Monday, December 16, 2013

Gun Control

If you think that removing guns from the American public will curb shootings? 

You're DEAD wrong. 

As you see, any place that is a gun free zone, cowards attack the unarmed because they can't shoot back. 

If you disarm the public the only criminals who will have guns, will be the government and hardcore criminals. 

Think about all the lies this administration has been telling you for the last 6 years.  You really think they will tell you the truth about anything?

You will be just like that child in the school, deer in the crosshair with nowhere to run.  But it will be nation wide.  It won't be just in school, it will be like that anywhere you go, Any Store, Sporting event, Eating establishment, Doctors offices, etc., etc., etc.  Target.  Target.  Target.

If anything this should be a rally cry for more armed Americans not less.
Take up responsibility,  many stats have proven an armed group is much safer than any gun free zone. 

An armed group will shoot back while the gun free zone won't.
How hard is it to get that common sense principal in that brainwashed skull?

You are paying way too much attention to propaganda news and government paid airwaves, by the way paid for with your taxes.  PBS and NPR.

Next time you tuck in that child or grandchild in bed, think if you perfer them to be targets or would you like to teach them how to shoot to protect themselves?