It is not health care reform.  16500 new jobs.  IRS agents.  To find ways to tax you.  To tax you if you have health care.  To tax you if you don't have health care.  To tax you if you have other than government health care.  To tax you if you buy soda.  To tax you if you buy sugar foods,   To tax you if you visit a tanning bed.  To tax you out of your money.

There is no helpful benefits in this bill.  Just taxes.  If Obama gets his way we will no longer have a life.  We will work and all money will go to the government and they will pay everyone the same amount. 

This is to provide the freeloaders that the schools have been putting out for years a free home, health care, food, car, gas, while we have to pay extra for these freeloaders. 

Why did Congress exempt themselves from this great health care for the common man they pass on behalf of All Americans.  I guess its actually trash or the people voted in office are not Americans.

There is a power struggle happening in America.  The corrupt few and the lazy against the real Americans.  If you believe in free home, food, car, health care you are the problem in this country.  If you believe you work and earn a living and make a PROFIT you are an American.

That is the word Obama hates.  He will attack anyone who wants to earn a profit.  We need to attack back. 

The death of America has happened.  May God rest her soul and the people who believed in her.  May God strike her enemies down.