Thursday, July 30, 2009

Slaves in America Unite

Are you wondering what this is about?

As simple as I can make it.

The blacks in the country are wooing over Obama as the second coming.

There is a second coming alright, but its not Obama. It's Slavery.

I can hear you all out there saying "What the hell are you talking about"?

Maybe you had a great great grandparent that was a slave. Obama wants to repay the blacks for the sins of the slave owners. He wants to give them free health care, free housing, free whatever.

Sounds like slavery to me. HEY STUPID wake up and smell the shit coming your way.

You are going to let a corrupt carrier politician vote you into slavery, not just the blacks but everyone. Look Obama wants you to work for 10 years to the Federal Government free of charge. Then he will give you a job that he wants you to work at. At a price he wants to pay you. At a place he wants to send you.

I am not ashamed of America. Obama might be, since he didn't grow up here, but I am not. I did grow up here and I am proud of America, I am proud of the Military and I defended the Constitution of the United States of America. Unlike the politicians they take the oath then stomp all over it.

Obama has not spoken the truth since he entered the White House. He promises change. The change you are getting is Socialism and slavery.

Be wary of your politican who has no problems placing you into slavery while diverting your tax dollars to other countries. Did you catch that? Your tax dollars to TERRORIST countries.
This is the carrier politican at work. Voting themselves pay raises while taking every spare cent you can earn and spending it on whatever they want to spend it on.

The corrupt politicans need to be removed from office before America no longer exists.

Besides where are the rich in the world going to get top notch health care if Obamacare takes over?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ripping off Seniors

I have one question: If it is illegal to bait and switch, con or rip off seniors? Why is Obama allowed to con seniors on health care?

What he wants is to kill off seniors, not give them health care.

End of life means death not procedures to keep you alive.

Wake up America!!!! This could be you, or your parents or even grandparents, God forbid great grandparents for those of you who are blessed with long living family.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Racist Government

I just read a great website that shows just how corrupt the Democrats really are.

When a Radio DJ put on his blog that he would like to see Obama's birth records because there is an uproar across America to ensure that Obama is within the Constitution to hold the oval office.

They replied by calling him a racist because Obama is the first black President.

My response to that is: Nope, he has not proven to be the first black President.

The biggest political crime in American History is happening right now. According to the Constitution the man in the oval office is a fraud. He has not proven his eligablity to hold office.

Why has the Congress refused to bring this up? We have heard nothing from Democrats or Republicans. For that matter any other political party.

That is where we come in. Insist on the truth.

Demand from your Congressman/woman and Senator to demand proof of eligability.

If they refuse then we need to remove them from office. This only ensures how corrupt our government really is. We need to take our government back.

So we need to put the stop to anything the Democrats and Obama wants.

Once he brings forth the truth, and it turns out he is a fraud, we need to impeach him and the Democratic leadership for allowing this fraud in office.

Illegal aliens free ride?

Illegal aliens free ride?
So now illegal aliens can now go to work and not worry about being thrown in jail or exported out of the country.

OBAMA has bypassed the Congress and now Illegals don't have to worry about being exported. No problem in using our Health Care. You broke out of prison in Mexico, Come on over, no problem. You married? No problem.

Bring in your whole family.

Obama will take care of you...

He may even put you up in the White House for a few days.

You want to talk about America on the brink of war/collapse?

This racist affirmative action non American con man pretending to be the President is driving this country to another civil war. The only problem is he will fail.

I guess its now time to defend myself and family. Obama has refused to close the borders. He is letting terrorist freely into the country.

I think its time to send him a message. Cameras in the home, gun by the bed.

By the way...........If I was that cop being called stupid by the President, I would not show up to the White House for that beer.

Never expose yourself to the enemy. Obama is the enemy. He has made a point to destroy America and we have to shut down the Obama machine. Corruption.

Let's look at Obama. He has hidden his birth records, that can only mean he is not an American. The bogus birth certificate he has pushed on the American people is false.
He knows it and so do the American people. Soon there will be no troops going overseas.
They go because the commander in chief sends them there. If he is not an American than he is not the commander in chief. No control over the military. This is why he wants brown shirts his personal army.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Okay, now here is the real question:

How corrupt does this Government have to be before the American people say enough is enough.

It seems that it is starting to flow that way.

Congress is starting to get backlash from the American people.

Not reading the bills.... Just pass it. BILLIONS in earmarks.... Corruption....

The Democrats are pushing the Democratic Congressmen and Women into pushing this administrations foul and corrupt agenda on the backs of the American people.

The American people who pay attention to what is really going on are starting to inform the Congress that they are there at the pleasure of the American people in that State, not the party.

Most of the American people are like sheep being lead to the slaughter.

They believe whatever the bias news media a.k.a. Obama's propaganda machine spews.

They are too stupid or lazy to pay attention to what this administration is really doing to this country.

They are destroying it.

They have now asked for 30 thousand more Army troops. They even said it was not for the war effort.

Wait for 6 months and Obama will send troops into the streets of America. To try to take over America.

They are going to ask for your weapons. Your Gold and Silver. They are going to demand that sights like this one be closed.

They want to shut down talk radio. They want to shut down the internet. The only news will be via Obama's propaganda news agency.

You don't think it can happen? Think again. This is what happens when you elect someone who hates America. Sitting in a church that spews hate week in and week out.

Obama said he never hear that. BULLSHIT That is a lie.

The bias news agency elected this fraud.

He is not even American, if he is why is he hiding his birth records?

Flying 747's low level in New York. Not spending more than two nights in the White House since he got elected, Like the Saddam Hussein.

How much is this costing the American People for all his traveling? How much did the Democratic leadership in the House and Senate spend on trips on the backs for the American people.

Why are the corrupt Democrats not wanting to close the borders?
Oh yea! Those are illegal voters. Illegals sucking our resources. These folks in Washington are there to abuse the power given them any way possible.

So Obama is getting pissed that HIS Health Care is not getting passed.

I agree that Health Care needs reforming, but not Obama's way.

We need to remove Governments power from our lives not give it more.

Everything the Governments touches turns to shit. Lets look at Governments stellar record:
All the assorted Departments across the Government.

There are so many aspects of this corrupt administration too many to cover in here.

I love it when some jackass writes me and says its President Bush's fault.

WRONG..... President Bush has been out of office long enough to make this cash cow known as the Obama administration responsible for all the corrupt bills slid through Congress.

Wake up America..... Smell the SHIT Obama is shoveling. Call your Congressmen and women call your Senators and tell them NO to what Obama wants.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

History forced to repeat?

I was watching History Channel and a show was on about Hitler.

Hitler forced the German Parliament for more power and take over of main businesses.

Obama is forcing Congress for more power and has taken over most of the important businesses here in America.

Hitler was not German. Obama is not American.

We need to stop Congress from passing Cap and Trade. a.k.a. Cap and TAX.... And we need to stop Obama Care. I agree that Health Care system needs overhauling but not at the health of our health care system. Insurance, Government, Hospitals and Doctors are the ones that need reforming not us.

We need to stop Congress and Obama from forcing bills through without being read. This is pure corruption when people cannot read the bills until they become law. Then find out how the Government wants to screw us.

If Cap and Trade gets passed, everytime you flip a light switch you wind up paying a tax. Everytime you go somewhere in your car you pay a tax. You want to sell your house you have to retrofit your house to Green Energy before you can sell. You have to put a new roof on before you sell your house. A Government approved roof. Not a brick, wood, slate, asphalt, tin, brass or grass roof.

Obama care is even worse than cap and trade.

Call your Congressmen and women and Senators and tell them 'NO' to cap and trade and 'NO' to Obama care. Do it now before its too late. Let them know you will vote them out of office if they follow Obama's roadmap to destruction.

Only YOU can save America.

Don't let America wind up like Hitler's Germany. Broken and destroyed.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Corruption in Washington

Any elected official who votes Obama's way, must be replaced. They don't read the bills. They vote to tax you to death in this recession. In other words to destroy America.

Affirmative Action has never worked, and with Obama the proof is in the pudding. He is the only President in recent times who wants to purposely destroy America. He has admitted it.

He wants America to be like Africa (his birth home) to be ruled by corrupt officials, and to kill anyone who disagrees with his policies. That is where America is going unless we stop it NOW.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back from Vacation

Back from vacation and back to the grind of stopping the Democrats and Obama from destroying America.

The more I watch Obama the more I am sure he has no clue of what he is doing. This is affirmative action in action and we are all suffering. He needs to be impeached now..... Not after he destorys the rest of the country.

We need people in Congress who still loves America. Not trying to steal from the American people.. Look at the cap and trade bill. It was passed so 20+ Congressmen and women could become instant millionaires via the corrupt Congress and the backs of the American people.

Where is it gonna end? The Corruption is rampant.