Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Corruption in Washington

There is going to be a hearing in Oct. to hear if Obama is an actual Citizen. But the DOJ (Department of Justice) and I am sure it is Obama fueled to shut down this hearing.

This could put Obama in the light. He will have to confess that he has illegally obtained the position of President. The Corruption in Washington is unrestricted.

All you have to do is listen to the Democrats like Congressmen Alan Grayson (D). He was on his big boat saying the Republicans want you to die but its the Democrats that have put that in the bill.

It is people like Grayson that has caused the nation to be in the trouble that we are in now.

As you know Obama is going to Denmark to get the Olympics in Chicago. Hey you know there is a huge group in Chicago who do not want the Olympics in Chicago. They looked at other cities that got the Olympics and they are still paying for it and suffering from the aftermath.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yes We Can

We can remove Obama and the Corrupt politicians from our Government - Yes We Can! Yes We Can! Yes We Can! CHANGE we can count on.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wanna get mad at Government?

So you wanna get mad at the Government?

I have a video that will open your eyes and make you think. o_Fascism_Part_One/

This site is the first part of a 6 part movie that will open your eyes.

Did you know that the Federal Reserve is no more Federal than Federal Express.
This video will lay it out.

Then you can get really mad at your Congressmen and Senators.

America is lost already. Unless there is an actual revolution, America will be no more.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Racism in America

CNN asks "Do people dislike Obama because he's black?" The answer to that is NO. I dislike Obama because he hates America and its people. Don't believe me? Look at all his speeches to the world. He hates America and tells the world were sorry for being better than them.

Bull. I am not sorry... I am proud to be living in the greatest nation on earth. But Obama and his followers don't.

Do you dislike Obama.

Let me fill in some more. Obama is a liar. I will tell him to his face he is a liar too. Like that will ever happen. But he is pushing for higher taxes for cap and trade. Unbelievable higher taxes for health care plus a penalty for not having Obama care. $2000 a year to start off for Obama care but I can tell you that this will climb and you will get less services. If you do not get Obama care because he lied and you will not have the Insurance that you like you will have to get Obama care. If you do not get Obama care you wind up with a rap sheet for not having Obama care and possible 1 year in Obama work camp or a $25,000 fine or both.

Where is American freedom? Protests will increase.

Look at the Obama kids singing praises to Obama. This is how the Hitler youth started. By GOD the American people should be outraged. The world should be outraged. But the press just ignores it.

We should look back 234 years when our forefathers fought the same thing here in America.
They won because they had a war against the King. But we now have a bunch of asses in Washington who want to get rid of guns. They want to be in charge of everything and have all the money while we suffer.

We need to find or start tea parties. You all remember why there were tea parties don't you? Remember taxation without represention like we have today. We have taxation without represention now. In case you forgot Congress is taxing us while they are not listening to us.
A very good reason to join or start a tea party.

Obama youth

I watched the teachers having children praising Obama. It was sick. This is what Germany did to its youths when Hitler took over. The Hitler youth were brainwashed into thinking how great Hitler was and we all know how that turned out.

Now we are watching the same steps with Obama. If you deny this you must already be brainwashed. You need to wake up and smell the sulfer coming from the White House.

If you watched the UN news and heard Obama talking down America and Americans. I will do him a favor and talk down Obama for being anti America. He is a terrorist to America and the American people. Same with Congress. They are falling into lock step behind Obama and needs to be wiped clean and start over. Including the high court. Wnen the high court passes laws to undermine the constitution it is time to redo the high court.

All branchs of government have ot be pruned.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Scum in DC

I saw a home made sign that says it all.

You can't fix STUPID, but you can VOTE them OUT of OFFICE.

That about says it all.

Obama is SCUM and a LIER. He needs to be impeached on grounds he is incompentent to hold office. For association with known criminals and falsehoods to the American people for his own profit. Anyone associated with him should also be impeached, under grounds of knowingly circumventing the Constutition of the United States of America for personal profit.

That pretty much would be 1/3 of Congress and the President there may be more than 1/3. We need to remove them from office. Failure to protect America to the best of their ability.

What do you call letting illegals in this country with no stops and then let them vote? They are not citizens of the US. They have no right to VOTE. But the Democrats sponser these illegals and they should be treated as Traitors to the Constutition and the United States of America.

For never in the History of America have we been under attact by the few Corrupt who want to enslave the many. We have to stop the Corrupt NOW!

We need to stand behind the Fair Tax movement and the tea party movement. If you don't believe that this administration is corrupt and you want to be enslaved by this bunch of criminals then do nothing. If you on the other hand are Americans and believe this Administration is the most corrupted in History then stand up and fight.

Obama has already showed his true colors by following Hitler step by step. Obama needs to be impeached and removed from office before he gets his personal Army.

Health care reform is one thing Health care takeover is unacceptable. But that is the only thing Obama wants. He does not want refrom he want a takeover. Corruption

The Democratic leadership is as guilty if not more.

Is Obama an American. I think not. Hitler was not German but he was given powers that enslaved a nation. This is what Obama wants too. More power to enslave a nation. The press is as corrupt as the Democrats.

I call for all freedom loving Americans to fight socialism and this con man currently holding office.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Acorn - Corruption paid by taxpayers

This latest video shows Acorn involved in criminal actions and how to get away with it. These two were fired but the criminal element is still in charge at Acorn. This was not an isolated event. The whole element is corrupted. This is a company that President keeps. Corruption, something that has been pointed out by me and most truth seeking Americans.

I am currently working on a blog that will show how close Obama is to Hitler. Step by step what Hitler did to what step by step what Obama is doing. It is so close it is frighting. Put shivers down your spine. This President is the mirror of Hitler. Should you be scared Oh Yea! Should we put more pressure on the President? Oh Yea! Let's start with his hidden Birth records. Why are his birth records in hiding? What is he hiding? Pressure on this corrupted person is just the beginning. We need to put pressure on the National Media for ingnoring the truth. Why are they lying? Why are they not willing to do what reproters normally do. Seek the truth. They just pat each other on the back. This will be a blog entry you cannot miss. It will leave you worried about your country.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

capitol punishment.

I have read alot of blogs talking about capitol punishment. Let's look at capitol punishment, when it was PUBLIC, crimes were down. Now its behind closed doors. The real shock value is no longer there to curb crime. There used to be public hangings where the family came out to watch some criminal be hung for killing someone. The parents would bring the kids out to view it and tell them that could be you if you kill someone. But now its hidden to keep the people from seeing these criminals offed.

As one blogger put it "
should not be allowed to consume oxygen". That was by " stiegov". I agree with that line 100%. There are some dirt bags like child killers and child rapists that should not be allowed to view their family grow old. They should be snuffed out. China does public execution. A bullet to the back of the head. In view of the WORLD! Arab countries do public executions as well. Public be-headings.

America now does sleeping death. Give a criminal a drug that puts him to sleep then give him a death drug to stop his heart. These bleeding hearts say it's too cruel to shoot someone, behead someone, or hang someone. What about them. Stabbing their victim 20, 30, 40 times but that is fine. WRONG! A violent crime deserves a violent death penalty. These bleeding hearts should face these killers down a long dark alley then think if a violent death penalty is not required as their life slowly seeps from their bodies.

We have too many pansies running things.

Hitler (Obama) spoke last night

I was watching Obama last night and he said this Obama care has to be done most important is that he said he wants other people to be held accountable. This being the most corrupt President and the most corrupt administration and the most corrupt Congress in the history of America.

The one thing I noticed about this Hitler, and believe me he is following in Hitlers steps before the Nazi party took over Germany. He also reminds me of Mussolini when standing there looking down at the American people. "How dare you challenge me". He also said that in his speech last night. Anyone who disagrees with him will be challenged. If not outright sent to a work camps he just may have the Americans removed from the general population. Maybe we will be sent to Gitmo while the Terrorists are sent to America. Hmm.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

unbelivable lies

I have scoped out the web and blogs and there is nothing but lies about Obama care. These people that say there is nothing wrong with the public option and you get to keep your insurance. They like Congress did not read the bill. There is a line in there that states. If you as a business owner. If you fire or hire anybody in your business you loose your current insurance and you wind up on Obama care.

They find nothing wrong with Obama speech in the schools. For the speech I saw nothing wrong either. It is the NEA worksheets to the teachers I have a problem with. What can I do to help the President?

I looked at the I pledge my heart and soul to Obama video. I almost puked. I pledge my heart and soul to the flag of the United States of America no a corrupt person like Obama.

I noticed that this "Most Open Administration in History" is anything but. But then there is no one to really bring that out. You know since the Alphabet News Services are nothing more than a propaganda rag for Obama. They have lost the American People. They lie and pass the lies of the Administration.

So now that you know the partial truth. Do some research for yourself. Read the bill. Why do you think the American people are out in force at the town halls? Corruption at Washington DC. We need to remove them all and start fresh. Get rid of them.

I think I understand Americans

I am a product of immigrants. My whole family on my Dads side immigrated from Europe. Me and my twin brother were the first in my family born in the U.S.A.

My Dad was a sailor. He sailed to America and other countries. He loved America. He took his wife (my Mom) and moved to New York. After we were born my brother was sick and the doctor said the best place for him would be AZ. So they moved to L.A. After a while my parents divorced. Both my Mom and Dad took us to different places accross America. We fell in love with America and all it offers. I joined the service and spent 10 years in the Military.

This is where I was able to travel to different parts of the world. I met lots of people who would love to move to America because of the freedoms that Americas have. The ability to work and become rich.

This is something Americans fail to understand. Our illegal alien problem is because they can get 100 times more money here than back home. Plus free Health care because our government will not send them back. Open borders not only has problems with illegal aliens but also drugs.

As a product of immigrants my parents had to go to school and learn the constitution. They learned how our country was founded and way. Oppression and corruption was the main reason for our founding fathers left. They came to America and scratched out a living. We have had wars with other countries and ourselves.

We now have an Oppressive and Corrupted government. Both Democrats and Republicans are guilty of Corruption and Oppression. Our government wants to remove all freedoms that I fought for. That my parents came to America for.

These people listen to leftist and socialist and say how nice. HEY JACKASS why are these people here? Its for the feedoms they can't get at home. Yes I am calling Obama a JACKASS.
He grew up out of the country. He should know how great America is. But he is brainwashed by socialist and leftist. We as Americans are being held hostage by our government.

I feel that if Obama keeps on his path not only will we have a greater depression but also a larger second civil war. It will be a civil war againts Corrupted Government.

We need to get back to our roots. Why this country is so great. Because of its people being able to work hard and become wealthy and live the life that we want.

The government wants us to live a certian way while our government leaders says this does not mean me. I want Golden parachute health care not only for me but my extended family. Golden parachute retirement. But by God if a CEO wants a Golden parachute retirement or health care the government will pass a special bill to tax this CEO so he is unable to retire.

Our Corrupted Government has to be removed from office. I fear that 2010 election will be corrupted. I don't put it pass our government to stuff ballot boxes with their canidates.

There are so many people that like their own health care and so do I. I don't want to loose my health care for the 8% who don't have insurance.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Corrupted officials beget corrupted officials

Obama Czardom is just packed with corruption and racial hatred. We want to listen to that?

I don't think so. Thanks to the American people and talk radio, we were able to get Van Jones to remove himself from Obama's Czardom.

There are several more that need to go and the American people are starting to really listen to what they really say. They are not accepting Obama's slip of the tounge remarks. I guess Rev. Wright had several slips of the tounge too?

We need to take back this country from these freaks who want to destory it.

Look at Rangel (D) 3 million in unpaid taxes and he puts in the HEALTH CARE bill anyone not paying their full taxes get fined doubled plus possible jail time. What about him. He is still chairman of his committee? Corruption at the top. Of course there is. That is the problem with carrier politicians. They need to get a real job. Term limits need to be enforced. Look at Murtha, He gets millions to build an airport that no one flies into or out of just so he can get his name on it with my tax dollars. The list could go on and on. of the corrupted politicians that are in congress right now!

Where do they think all this money comes from that they want to spend? A money tree? A fountain of wealth? MAGIC? NO it comes from every honest paying taxpayer. Unlike most of them.
Look at Obama's cabinet at least a third of them if not more were tax cheats. We have Congressmen that are tax cheats and still in office.

Czars need to go as well. This is a list of people that would never pass muster in a Congressional hearing (even with a corrupt Congress - look at recent appointments that did make it). Its like a frat house slapping each other on the back because they were able to fool somebody to get in. It is complete and unrivialed corruption in our nations capital.

The American people (well most) are starting to see the real picture. We have cowards and bullies in office. We don't have people for the people anymore. We have people who want more and will go to any measure to get it. Corruption.

More Corruption

"Capitalism is evil," a new Michael Moore film.

Well, lets look at a.k.a. Socialism. That system is even worse. Mike looks at the rich in a capitalism society. But I guess he forgot to look at the other societies.

Let's look at what Obama wants and where he is going you have to look at Hitler and the Nazi party. Let's look at what happened there. The Nazis destroyed a country so a few corrupt leaders could live like kings while the people were rounded up and killed outright or sent to camps that most never survived. This is where Obama is leading this country. He already wants to steal all the money you make. He wants to take all your freedoms. He wants to remove anything that goes against him.

Look at Glenn Beck. Because of Glenn Beck, Van Jones removed himself from Obamas Czardom. Van Jones is a Racist plain and simple, he is a criminal. These are the people that Obama is surrunding himself with. Criminals, Racists, Comunists are we seeing a pattern?

I sure am.

Close down the powers the President has. Close down the powers that Congress has and hold the Press responsible for the content (truth) that they tell the American people.

We know that the press no longer tell the truth, and they wonder why their viewership is dropping. Papers going out of business, Alphabet news services loosing viewer ship because they are leaning so far to the left that can't walk a stright line.

Stop Obama Now. Stop the Democrats Now, and Stop the Corrupt Propganda Press Now.

Friday, September 4, 2009

I Pledge

I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. NOT OBAMA!!!

Anyone who Pledges to Obama is misguided. I pledge to watch over the elderly which I have.
I also watch over the children. But under the United States of America and no one person even if earned and Obama has not earned it at all. The most corrupted government in history. Czars that are pushing to destroy this country with no oversight. The most transparent administration in history is the most covert, corrupted and chilling.

I will not let this con man known as Obama to continue to destroy this country. I will fight by calling my Congressman, Senators and vote them out if they refuse to listen to the people who put them there.

I hear Obama everyday talk that I am not a real American. Only those who believe in Obama is a real American? How self centered is he? I oppose him and all he stands for.

You shoud too also. I want to remove all in Congress and start over. Go back to our roots. If you don't like it move to Russia, or Cuba where you can fawn over Dictorships and live in a country that can't feed its people. Go ahead leave. Maybe move to Kongo where its people hack its own people. Live in fear. If you hate freedom that much, move. I fought for our country and I love freedom. I will not see it be removed by corrupt government. I will fight with every fiber of my being.

Enjoy what you have cause it will change soon. One way or another. These people who back Obama are rich and can leave this country and take their money. I knew there was a reason I don't go to the movies anymore. Look at this country. Step back and actually look at it. It is being destroyed by our elected officals because they are corrupt. They don't pay their taxes but by God you pay yours or pay double fines? Corruption...............Run amock.