Saturday, March 28, 2009

Snowing in Missour

I am looking out the window and watching the Snow coming down. It is just starting to stick. Been snowing for a few hours now. March 28th and Snowing. The latest snow I ever had and it was alot of snow was in late April.

Friday, March 27, 2009

I Can Fix the Health Care System

Of course the Democrats will not like it because it takes away 49% of their voting base.

Close the borders and get rid of all the Illegal Aliens. In a month the health care system will start to see a correction. We can fix any problem if all we do is use common sense. Where we find problems is when Democrats try to keep the illegals here and get votes from them.

Again the Democrats have done their best to kill the Constitution.

Congress all took an oath to "Protect and Defend the Constitution" That is the first words of the oath they take. Yet they do their best to destroy the Constitution.

It is now time for us to defend the Constitution. This means getting rid of our elected

The only way to take back our country is to get rid of everyone in Washington. Vote them all out. Start fresh, new laws and new politicians. Tighter controls.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Found a great site from a twitter pal.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Taking America Back

I know we have to take America back from the liberals. With Obama and the Democrats circumventing the Constitution. They have proven that the OATH they took to protect the Constitution means nothing. Just words on paper. Well we need to get real Americans back into the White House and Congress. We need to ignore the alphabet news services. They have proven that they cannot report the news.

What the Hell is This?

Washington State Bill Would Speed Restoration of Voting Rights for Felons

What the hell is this? I was told that if you were a felon you lost your voting rights?

Is this another Democratic ploy to get more votes?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Obama on 60 Minutes

Are you watching Obama praise the terrorist! The damage in the world is what he is promoting.

He would know. He is a terrorist.

Truly dangerous is Obama.

American system of Justice is destroyed by the Democrats.

The Government Going After the People

The Government is now going after the average person. Why?

Because Obama is not an American? Because He wants to destroy America and people are starting to figure this man out? He still has payoffs from his election to take care of?

Folks, This man known as Obama (non American - Why else hide your birth records) wants to destroy America.

Let's look at the facts.

1. Not an American
2. Hiding his birth records that prove he is not an American.
3. Almost everyone he wants in his cabinet are tax cheats.
4. His first interview after being elected is to a middle eastern television station not an American.
5. He is spending money faster than the fed can print it.
6. Has never ran so much as a lemonade booth.
7. Surrounds himself with other corrupt people.
8. Uses Air Force One more in 60 days than Bush did in an entire year.
9. Is considered an Affirmative Action President because the press gave him a free pass.
10. Is corrupt and not looking to protect America.
11. Wants to get rid of all hand guns by the public.
12. Does not want a military.
13. Circumventing the Constitution at every step.
14. Interfearing with the Court system.
15. Making IRS a weapon of the federal government.
16. Wants his own military force. (Just like Hitler had).
17. Is trying to destroy America just like the Russians did Russia.
18. Is going to wind up with a civil war the likes of witch has never been seen.
19. America will wind up as a poor third world country.
20. We need to take back America before all this happens.
21. This is what happens when non Americans take over the White House.

I could go on and on. But this should get you thinking. This man posing as an elected official is doing nothing more than step by step destroying the Great Country. It needs to stop and he needs to be stopped NOW.

Write your Congressmen and women. Write your Senators and tell them no more. This joke on Affirmative Action has gone far enough.

NO on his budget, no more care free spending.

Corrupt Obama

I hear that Obama wants to go on TV tonight to sale his 4 TRILLION dollar budget.

MY GOD he has already passed 3 TRILLION is gifts to his supporters already and now he wants another 4 TRILLION.

He said he wants to reduce the deficit by 2 TRILLION by the end of his term.

You don't Borrow 4 TRILLION to repay 2 TRILLION later.

This joke of a president has no idea how to run a household let alone a country.

If he would run a household like he wants to run the country then he would loose his house, car, bank account, tv, you name it he will loose it.

Now he wants to do this to America. We cannot afford it.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Corrupt Judges in America

There are such a large lot of Corrupt Judges in America.

I was reading the story on Obama's Birth Records.

Obama has spent over 1 million dollars to hide his birth records.

The Supreme Court will not hear these cases.

The local judges have dismissed the case almost everytime.

This tells me that Americas courts are corrupt.

Maybe I should go to the gun shop and purchase a gun before I am told I can no longer have access to a hand gun because corrupt Judges are fearful of their lives. If they followed the Constitution like they said in their oath they would not have any fears.

When you circumvent the Constitution you wind up with fears.

Obama must be somkin funny weed.

There is no way that his 4 trillion budget is going to fix our problems but to jack them up.

Time and time again Obama cannot do math. Of course you can pay 2 trillion when you borrow 4. To say you are fixing the economy is like a magician get your attention with one hand and stealing from your pocket using the other. That is what Obama is doing.

Obama White House is NOT Transparent

Barack Obama was elected commander in chief promising to run the most transparent presidential administration in American history.

This achievement and the overall promise of his historic administration caused the National Newspaper Publishers Assn. to name him "Newsmaker of the Year."

The president is to receive the award from the federation of black community newspapers in a White House ceremony this afternoon.

The Obama White House has closed the press award ceremony to the press.

Very transparent.

From the president's official schedule:

"Later in the afternoon, the President and the First Lady will attend a reception with the National Newspaper Publisher Association in the State Dining Room, where they will be presented the Newsmaker of the Year award. This event is closed press."

This was from the LA TIMES.

No guns, no rights, no freedom

We need to get rid of Congress. They are destroying America. Obama has no clue on money matters. Affirmative Action President in action.

Congress wants to get rid of just about every handgun in America. Obama wants to pass his budget that his own budget office said it would destroy America. He thinks he knows better than people who do this for a living.

We are on the verge of loosing our freedoms. If it keeps going the way it is we will need passports to go from state to state.

The Democrats lack of action on the border. We now have a war with drug lords from Mexico and we have no weapons to protect ourselves.

Scary huh!

This is what Affirmative Action did for America. Put a black man with no idea what he was doing to wing it. Sorry we cannot afford this. The Press got him elected and it will all of us to fix what the press has screwed up.

Freedom is not free.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ignorant Americans?

Are Americans that ignorant? Obama wants to destroy America! Can't they see it? Are they that lazy to keep America free?





WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! Save this country before it's too late.

They already have circumvented the Constitution by taxing anyone who got bail out money...... namely AIG. Dodd put it in there and then when it was brought out in the open they try to fix it by circumventing the Constitution.

Those Republican who acted so recklessly and irresponsibly. They are guilty. But their stupidity is nothing compared to Obama's stupidity.

Obama is going on Air Force One almost everyday. He has flown more miles in first two months in office then Bush did all year!!!! Does he think money grows on trees? Why dosen't he pay for all the flying he does? Save the taxpayer more money.

If all you do is listen or watch to the Democratic controlled news services you will never know the truth. Get online and look for the truth.

Don't believe me? Why don't you go visit a Democrat who has it right.

Obama Just Keeps Spending Day after Day

So does Obama ever work in the White House? Look it up I bet Obama has spent more money on travel since he became president than Bush did in an entire year.
How much travel money is allowed? There is a bottom somewhere. But not anytime soon I guess.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lame Congress

I wrote my Congressman Roy Blunt, MO. I told him Hell NO, they can't take care of the money they have don't give them more.

His response is spend $9.00 and get on your soapbox.

I can't vote no. What trash is this soapbox. That a way to get extra money?

God are all elected officials that corrupt?

This is one to save for election time.

He has already said he plans to run for Senate. This is one to put on his side.

What I Got

The what I want for Christmas entry?

I got none of that.

My birthday just passed and I still got none of what I asked for.

Oh well. Life goes on. Maybe I will get it this year for Christmas.

Ahhh Most likely not.


Obama is so full of bullshit faking to be angry. He is angry that this bonus fiasco slipped out to the media.

You want angry. I am angry that Obama and the Democrats have circumvented the Constitution.

Obama has not proven that he is an American.

The American People should be taking to the streets in outrage. We need the truth.

The Press in this Country is to blame for the troubles in America right now. They are the ones who refuse to put Obama to the truth.


Hypocrites. The two top campaign cash getters from AIG are Dodd and Obama.

Yet they seem upset about AIG giving away bonuses.

They are upset I guess because their campaign cash was over $100,000.00 and not over a $1,000,000.00.

Maybe they should give the money back? What an idea.

Those crooks will never give the money back.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Vets pay for Insurance?

That JackAss known as the President wants to make Vets pay for their own insurance. We joined the military for health care coverage.

We risked our lives to protect and serve this country and now they want to throw that away.

Those Jackasses who have never served should not be allowed to determine weather we have the right to health care by the government.

If Obama wants to do this he should be on the front lines. Oh yea he not even an American.

This is just another spike to destroy America.

Vote NO

Trillions to destroy Ameica

Obama now wants 3 1/2 Trillion dollars for the budget. That is on top of the 2+ Trillion passed since he got elected.

He has already spent the money that our grandchildren can't pay back. With this budget will take on 4 to 7 Generations to try pay off Obama's carefree spending.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Homeland Security?

Do we still have a Department of Homeland Security?

The Obama White House is going after the Sherrif that is catching all the illegals.

They are going after the workplace in Oregon where I.N.S. raided the workplace and had 29 illegals in the workplace.  The Obama White House wants to let the illegals stay in this country.  They want to go after the employer.  I say go after both the employer and the illegals.

Obama is treating everyone as a terrorist so he can illegaly wiretap them.

Be careful of what you write to whom.  Big Brother is watching you.

I just don't understand Congress

Here we have a Congress that is doing its best in destroying America.

Making it easier for terrorist to get into the country. By leaving the borders open we now have a drug war on the border with Mexico. Whats being done about it. NOTHING.

Then Congress goes out of its way to take the focus off Obama and Congress by going after Rush, and going after the Terrorists in this country which in Obama and Democrats are anyone not a Democrat.

We need to stop this. We need to start or join groups that are against Obama and the Democrats.

We want America Back. Screw what the Democrats want. They no longer look after the well being of Americans. They only look at what is in it for me. How much can I get out of it.

Don't believe me. Look into the Congress net worth before they went into office and how much they have now or what they get when they get out of office. 10 fold increase. With unlimited Health care, and unlimited retirement. This needs to stop.

Obama and Democrats defining Terrorist.

Now if you are in any party other than Democrat, you are considered a Terrorist in the Obama White house.

I tell you in 4 or more like 8 years from now Dictator Obama will want to rule out Elections. By then he will have his Green shirts (used to be known as the SS in Hitler's time).

We need to take back America.

The Republicans sent me an email to help the Republican party. Here is my reply.

I cannot in good conscience fork over more money to people who cannot control what they have already.

I want you to get rid of your lifetime health care and take what congress has stolen from us. I want you to get rid of your lavish retirement and go with what we have. I want you to put in a bill that states that no government run or operated business can give money to a candidate. Like what happened when Obama took 365 Million from Fanny Mae before it went belly up and has to be saved by the American people. Until this gets done you will not get another penny of my money.

I am so pissed at the Congress right now. They have purposely destroyed America for their own lavish lifestyles.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Again Things that I Notice

I was working on my website when I got ready to put in link in my website I began to think on how hypocritical Congress is. They berate the CEO's on the money they got or passed out. How they got to Washington. Yet Let's take a closer look at Congress.

Congress has given themselves the best healthcare and retirement at taxpayer expense after they raped and took all the money that was in Social Security and Medicare.

Then they say that Social Security and Medicare is going bankrupt.

Hey JACKASS, it's going bankrupt because you took the money out of it to stuff your pockets.

We hear complaints about CEO's flying into Washington on their private jets.

Hey Speaker Nancy Pelosi threw a temper tantrum when the Air Force told her that the planes were in use and there were none for her to take a private flight in. Now she wants leather seats in the plane.

We are having a big problem with the politicians thinking they are above the public.

Let's look at Obama's picks for his office. I think the count is up to 7 tax cheats now.

Obama is another one that is a hypocrite. Telling the American public that he would not sign any bill with pork a.k.a. earmarks in it. So then he says it does not have earmarks. 900 Billion in earmarks by Democratic party. More by the Republican party. Yet Obama says there none. Now he says that there is earmarks in this on. 800 Billion but it is okay. Because after this he will decide what is an earmark and what is not. He can't be trusted to make that decision.

Am I critical on Obama. Well, Yea I am. He still has not made available to the American people an unaltered birth certificate. I don't want to trust his friends to tell me he is an American. The Constitution gives me the right to have proof positive that he is an American.

The Press in American has approved this hijack of America. Watch MSNBC to see my point.

As Americans we should be outraged at the press.

Now go to and see if you belong to America or ship out.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Obama wants to destroy America

Listening to Obama he wants to destroy America by taxing the taxes. He said you make 250 thousand or less you will not get taxed.


The folks who do get taxed above the 250 Thousand mark will pass that tax on us who you said won't have to pay taxes.

If everything goes up 25 to 50% because of taxes you are killing us.

An Affirmative Action President is destroying America because he has no idea of what he is doing. He has never ran so much as an office and now he is running our country into the mud.

He is the worse President I have ever heard or seen. He does not work.

Trust is something that he needs to learn.

Taxes will reduce budget by 750 Billion dollars in the next ten years. But when he is passing 4 Trillion dollar pork packages in his first 50 days 750 Billion sounds like peeing on a forest fire. It won't help most likely it will hurt.

Jackass Democrats

I heard on CSPAN today that the Democrats want to make DC a state. They already are representative to Congress. They have all the rights of a state without being a state.

Keith Ellison

Needs to be kicked out of office.

The Progressive Message.

I saw and heard all I want to hear.

Get rid of the Democrats.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Citi Group Show a Profit?

Hell, I could show a profit too with 50 Billion from the taxpayer.

Wall street blind to the truth.

Trouble is coming.

Too much PORK

Mr. Obama said he would not sign any bill with PORK.

That was said just so he could get elected.

Look at his first 50 days in office. He has passed more spending than the last eight years of Bush.

Obama was complaining about 1 trillion in debt from the Bush administration. Yet Obama's first 50 days have produced bills with over 4 trillion in pork. Now he says he won't sign any more PORK bills.

Blow me. He is nothing but an Affirmative Action President placed there by the American Press.
You cannot trust anything he says.

Watch Glenn Beck on Friday the 13 of March 2009.

Stealing from the 60's civil right blacks "We will Overcome".

How funny we are saying we will overcome against a black man placed in the seat of the President by the press.

The press is still not reporting on Mr. Obama.

We need to put a foot forward and letting Congress know that they work for us and not the President or the Party. Otherwise we will bring up the other foot and boot them out of office.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

They work for who?

Congress seems to have a problem. A very serious problem. They seem to forget who they are in Washington working for.

We Americans voted them into office to do what we want. Not what the Democratic party, the Republican party or the President wants. If we say no, and they cannot or will not do what we sent them to Washington for then they need to resign or get fired. We vote them into or out of office every 2, 4 or 6 years. I think all of Congress should be 4 years period. They get what they give us. No special health care, no special retirement. While in office (the 4 years) they get good health care but go to the national standard when they get out of office.

No second, third, fourth, fifth, of sixth term. One term and get out. You work for the American people not the party or President. No corruption.

We need to take back America from the corrupt.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Not so stumulus, stumulus package.

I heard on the news that Obama taking another trip at taxpayer expense to Ohio. He is there to talk up his stimulus package. It is going to let 10 officers go finish police training till the end of the year. In other words not much.

Yea, Obama has gone somewhere every day since he became President. All at taxpayer expense. Houston we have a problem.

Obama thinks he can just print out the money so he can travel.

All these taxpayers think that we will not get taxed. But we will. The tax will be in everything we buy. It will go up (that is taxes for you who are not smart enough to figure that out). Gas will increase, milk, beer, water, food, clothes, cars, trucks, tv, cable, dish, electric, phone, you name it and it is going to go up in price to pay the taxes that Obama wants to push on the top 40% of Americans.

When he says it only the top 2%. I have already proved that he is terrible in math. He is too dumb. Affirmative Action at work...

Obama rants that he is not an affirmative action President. But when the newspapers er I mean the Propaganda News services give Obama a free ride. They did not demand his unaltered birth certificate to prove that he is, by the law, worthy to be President.

Wonder why his grandmother died so soon after Obama was elected. She could have shed light on this. Amazingly she died before she could say anything. Maybe we should check into that.

There are too many questions, and the Propaganda Papers refuse to ask the hard questions. That makes Obama an Affirmatve Action President.

Need more proof. Watch the BBC. Watch the news from around the world. Get a feeling what other countries are viewing and feeling about America and Obama.

Obama is a CROOK, LIAR and THEIF. Any Questions?

Fed Up with Obama

I am so tired of listening to Obama say nothing but shit. He needs to eat some of that shit he is dishing out.

We Americans DON'T want his shit. I did not vote for the crook. He is a liar on the first class because Stupid Americans are believing his shit.

The more he talks the worst the economy gets.

Can't any of these Dumb Democrats figure that out yet.

Wall street does not like Obama. America does not like Obama. The only reason Obama got elected was because he was black. Hence CHANGE (Canya Help A Negro Get Elected?) That is what Obama's change stood for.

Not the change we need here in America. But change to put money in his pocket. Obama is not fit to be President.

He needs to prove that he is an American first. Then we will cover his policies.

He is pushing for this PORK bill, saying that there is no PORK in it.... But Congress says that there is. Alot of Democrats are starting to feel and hear the revolt from their districts.

Keep it up. Write your Congressman and Senator and start writing the Democratic Nazi's like Waxman, and Franks.

I watched a show on NAZI's . How everyone fell in love with HITLER. I see the same thing happening here with OBAMA. Obama is Hitler in black skin.

We need to stop it now before its too late.

Start protesting, no to Obama's Pork Bills. No to the Congresses Pork Bills, that includes the Republicans.

We need to take back America and we need to fall under a banner other than Democratic or Republican. Conservitive Party, not Republicans. We need term limits for Congress and Senate. Six years max. Then at least six years of NO HOLDING OFFICE. Then he can run again if he wants.

Dishonest Obama

I don't believe my ears. Obama saying we need to take a "Honest" look at health care.

Obama does not know the word HONEST. He has not spoken an Honest word since he ran for office.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Is Starwars really dead?

Reports: Russia building anti-satellite weapons

MOSCOW – Russia is working to develop anti-satellite weapons to match efforts by other nations, a deputy defense minister was quoted as saying Thursday.

Gen. Valentin Popovkin said Russia continues to oppose a space arms race but will respond to moves made by other countries, according to Russian news reports.

"We can't sit back and quietly watch others doing that, such work is being conducted in Russia," Popovkin was quoted as saying.

Russia already has some "basic, key elements" of such weapons, but refused to elaborate, Popovkin said.

Popovkin, who previously was the chief of Russian military Space Forces, reportedly made the statement at a news conference in response to a question about U.S. and Chinese tests of anti-satellite weapons.

In February 2008, a U.S. Navy ship launched a missile that hit a dying spy satellite. The test boosted the credibility of missile defense advocates. In 2007, China destroyed one of its own defunct satellites with a ballistic missile.

The Kremlin has criticized U.S. plans for space-based weapons, saying they could trigger a new arms race. Russia and China have pushed for an international agreement banning space weapons, but their proposals have been rejected by the United States.

As part of missile defense plans developed by the previous U.S. administration, the Pentagon worked on missiles, ground lasers and other technology to shoot down satellites.

George W. Bush's administration plan to locate missile defense sites in Poland and the Czech Republic put it at odds with Russia, which opposed the move as a threat to its security.

President Barack Obama has signaled that he might forgo an anti-missile system in Eastern Europe if Russia helps end a standoff over Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Obama and the Democrats wants to destroy our ability to protect ourselves. They say that this is not a threat. Hey JACKASS get off your ass and contact your Congressman and Senator and tell them to get Obama off the destroy America drive.

Save our Country Now.......

Clinton as stupid as Obama

Did you hear Clinton said that America's Government is older than Europe?

That is just like Obama said that there were 57 states.

Obama has a constant lie machine going to try and scare Americans into jumping into his policies no questions asked.

Well, Obama said that the 8.1% unemployment is just as bad as the Great Depression? The truth is the Great Depression unemployment was 24.9. That is 1/3 of current unemployment rate.

So just like Obama he can't do math, he can't tell the truth, and still has not proved that he is an true American Born in the United States.

A jerk of a politician from FL. said that if Obama was voted in as president, that it did not matter if he was an American or not.

Since when did the Constitution mean nothing more than toilet paper. If we treat the Constitution like that then we have to treat the politicians the same way.

No options.

boycot China

Illegal cigarette seizures double

Wednesday 04 March 2009

Customs officials seized 200 million illegal cigarettes last year, double the 2007 seizures, news agency ANP said on Wednesday.

Most of the cigarettes were counterfeits of existing brands and some 50% originated in China.

If the cigarettes had been sold, the treasury would have missed out on €300m in taxes, ANP said.


Let's boycot all business from China.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Obama wants to destroy AMERICA!

Are you that stupid to believe that Iran will not use a nuke when they develop it?

We need to prevent them from making a final bomb. You are looking at the end of the world if Iran is allowed to build, and detonate a nuke.

Obama says "oops".

I'm too stupid to figure that one out. Sorry but you voted for me and I did what I wanted. That was to destroy America. I did that and am proud of it. There was nothing you could do about it.
I destroyed the military, the health care, the economy. While he was parting down in the White House every week.

I will move back to my birth home in Kenya and take my ill gotten Millions with me. Maybe I could be the President there too, maybe I could destroy that country too. :-)

Obama Unfit for Office

Obama is a CROOK! He is Unfit for Office!!! He is trying to destroy America from the inside out!!!!!! SAY NO to PORK!!!!!!!!!!


Do you want to live on the streets? Do you want to eat you dog or cat? Do you want your children in a school that is run by the Government and falling behind the world more and more year after year?

Are Americans that Stupid, Dumb, Ignorant, TOO LAZY, Dense, Illiterate, Moronic, Oblivious, Obtuse, Witless, Asinine, Idiotic, Brainless?

Monday, March 2, 2009

White House and Limbaugh

It's just like the White House to attack Rush Limbaugh because it hopes that America will forget about it's pork package. But we won't forget.

Obama is a bigot

Do I mean it? Yes I do.... He is a bigot. He is forcing class warfare. He said that he won and we will have to put up with his shit.


Thats the great thing about a Republic. Now Socialism is a different story. Thank god we are not there yet. As a Republic we will win.

The National Tea Party that was held on Friday launched some great signs.

Solve Problems, Don't Sweep Them Under the Table

220 Years to Build the Republic, 1 Month to Destroy It

Obama has a Crisis of Competence

King Obama III

House of Lards

That last one I really like, I also like two above that one.

America is in a crisis and Obama is working like there is nothing wrong. He manages to fly all over the country on our tax dollars so he can have a different sound bite from every state in the union. His lap dogs the Democrats in Congress are berating the CEO's for flying to Washington in private jets. I agree if they took money. But Congress is taking vacations on the taxpayers backs. Let speaker of the house get rid of her private plane.

Democrats motto: Do what I say not what I do.