Sunday, March 7, 2010

Great songs and movies.

I was watching a Time/Life "Pop Memories of the 60's" Some of the best music I grew up with. Loved it. Was watching youtube and some songs that were hits in the 60's that Hollywood turned into movies. This one case was Dominique - The Singing Nun (Soeur Sourire) and Hollywood made a movie with Debbie Reynolds starring as the singing nun. That I remember the movie was very good and the song was great. There are a bunch of songs that were title songs from movies.
The list is long. But all great music.

I wish that the kids today could enjoy the music of my youth. Some of them do. I know some kids that love the music of the 60's and 70's. That was the golden age of music.

Todays music you hear how they want to f^(k this girl or that one. How they want to kill this guy or that guy. Not saying that there were not songs like that in the 60's and 70's because there were. But first most were not main stream and secondlythey were not very good. Just like todays music not very good.

Punk rock, some folks screaming into a mic. and call it music. RAP somebody can make a rhyme and look like some hood on the street ready to steal you blind and call it music. Not saying RAP is bad. There is some RAP I like (BUT very little.) Country is the same story over and over again somebody loses a dog, or girl or gun. Winds up in jail or paints the watertower green.

Classic country was sometimes just as bad. Then there are the Beach Boys and the Beatles corner stones of the 60's. Late 50's and early 60's had more vocal groups where everyone sang. While today it's a lead singer who sings almost all the songs.

There was much more joy of the music in the 60's and 70's than there is today. Music today just wants how much money they can get not if the song is any good.

I hope you take some time and look up the songs from the Time/Life "Pop memories of the 60's"
Take some time and listen to the music. If you listen with an open heart you will hear the best music ever created.

Now hear I have talked about the music lets talk about he movies. Yes I love Action and Adventure Movies. But movies that told a story had great characters in the story and portrayed by great actors.

I see plenty of remakes of old movies. There are some that are good and some not so good.
But let's take "The Italian Job" The Orginal was great but the remake was great too. Also "Oceans 11". "The Thomas Crown Affair" was a good remake but I feel the orginal was better. There are a bunch of old movies (Classics) that I wish would come out again and not as remakes. If you want to make a remake you should put the orginal on the DVD set too. This way the viewer can see what it was like 20, 30, 40 years ago, and what the remake did. Besides watching the old movies you see what the fashion was back then. The clothes, cars, locations. You have to remember most of those items in the movies are gone today. They are only remembered on the film. If you don't or can't watch them you will never know.

So I hope you take time to watch some of the old Classic movies. (Black and White) Watch how they did special effects. Compaired to today they were awful. But you will see and feel what the director wanted you to feel and see. Now not to say some of the claasics were bad and I mean bad. Some were slow. But some of the actors of that day are just like today. Can't really act. Same face and actions in every movie. That happened back then too.

I think if you review Classics and watch them you will get a feel of what America is all about.

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