Saturday, January 30, 2010

Antique Malls

I went with my wife Antiquing today and was thinking what a shame. People selling off their life one item at a time. I was browsing through a fairly new Antique mall here in town. I was amazed at how everyday items wind up on some shelf in an Antique mall. Most of them over priced. I found anti-virus for a computer for $20. 7 years old. It will never work but they have it on sale. They even have the orginal sales tag on it. $37. Like that will justify the $20 price tag.

I see books from school (college) and they have $50. It was most likely $130 at the school book store because they can gouge the student body. Then the next isle there is a college school book for $1, it is of course 15 years old. You see audiobooks, books, clothes, magazines, records (for those who don't know what a record is as an older person). cups, plates, silver, pillows, dressers, beds, lamps, you name it you can most likely find it at an Antique mall.

This is not an ad for your local Antique mall. It is just a walk down memory lane. Some of these items I had as a child. It brings back mostly fond memories.

I remember things my grandmother had in her house. She had so much brass and wodden objects and walking around the Antique mall is see so many of those objects. It just brings back the memories. I think that is the main reason I Antique, for the memories. Of course I can't pass up a great find.

I even found items that I had purchased in Japan for my ex in an Antique mall. It is fun and you can do it for almost nothing. Spend several hours and not spend a dime. Just the cost to get there and back. That is a great way to spend an afternoon and to waste an hour or three.

Whenever we go on a trip we always stop at Antique malls. It breaks the drive and lets you stretch and enjoy a trip down memory lane. I have noticed that Antique malls in different parts of the country carry the identical items but also different items, like up north you will see more hockey sitcks than down south.
Thanks to free speech, I can still call Obama what he really is - "a thief, con man and lier."
Here is how the rest of the world see Obama:
"Obama's phony spending freeze
It’s Gitmo Time"
That about says it all!

Friday, January 29, 2010

What Americans want

I heard a Bozo, (a liberal reporter) say what the American people want is Obama and Congress working together....


What we want is Obama and Congress to listen to the American People. Not push crap through that will destroy America and cause our great great grand children to pay for this guys socialist policies that will surely destroy this country.

We are at war with our government. The tea parties are getting bigger. More people are figuring out what is really happening to this great nation.

Our great nation is under attack from within. The brain washed government educated who think the government owes them a house, car, food, and spending cash from cradle to grave, are the ones who will be hurt the most if Obama gets what he wants. They will lose everything but are not smart enough to figure it out yet. They won't get the message until it is too late. Then it will be too late for everyone.
Progressive in not conservative. It is LIBERAL If someone said he is progressive he is against freedom, Socialist. No rights for Americans
I think the Groundhog WILL see his shadow on Tuesday. 6 more weeks of winter.
Some Bozo says that the American people want Obama and Congress to work together..WRONG! We want them to listen to US the American people.
Obama keeps blaming everyone else. "It's not my fault, That was Bush's fault" Is getting so lame. So 3 more years it's Bush's fault too?
Obama says his policies and promises had nothing to do with the job losses. You want to tax the American people to death? No connection?
Obama just does not understand. Taxing us, our children, grand children, our great grand children for his wants are not what we want.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dicators Again corruption

I have several different blogs and I have alot of different responses.

Most of what I blog about is how corrupt our Government is. Both sides of the isle.

I live in Missouri and Clair McCaskill is Obama's foot stool. Will do anything Obama asks. She has lied to us time and time again. Said she will vote for health care, will not vote for health care, will vote for health care, will not vote for health care. Which ever side to the issue you belong and want to hear she covers that. She thinks that the other side will not hear what she says to the other side. She has to go. There are not any good canidates for Senate. Same for Congress.

Roy Blunt wants to become a senator and is going after the other Senate seat. I have an email where he said he is in favor of Obama care. Now he is saying he never was in favor of Obama care. Here is another one that cannot tell the truth if it bit him in the Ass. He is there only for the money.

We need to find someone to go to Washington that will look after us not themselves.

Greed is the destruction of America. Look at Washington. The most Corruptive ever to seat in Washington. Look at the canidates. There are not many that are up front with the people they want to represent.

If Obama continues on his course to destory America and the American dream. The only thing that will come out of the Obama Administration is Civil War. The people will revolt against a corrupt government. I know Obama wants this so he could claim Dicator of America. Be drinking buddies with Fidel and Hugo. The Dicators of the Americas.
Obama is going after the High Court. What's next the removal of the High Court. Obama makes the law and thats that?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fox news said it. Almost a trillion in spending to create jobs and unemployment is up by 4 million. Where did the money go, not in jobs?

Obama is the Stupid one

Obama said that he is going to freeze some departments and the money that these departments get. Sounds good huh. Said it would save Billions.

Let's really look at what is going on. Obama Increased the funding these departments got by 20%. So he is going to freeze the money that these departments get for three years. That turns out to be a 5% increase per year. Where is the savings?

I could live like that. My boss said I am going to increase your take home pay by 20%, but I will not give you a pay raise for 3 years. Hmmm. I have got a 20% increase in my take home pay for the next 3 years. That will work out to a 5% a year. Like winning the lottery.

Wait this Administration has won the lottery. The taxes lottery. They want more money to pay for more and more services that we don't want or need. Just raise the taxes on the American people. We will only raise the taxes on the rich. If you make more than $10,000 a year this Administration considers you rich. If you make $100,000 or more this Administration considers you super rich and jack more money from you.

This winds up being robbery of the masses.

This government has refused to protect this country. They are destroying us from the inside.

Look at the illegal problem. They give in state tution to illegals while citizens pay top dollar.
They make deals with the Drug companies so the American people pay top dollar and our neighbors to the north and south get it for 1/2 or more the cost we pay.

Obama has destroyed small business and the ability to create jobs and now he said he is pro business.

The only thing Obama is interested in is complete and utter destruction of America.

How long will the American people fall for his lies?

Here is Obama giving 6th graders a speech and has to have his teleprompters up. We see wide picture showing him move his head back and forth reading the teleprompter. Then when asked he lied to everyone who saw it and said I did not use teleprompter during the speech.

These Democrats think their policy in education to dumb down the American people has worked so over 50% of them are too stupid to figure out the Dems are destroying America.

Guess what it's not working at the rate the Dems want.
Obama increased the money these departments get by 20% and said he will freeze them for the next 3 years thats 5% increase per year?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Government job creation is NOT job creation. It is temp help to boost Obama's numbers. Most of those stimulus jobs created are now gone.
I read that Obama wants a bail out for the middle class. Sounds like he is now targeting the middle class as well as the rich. No Thanks.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pittsburgh police

I just read the third story of Pittsburgh Police attacking citizens because they can in the last 6 months. I think the city of brotherly love has become the city of hate and discontent. I feel that the citizens of Pittsburgh need to review who they vote into office.
Jane is doing much better today. Will see if she is up to going to work tomorrow. Thanks for the prayers.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stop our governments aim at removing free antenna TV. First TV next Radio that is their aim. To get rid of talk radio.

Administration Hates Americans

Well this Administration has made it known that the blackwater security outfit in Iraq that was brought up on charges for crimes against the people of Iraq said they are going to ignore the courts decision. The court found them not guilty and the Administration dislikes that decision and is going after the Blackwater security people that were found not guilty.

Where do we draw the line? This Administration has decided to ignore the courts when they don't like the outcome. They are going after Blackwater who is to say they will stop there.

Next week they will decide to go after you. If you let this administration go with ignoring our laws next year we will have no laws.

Dems now want, what America wants

Here is the perfect view of the Democrats.

They did not care what America wanted when they were in charge.

Now it looks like they will lose a lot of seats in Congress they are saying.

Now wait a minute. I was in favor of what Americans wanted. I was not voting the Democratic party line I was voting for the people in my State or District.

Now just go back and actually look at his/her voting record. Every Democrat voted the party line. There were a few that could vote against the party line because there were more than enough votes to pass. But when push comes to shove they all voted Democratic party line, not what the people wanted.

Now they are scared that they are going to lose their cushy very well paid and mega benefit jobs because the truth is coming out. They don't care about the people they just want as much as possible personal gain and to hell with the people from where they came from.

They see the writing on the wall and don't like what they see. Civil war is on the horizon and they know if that if Civil war hits America they will be the first ones to face the music. That is something they don't want. To go down in history as the party that tried to destroy America and the Americans were not dumbed down enough, they were able to figure it out.

We need to do a major reform in the Education system. They are teaching our kids down. The no child left behind was the worse thing ever to hit the American school system. I think we need to do what schools in other countries do. Full time schools. 6 days a week and no 3 month vacation in summer. That was for early America when the children helped out in the fields. Well, American Politians have decided to end the farms in America and go with Russian style farming. The state owns the farm and lets you work the farm for your daily pay. You don't work you don't get paid. That is where this Democratic party is wanting to take America. That way so in 20 or 50 years from now America and say we are part of the one world nation run by a tyrant and the world will last about 20 years until the people will decide that dying is better than living with a tyrant ruling over them.

America has never faced more bleek times than now. We have people wanting to destory America and everything America stands for.

Obama is not American, He was placed there by powers that be. You say he showed his Hawaiian Birth Certificate. He was not born in Hawaii. His Birth Certificate was given to him because his mom was American.

Important Note:
Why has he hidden everything with his birth records on them. If he was truly born in Hawaii then everything with his birth records would have Hawaii on it and would not have to be hidden.

Give some time for that to sink in.

Yes if it has Hawaii on it. It would not have to be in hiding. So why is he paying Millions to keep everything with his birth information on it secret?

All his college records that show his birth information and they are in hiding. Why? We already know he is friends with terrorist. Which he admits. Yet the alphabet news is in his back pocket nothing is made of it.

Fox news and Talk radio has been a thorn in Obama's side and he wants to destroy them. He wants blanket coverage. He wants to control the Internet. He wants to get bills passed that the American people know nothing about.

These are things to think about when you go to the ballot in Nov. Put someone in Congress that want to keep America Free and repeal the the laws these Democrats have passed to destroy America.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Dems are now saying they want what America wants. Don't you believe it. They just want to save their jobs. Kick them out in Nov.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Dems propaganda radio, Air America went belly up today. They would attacked Americans for listening to Talk Radio shut down for good.
Notice how Obama who knows nothing about how to run a nation caused the DOW to free fall after his remarks about handcuffing the banks.
Love how Dems are tearing each other apart. Blaming each other, I guess Bribes and corruption had nothing to do with it. They don't get it.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

To the American people the free ride is over. The Dems are worried. They are losing their voting base the stay at home freeloaders.

America and the tea party

It looks like the tea parties that hit America over the summer made their first stop where the tea parties started. In Boston, Mass

That's right tea partiers the Dems. insisted were crazies and nuts had to eat crow last night when Kennedy seat was voted back to the people by the people.

The corrupted Democratic officials are now on life support. They know now there days are numbered. A few may squeak by but a large part of the Corrupt Democrats who have made themselves known in the Obama Administration are now facing the fact that they are going to lose their cushy kickback jobs.

Yes that's right. A few have seen the writing on the walls and have decided to retire, so not to face the citizens in their states. I feel that these corrupt officials should lose all their cushy kickback benefits that they voted themselves while taxing the American people to death.

At the most I say they should be brought up on chargers and lose all their rights and be thrown in jail. But that is for another post.

In the mean time the Dems are on the run. The American people are on a comeback and need to repeal the laws that this Congress has pushed through. There is no such thing as repeal proof.

Revolution and Civil war will repeal just about everything. The Dems just don't understand that.

This vote will hopefully kill the back room sweetheart deals that the Dems have given to just about every one who is an Obama supporter.

Bribes and crooked deals are the norm in this adimistration. A message has been sent to Washington and more are coming.

The Dems in office are walking Obamas plank. Who will live through the shark infested waters and who won't?

Thank you Mass. for seeing the truth.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Will this loss in Mass. keep Obama up late at night trying to hold on tighter. The harder he squeezes the more it slips between fingers.
Dems want to change rules in Congress to pass Obamacare. Talk about corruption, in your face and dare you to do anything about it.
Has anyone checked to see if trunk loads of graveyard ballots showed up for Coakley yet?
Not to repeat what happen in Minn. with Franken.

Monday, January 18, 2010

24 has not been a let down. Action at every turn and of course Jack in the middle of save the USA from terrorists moments. An hour zips by

Sunday, January 17, 2010

How do you speed through 2 hours. Watch back to back 24. fastest 2 hours on television.
I swear time speeds up when 24 comes on. Seems like it just started and first hour is already over.
Human Target - liked it. Reminds me of Doc Savage for those old enough to remember him.
I am watching the new program "Human Target" on FOX. So far I like it. Good characters and so far good story. Lets see what the end brings.
I found almost half of tweeters following me were what you would call spammers. I went through and blocked them. "How to whiten teeth" etc.
On a lighter note of things to come. 24's new season starts tonight. Go Jack.

A computer friend lost his home to fire.

Shawn Powers an editor from the Linux Journal and computer guru at a school district lost his animals and most of his worldly possessions, (clothes, food, computers, beds, you know just about everything but the clothes on their backs).

Here is the notice:
"Everyone's beloved, crazy, big-hearted Linux Journal editor and Indian Lakes school district system administrator Shawn Powers, has lost his family home today to a fire. We have limited data about the extent of damages at this time, but can report that all people (his amazing wife, Donna and three girls) are all ok. Unfortunately his animals were all lost in the fire.

We'll report more as we hear it, but in the meanwhile wanted to set up a fund to help the Powers' family get back on their feet as quickly as possible. Please, if you can, every dollar will help. Computer equipment donations, we know, would also be greatly appreciated and the folks at Linux Journal will help coordinate any equipment donations (e-mail publisher Carlie Fairchild, for details)."

This is the site if you wanna help this family out.
I see why Obama is pissed at the banks
"Four banks will reveal plans to pay their staff a total of close to $100bn." He didn't get any of it
it is a real shame to find great stories on America from outside of America. Our Press no longer give great stories without Democratic okay.
I just watched a video from the Sons of Liberty to the New World Order. Holy Cow. Revolution may be closer than we think.

Problems in California

I am glad I no longer live in California, the Government, Liberals and Illegals have succeeded in bankrupting the state. The liberals have been in charge for decades and look at the shape of California today. IOU's to pay it's workers.

I think if you look at the states with serious problems with money and Health care are the states with long term corrupt liberals in office.

This has all happened before in other countries and in other times. I just can't believe that there are so many uneducated Americans. What, they stop teaching History? You learn from history. Not Politicians.

You listen to Obama say I will have the most open Administration in History if I am elected. Obama gets elected and it is the most hush, hush secretive corrupt Administration in History. That is what happens when you hire a Bozo who has never ran more than a checkbook.

He was so proud of being a community organizer and now he is a foot kissing embarrassment to the United States. Doing secretive deals behind closed doors and he wants us to believe its for the betterment of all Americans when the only ones getting sweetheart deals are his friends and supporters. Not the American people.

The corruption is just oozing out of every orifice in Washington, D.C. and the states that are held by the liberals. There are problems with Conservatives too. Most of the conservative problems we have are liberals in conservative clothing. Look at New York. The conservative pulled out and threw her support behind the liberal not the true conservative. This is the corruption we are now facing in America.

I know there are plenty out there who disagree with me. But you just sit there and wait for your monthly welfare checks your food stamps in your government housing.
I think if you look at the states with serious problems with money and Health care are the states with long term corrupt liberals in office.
I am glad I no longer live in California, the Government, Liberals and Illegals have succeeded in bankrupting the state.
I just can't believe that there are so many uneducated Americans. What, they stop teaching History? You learn from history. Not Politicians.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

As humans we suffer between good and evil. It is in your face evil in Washington D.C. that is trying to destroy America. We have to fight
I watched Conan last night. Boy talk about burning your bridges. Almost everything was a slam on NBC. I think he wants a new home?
If you believe in taxing the American people out of existence then vote Democratic. Obama has lied since he took office. Why believe him now
The press is wondering how Brown is doing it in Mass. He is working hard and has a message that is connecting with the people. Dems don't.
So Obama thinks he can tax banks for being banks and they will not pass it on to us. Is he really that stupid? This BOZO has to go.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Obama Hasn't Held Press Conference Since July...
Why should he when he is on everyday somewhere else lying to the American people.
They go after anyone who is against this Administration and we have to foot the bill in more new taxes. Time to speak up. Tell them no more.
Everyday I wake up and find out that our Government is enslaving us more day by day. Now they are taxing Banks and who pays for that - we do

Thursday, January 14, 2010

That sounds just like China. Soon we will lose all rights unless we stop the destruction train now.
Obama wants a fight lets give it to him
Obama is sure fire dead set on destroying America. Only people who support him get breaks. All others pay excessive taxes, possible prison
Amazing speech by Ron Paul. Worth a listen. Even he sees the clouds of war building ahead.
Obama now wants to tax banks for being a bank. This is another scheme to steal money from the American people. Where will it end?
Will our government follow Europe. Taxing every mile you travel. Just to steal your money. Time to remove these crooks from office.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Those of you trying to contact Claire McCaskill her Congress mail box is full, but you can leave her one at

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Obama said that Harry Reid is on the right side to history? So if you are against socialism you are on the wrong side of history?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I would rather see Schwarzenegger in Hollywood than Politics. Sad to say he is a better actor than a Governor. Will True Lies II be made?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Why does Gibbs hold a press briefing if he is not going to answer any question? Looks like smoke and mirrors to me.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

What crap that Obama speech was. He is not protecting us from terrorist. The only thing he is doing is destroying America from within.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snowing again. Must be a very special branch of Global Warming Science. Like bend over and spread them cause your getting screwed branch.
we are in the fight of our lives against corruption and lies the Democrats with their lapdogs a.k.a. the press spit out at us. Save America
Global warming? Europe, Asia and America are suffering the worse Arctic blast in decades. It proves that Global Warming is a Farce.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dems need to be ousted. That is for those of you who thought I forgot.
Getting all addresses from Windows moved over to Linux. Everything is working and I am having fun again.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

May we have the best year in our nation. If 2009 is any indication it will be the worst.