Friday, October 30, 2009

A disturbing letter of corruption

Here is a letter that should make you wake up and say "WHAT!"

Washington, D.C. – Today, U.S. Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC-03) sent a letter to President Barack Obama inquiring why Commerce Secretary Gary Locke was given authority to authorize the export of United States missile technology to the People’s Republic of China, and asking the President to disclose the nature and extent of conversations about equipment and technology transfers with Chinese Communist Party and government officials.

“If there have been any discussions between the United States government and China about missile technology exports, Congress and the American people need to know about it,” said Congressman Jones.

Congressman Jones’ letter to President Obama is as follows:

Dear President Obama:

It has come to my attention that last month, you delegated your function as President of the United States to the Secretary of Commerce, Mr. Gary Locke, under section 1512 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1999. That authority granted Secretary Locke the power to certify in advance that any export of missile equipment or technology to the People’s Republic of China is not detrimental to the United States and will not measurably improve their missile capabilities.

Our own Central Intelligence Agency has reported that a majority of China’s long range strategic missiles are aimed at U.S. cities; therefore the potential export of any missile technology to that country is problematic. Given that Secretary Locke has just traveled to China this week, this delegation of authority raises a number of serious and disturbing questions.

Why did you delegate your presidential powers on a decision so vital to the safety and security of all Americans? Specifically, why did you delegate this national security decision to the Secretary of Commerce and not the Secretary of Defense? What qualifies the Secretary of Commerce to certify that a particular missile technology being exported to China is not detrimental to US interests? Has your administration had discussions with officials of the Chinese Communist Party or the Chinese government about transferring United States missile technology to the People’s Republic of China? If so, what missile technology have you discussed exporting? Why would the Chinese want to buy U.S. missile equipment or technology that does not measurably improve their capabilities? And finally, what promises or assurances might have been made by officials of the Chinese Communist Party or the Chinese Government in exchange for Secretary Locke potentially allowing the export of missile technology to China?

The implications of these above questions are obvious, so if the administration is not contemplating the export of missile technology to China I would certainly welcome any clarification, and look forward to having what is precisely being contemplated shared with Congress and with the American people.

Cash for Clunkers Revisited.

I saw that it turned out the American Taxpayer paid $24,000 per car on the "Cash for Clunker" program. Not the $4.500 the White House and Obama insists the American taxpayer paid out for this program.

The White House boasts on how the Auto industry did on this "Cash for Clunker" program.

And Since the "Cash for Clunker"?

NOTHING. The Auto Companies are losing money everyday.

The "Cash for Clunker" program was another fraud perpetrated on the American people.

This group of crooks now in Washington have to be removed.

I am hearing more and more about militia to fight the corrupt Government.

I have said it time and time again. You need to review history. Look at the Nazi party rise to fame. What were one of the first things the Nazi's did?
Remove the right of its people the right to bear arms.

What was the second? Remove the free press. Only Nazi owned papers were allowed to stay in business. They told the Nazi lie.

What did this all amount to? 20 MILLION Killed by the Nazi's. Yes I said 20 Million. You say the best estimates were 3 to 5 Million at the gas camps. Well that would be true and the rest were the innocent civilians and military that the Nazi's killed on the way to a takeover of Europe.

What do you think of our Nazi party that would be the Democratic Party.

You say "How dare you" I dare. Look at what this bunch of criminals are doing?

They are trying to pass a Health care bill that will tax you and your employer weather you have insurance or not. Guess what? The reason that they say we need health care reform is to provide the poor with health care. Well this bill still has 12 to 15 Million without health care just like now. So what did this Health Care bill tell us. The only thing that changed is that you will lose the health care you like and get taxed weather you have health care or not. Plus you employer will be taxed weather he provides you with health care or not.

This is nothing but smoke and mirrors to increase the taxes on the American taypayer with nothing to show for the added 10 to 25% in increased taxes.

Then they want Cap and Trade. That will be another tax increase on you for turning on a light or driving you car or buying food or climbing into bed. Just another tax added for no added value.

Then it turns out that Illegals will be covered under this health care bill when Obama stood in the chamber and told the joint members of Congress that Illegals will not be covered and the Congressman called Obama out and said in his famous words "YOU LIE" It turned out he was correct Obama lied to the American people and Congress.

So when we talk about Militia it is starting to hold more meaning to the words Freedom for the American people. Religion, Speech, right to bear arms, vote, and the list goes on. These are all the rights Our Corrupted Elected Officials both Democrat and Republican are wanting to remove from Americans.

Until the American people wake up we have to fight. It is getting more and more likely that we will have armed responses to Obama and the Democrats policies. There are more and more Americans that are opening their eyes to the corruption and Nazi policies that this administration is working on. With Fox news the only news service standing up to Obama and his corrupt measures while the other news services are losing their following to Fox. With Obama going after Fox, Fox viewer ship has doubled. Fox has more viewers than CNN and MSNBC Combined. COMBINED!

Talk radio is the other place for the truth. You will not get the truth from CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS and NPR. Talk radio listenership is on the climb. They are listening to what this corrupt Administration is doing. Not hearing it on the Alphabet news service.

Destruction of this Administration is of upmost importance. It starts at the Voting booth and works it way down to communities. This Government is proud to place the Race card. Calling anyone who disagrees with Obama a racist is a Government credo.

Talking about the failed program "Cash for Clunker" turned into a booklet. But that is the only way to wake up Americans. Shove it in their face and keep it there. That is what the Administration does so why can't I.

There still is Freedom of Speech in American.
Freedom to bear Arms.
Freedom of Religion.
Freedom to Vote.
Freedom to Confront this batch of Corrupt Politicans. But they refuse to show the corrupt process they use to hinder the American people. They consider themselves above the American people. They always forget that the American people voted them in office and can vote them out of Office. Then they wonder how that happened.

LESS GOVERNMENT, LESS TAXES, Let the Freeloaders go out and get a job like the rest of us. Share the wealth is a bad policy. We need more Capital Punishment. Not behind bars. Public Punishment. Shame the criminals. Close them up and don't give them weights to work out with. Don't give them TV's to watch. Don't give them anything to make their life easy. They are there for a reason. They broke the law. Most are theifs, killers, or drug users. Humanitarian basics. Food and Shelther nothing more. If a family member wants to give them a book fine. But that should not be provided by the taxpayer. We already spend millions to keep them there. What are the alternatives? Let Child Abusers out so they can do it again and this time kill the child so they can't testify against him? Let a killer go so he can kill again and go hide across the border?

CLOSE the BORDERS and FIX WHATS WRONG NOW or it never will.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bait and Switch - the Federal Government.

Obama and Acorn sued the banks to give loans to people who could not afford a house. Of course Congress is the ones who let this go into effect. So we could blame Congress first and Obama and Acorn second.

If the banks did not give these freeloaders a loan for a house they (Obama and Acorn) would sue the banks and have their FDIC insurance removed. This would be a death nail in the banks.

So the banks gave these freeloaders loans and guess what? The freeloaders did not make the house payments and foreclosures started. The funnel effect started. The real price of homes adjusted and all these people who purchased a home found themselves owing more than the houses were worth. More foreclosures. Do you now see the corrupted cycle?

OMG! (Thats Oh My GOD for those of you who did not know) Obama was a lawyer for ACORN to sue banks. He is part of the problem we are all suffering from now. He helped create this crisis. And what does he do? Blame President Bush. Why doesn't he blame Congress? Oh yea it was the Democrats who forced this issue. His party.

NOTICE: Health care crisis. No one can read this bill we need to pass it NOW. But nothing will change until 2013. So why do we need to pass it now without reading it?

It is the corruption that is Washington.

They want to tax you now for services in 2013 do you know why? To make it look like it costs less than it actually will cost. They can buffer the account ahead of time. So in 10 years when it will be costing 3 TRILLION a year they will say "How did this happen?" They already know. They say it will only cost 90 BILLION a year but the money runs out in about 7 years. They it hits the taxpayers harder. So for 7 years you have free shots. Then you will have to pay triple than you are paying now. Obama and Congress would call this "disinformation" But if you had a chance to read the bill and do the math. You find out that it is not "disinformation" But Congress and Obama want it passed before you know the truth.

This is nothing more than corruption. Deception. BAIT and SWITCH. You hate it when it happens in the store but you embrace it when the Government does it to you? Why?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Corrupt Government Trends

Another thing I noticed as this blog states "Things that I notice"


That is a word that the leftist Liberal Democrats use and the one who uses it often is Obama. This just shows how corrupt this administration really is. They spew out disinformation and claim that FOX News, Talk Radio and anyone who opposes Obama are the ones sending out disinformation.

It has been proven time and time again that this Administration is corrupt and throwing out lies one after another. Everything that goes wrong is the blame of Obama and Congress but just like all corrupt Officials they blame it on anyone but themselves. They cannot take the blame.

Obama and Congress want to fix health care or health care insurance (depends on which research group the Administration is listening to at the time). So when people bring out the fact that they want to take over health care or health care insurance and in no way want to fix it then the leftist Democrats call it disinformation. If they want to fix it remove tort reform, and start policing the Medicare payouts. They could save BILLIONS. But of course their aim is to destroy health care and or health care insurance.

There are MILLIONS of Americans that know the truth and need to step up and vote these criminals out of office. Why don't they want the American people to view the bills before votes? Why are they voting in the middle of the night? Why when the corrupt Democrats are brought up for a vote to remove them from office the rest of the corrupt Democratic party walks out?

Come on people or should I start calling you sheple? You believe these crooks instead of using your own brain. Obama and Congress are liers, frauds, crooks, theifs, and corrupt. I can't believe that you are not willing to view things for yourself. You are going to let this bunch of crooks destroy your way of life? You think that you are going to get free health care...... Think again. You are going to lose all your freedoms because you believe the lies thrown out at you by this corrupt Administraion and the press and the goobers in Hollywood. (They are rich. They get millions for doing a movie even if it bombs in the theather. Look some of these tv stars getting millions per show. Not season but show.) And you are going to listen to them when they say health care needs to be fixed. They are doing what Obama wants.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The lies the Liberal Left Democrats tell

Here is an article that should open your eyes.


WASHINGTON (AP) - Quick quiz: What do these enterprises have in common? Farm and construction machinery, Tupperware, the railroads, Hershey sweets, Yum food brands and Yahoo? Answer: They're all more profitable than the health insurance industry. In the health care debate, Democrats and their allies have gone after insurance companies as rapacious profiteers making "immoral" and "obscene" returns while "the bodies pile up."

This is the lies that the Democrats are trying to tell the American people. They insist that Health Insurance Industry is making money hand over fist. I agree they make a profit but they also pay out more. The Democrats want YOU the taxpayer to take over for insurance companies. They don't want the Insurance companies. They want to take over that job. The Democrats want to be the Federal Government to be the Insurance company.

They want YOU to pay for the coverage of the Americans plus the Illegals that are out there.

So not only do you have to pay for your health care but you also have to pay for everyone else and the Illegals. Because the Government refuse to protect our borders, They let anyone across the border and if they are caught they can't be returned. This is OUR Government that refuses to protect US.

When are we going to say enough is enough? The Government in charge refuses to protect us then they go after the people that do protect us. Then on top of that they are trying to destroy the Constitution so where the Government is there to protect its citizens from Attacks from other countries, what are they doing? Allowing terrorists into the country and then refusing to kick them out of the country. You can see time after time in the news where this has happened.

When will America wake up and see what this government is doing to its citizens? When a nuke blows up in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago or Washington D.C.?

It is time to throw the bums out and throw them in JAIL for crimes against America and the American People. Wake up America before it is too late.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Obama tells lies again

I listened to Obama tell the Navy and Marines in Florida today lie after lie. "I Promise you this" When you hear Obama use those words you must know that a lie is coming. He used that phrase several times in his speech to our Military.

This batch of corrupt people in power are trying to destroy this country and remove all your liberties. You freedom of speech which Obama wants. That is what he told U.N.

Obama also wants to get rid of the second

They are forcing bogus bills on us to increase taxes. There is no crisis in American except for Obama and Congress. They want power and will destory all your rights to get it.

They want to regulate you pay. This is their way of sharing the wealth. They want to take not the rich but your money and give it to the freeloader who doesn't want to work. Obama has lied and lied and lied but the stupid Americans believe he will change to the truth?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Things to Ponder

I noticed that the news agencies carried the first family photo but I wonder has the first family taken the h1n1 flu shot?

Obama wants us to work for free. Wonder if Obama is going to work for free? What can he do that the Secret Service can keep him safe while shoveling shit or stocking shelves.

Or for that matter the rest of Congress. When did they get there h1h1 shot and what are they going to do for free. Are they shoveling shit, cleaning park toilets that have not been cleaned in a year. Trying to avoid the needles and crap?

That is one thing I noticed about Socialism. The folks in charge live lavishly while the rest of the population struggles to survive and have to work for free so the folks in charge can enjoy the fruits of the populations labor. Grand houses, security, parties, all the things the population is denied.

And this is what the dumbed down Americans want? A Russian, Nazi, Cuban style government where the folks in charge get wealthy of the backs of the population? Or what Ameria stands for you work hard and you get the fruits of your labor.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Get America Back from the Perjurists

I am a former Marine in service from 76 to 87. I took the Oath 3 times. As a Marine I took this oath freely and believed it.

My question is based on the oath.

Why do Obama and Congress take the Oath to Protect and Defend the Constitution and right after the they turn around and piss on this great document?

Is there not a clause to have them impeached and jailed for perjury, (false oath taking), crimes against the Constitution (trying to destroy this document and all it stands for) and destruction of America and the American people? Is there not a clause anywhere that prevents Obama and Congress from destroying America?

If not why do we take the oath (I was under the impression that this oath actually means something)?

I was also under the impression that the President had to prove without a shadow of a doubt that he fulfills the requirements to hold office? If this is true why is he hiding his birth records?
Why are not the American people screaming for his ouster?

If the brainwashed minions don't care why are we not giving them instructions on Socialism, Nazism, any other ism that destroys countries.

So if there in no law on the books that prevents this corrupt administration from destroying this great nation. I guess that is what Civil War is for. The Corrupt Socialist vs. the American people.

Is that why this administration wants to get rid of this Constitution and the first and second amendments? So we the people cannot remove these crooks from office?

I do not see this coming out other than in a Civil War. The brainwashed minions will either wake up and see what this corrupt bunch crooks are doing to this country and them or they will not and accept the fact that Civil War is on its way.

My fear is that they will not and this great nation will be reduced to ruble because of corrupt officials in office. What will happen to the Americans when this happens? Go under UN Rule?
That is a bigger bunch of crooks than we have in Washington.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Glenn Beck scares the Hell out of the White House

Glenn Beck is scaring the Hell out of the White House. Why else do they attack him.

They are scare of the truth.

He tells the truth about this corrupt Administration each and everyday.

They can't have that. They are afraid that people will start to listen to him and all their work will be down the drain.

I give two thumbs up for what Glenn Beck and the rest of talk radio has shown the American people. They show how corrupt this Administration is and what they want to do to this fine nation. I am also glad that the Oath Keepers have made themselves known. Another nail in Obama's coffin. Everytime something comes up that derails Obama they attack Talk Radio, or Fox news for giving the American people the truth. They are not in the back pocket of Obama, unlike ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, MSNBC and all the other so called news services. They are nothing but propaganda news for the Administration. They have ceased to be news services and have become propaganda rags for Obama.

How far will this Administration go?

October 19, 2009
Chamber of Commerce to seek investigation of hoax
Posted: October 19th, 2009 07:40 PM ET

From CNN Associate Producer Martina Stewart

WASHINGTON (CNN) – The U.S. Chamber of Commerce says it will ask law enforcement officials to investigate a fake press release and fake press conference staged at the National Press Club.

The business advocacy group was apparently the victim of a complex hoax Monday that involved fake press releases claiming the Chamber had changed its position on climate change legislation, and would now support cap-and-trade legislation introduced by Democrats in the Senate. The hoax also included a fake press conference in Washington that was reportedly interrupted by a real representative of the Chamber of Commerce.

"We will be asking law enforcement authorities to investigate this event," Thomas J. Collamore, the Chamber's Senior Vice President for Communications and Strategy said in a statement posted on the advocacy group's Web site Monday. "Public relations hoaxes undermine the genuine effort to find solutions on the challenge of climate change."

In a blog post on its Web site Monday, liberal activist group The Yes Men appeared to take credit for the hoax. The blog post includes a link to a fake set of remarks attributed to a Chamber official on the issue of climate change, as well as video of Monday's confrontation at the National Press Club.

Terrorist on American Soil

This government has decided to bring the Terrorist to American Soil.

I hope that you updated your life insurance. I hope you put security systems in you home and place of business. Hope you got conceal carry for your firearms. And Vote those Liberal Democrats out of office.

Fraud, Waste and Abuse

I hear plenty of complaints about Fraud, Waste and Abuse of our tax dollars.

I can think of three right off the bat.

1. The Supply vendors to the Military. (Pricing a $7.00 hammer for $729.00, or a common toilet seat that sells to anybody for about $20.00 but they sell that same toilet seat to the Air Force for Thousands of dollars because it went into an airplane. Plain nuts and bolts from hardware store are not allowed to be purchased by the Military, they have to go through the Military Supply system. They could buy a box of machine screws for $5.00 for a box of about 100. Threw the Military supply system its about $8.00 a screw. Talk about getting screwed.)

2. Education system. I work in a education system. To see the stuff that gets thrown away is shameful. My tax dollars filling up the trash dumpster. Old computers - Thrown out. Teachers just got new school books and worksheets. What do the teachers do. They make copies of the worksheets so not to use the books. Using reams upon reams of paper to make copies of these worksheets. There are 10 reams of paper per box and this school district goes through 3 to 5 boxes a week. Half of it winds up in the trash.

3. The federal government. Our elected officials have deemed it necessary to throw good money after bad. Giving my hard earned money away. The Democrats version of sharing the wealth. So the few of us who work pay for all the freeloaders. These freeloaders have Big Screen TV's Blue Ray Players, Food Stamps, Free Health Care, Computers and my Money. You listen to these freeloaders and they complain about the time they have to wait to get the free money. If nothing is done this country will cease to exist by 2012. These Liberal Democrats have deemed it necessary to destroy this country. You have to ask why?

As long as Fraud, Waste and Abuse is allowed to continue it just puts this country on the fast track to destruction.

Remember Government cannot sustain jobs or services without tax dollars. They are destroying the middle class from creating a job. No taxes no jobs or services. The country collapses. Dictator Obama tries to take over.

Change my outlook to mirror Obama's

I have decided to change my outlook in life to mirror the credo of Obama.

Promise to listen to what you have to say. Disagree or just plain ignore you.

If you get upset about it, I will have one of my friends call you a racist.

End of discussion.

White House controls news media.

This was a headline. White House boasts: We 'control' news media
Communications chief offers shocking confession to foreign government. Why is Obama going after FOX News? Because they can't control FOX. FOX reports the truth while the propaganda news service will do whatever Obama wants. I have been saying this for months and now the truth comes out and I was correct. All other news services are Propanganda for Obama.

This current Administration is so corrupt and propaganda news servies are reporting what the Administrations wants the American people to hear which is NOT THE TRUTH.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

White House targeting Fox News.

White House: Fox Is 'Not Really News'

This was the headline on Newser.

But I venture to say if White House feels this way about Fox News. I would have no problem is saying this Administration is not government. Its a bunch of crooks trying to destroy this country.

Highest unemployment in almost a century. The government has destroyed the banking system, they have destroyed the Auto industry, Working on destroying the Insurance Industry, Destroy the greatest Health Care system in the World. Yes I said the world. Why do all the people with serious health problems come to America? But Obama and the Democrats are in the process to destroying it to give the freeloaders health care. Next they want to destroy Energy in the country. They want to give illegals - citizenship. Why? They already have the best of both worlds. They get free health care, they can vote they get everything they want and don't have to pay taxes. Why would they want citizenship?

So to say this is government, that is a lie. We need to throw the bums out and put people who do believe in the Constitution in office.

Reduce the size of Government and close the borders. Protect its citiziens. Something this government is not doing. Look how this government is handling the Sherriff in AZ. They want to tie his hands and not do his job. But like he said. "He was voted in by the citizens of his county, not the federal government". This just shows how corrupt our government really is. But of course the people of America are brainwashed on propaganda news that they can't see the truth. They can tell you who won American Idol or who got kicked off of Dancing with the Stars. But they can't tell you who their Senator or Congresswoman/man is.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Racists running America

I have watched TV this week and came up with 2 Stories where the Political, Press and Racists complain about stories they don't like. Let's start with Rush and the Rams. The Racist in the top spot of the NFL - Commissioner Al Sharpton did not like the Idea of a Conservative talk show host owning the Rams. So what does he do - like most racists fabricate stories. Since the press is racists as well they refuse to check stories and run with the lies. They use a racists book to get the stories the author claims came from a site on the internet. The internet site NEVER published a story like that. But of course the press does not care they no longer report the truth. They are in the hip pockets of the liberal Extream left. They will label anyone a racist if it helps them get more power. This country has failed because of corrupted people. They want to follow a failed system, they refuse to look at history, they think they know better. They know Jack. They are just blinded by power. All you have to do is look at the news, they don't even hide the fact that they are corrupt. The second story Bill Otto's Redneck Rap. I just can't believe that this ole boy who grew up in the Ozarks and is complaining about the corruption in Washington in a rap song and he is labeled a racists by the three refered to above.

We have a president who hates America. He proves it each and every time he holds a press confrence. He cannot or will not praise America or the American people. Why is he hiding his birth records. Maybe he is not American born. His actions are supporting this theroy. I am concerened that this fraud will destroy this country with the help of Congress. Notice I said Congress not the Democrats. The Republicans are as corrupt as the Democrats. All of Congress needs to be impeached and jailed for crimes against the American people. Corruption, purgery to the American people. Throwing tax dollars away. Pork, upon pork in these bills. Inflate the bills to 3 to 4 time the bill size to make room for the pork. This country will be destroyed by the politicians. They will have a endless pot of money to take care of themselves while rest of America falls apart. These people need to be remove from office NOW. They give themselves pay raise after pay raise and managed to reduce their work week down to 2 days. If we did that we would be unable to support ourselves. But being these people are corrupt they just give themselves pay raises.

Obama is still campaining almost a year after getting the top job. What does he do. Spend tax dollars like there is a money tree in the White house. Flying around the country and the world on shopping sprees at taypayer expense. He does not run a country. He is a star (falling fast) he wants to go out and see his subjects. Let them know that he is here to fix whats wrong. Tell them anything so that they believe him. He will change his story in a heart beat when he feels that the last story is not going right. This happened in France. It led to the French Revolution.
Where will this lead America?

ECON 101

Okay for those of you who feel asleep during econ 101 class, or skipped that day here is a refresher course.


Where does the government get money to pay for jobs, and services?


So if you are willing to work for FREE the government cannot keep your job going.
I am talking about this bogus stimulus package. It was going to provide millions of jobs. By Washington's own figures it has produced less than 40,000 jobs. Where did the money go?

If you paid attention (which you did not in econ 101) You found out that this bogus stimulus was mostly PORK to pay off Obama supporters.

Government does not provide goods or services to generate income except from taxes.

So let's figure it out:

Pull out $10.00 in pennies. (that's 1000 pennies)

Now lets assume that this is what the government paid you for this month. Now remember that Government has killed all job creation. (They are almost there by the way) So there is no new major taxes coming in.
Now you have to pay taxes on that $10.00 so you have to fork over lets say for this example 45% in taxes. (Now wait we don't pay that much in taxes, well, yes you do. Not only do you pay about 24% income tax which is taken out when you earn it plus the taxes everywhere else. Like you ask? Gas tax, property tax, sales tax, phone tax, food tax, almost everything you buy has tax on it. add that up and you are in this example 45% but it is actually more.)

So for this example we pay $4.50 in tax. But since the government does not provide goods or services the only income is the taxes. Since there is no new taxes coming in you have to take a pay cut. So your next pay is $4.50 since that is all the money that came in to pay you. You pay taxes on that. That would be 2.03 in taxes so you know what your next paycheck will be. It will keep going until you are working for FREE. By the way Obama will be sending that out real soon. They will call it voluntary I call it working for FREE. I give plenty of my time in voluntary services. I don't want someone telling me where or who to give my time to for free. So your pay check will be NOTHING and you are waiting for the government to provide you with food, housing, health care, since you have no money to get that yourself and the only people who do are the rich and the politicians.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out. You did finish High School? If you did then you have at least a 6th grade education. So this is simple enough that you can figure it out. Our government is destroying this country and you are letting it happen.


There is no such thing as a free lunch, no such thing as free health care and no such thing as free housing, free utilities, This government is doing bait and switch on you. You complain about it when it happens in the store but when the government does it to you, you think that the government would not could not do it. But all you have to do is look at the numbers. Of course once you figure it out you will be screaming NO! to government takeover of America. Not just Health care but they have taken over Autos, Banks, Insurance, and they want Health care and energy, and foods. When will it stop?

The corruption is running freely in Washington. The Republicans put a bill to review the paybacks the Democrats got before the Housing collapse. They walked out so a vote could not be taken. Corruption.

This government needs to be replaced. They need to be impeached and jailed for crimes against the American people.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

How damm ignorant are the masses?

I look around and see lies by the Democratic News Service that would be ABC, NBC, CBS and MSNBC. If they want to call the Fox News Service Republican then we can say all the others are Democratic propaganda rags.

Don't believe me. Lets look at Rush Limbaugh. He was defamed by the Democratic propaganda rags and when it was proved that the quotes they used were fabricated they still used it with no corrections. Flat out false reports. Lets look at Rev. Al Sharpton. A bigot and Racist. Has cause more deaths in his racist pursuits than anything else. And Who in their right mind made this racist in charge of the NFL. Time to boy cot the NFL and lets see how they handle loss of revenue?

You know that the Democrats consider the Republicans and mainly conservatives in particular, nothing more than scabs on the face of injustice. When the scabs heal and you will be able to see that injustice is not as pretty as justice. Then sometime in the middle of the night when you are asleep and no one is watching the Democrats are going to replace justice with injustice and if you notice and complain the Democrats will silence you once and forall. This is the most corrupt government since the beginning of this great nation. With Congress as corrupt as they are and the news media refusing to report the truth. The few places where the truth can come out is under attack by Obama and Congress and the Press. They are afraid of the truth. Because if the truth came out this country would revolt.

This country just might revolt when it is all said and done. This Congress is pushing Health Care, Cap and Trade, allowing illegals amnesty. 10 million instant voters for the Democrats.

How corrupt does it have to get before the Americans say enough is enough. Do the American people know that their taxes and cost for just about everything is going up 100% to 300%. Yes this means the Gas will increase to close to $10 a gallon. Almost that much for a gallon of milk. $5 for a loaf of bread. The Democrats say it will never happen (of course they lie about everything) But if you let this happen it will come to pass that this president and corrupt Congress will have destroyed this country in one half term. Two years and he was able to destroy the greatest nation on earth because the American people did nothing.

They believed the lies of the President. He boasted of a transparent administration. This has proven to be the most corrupt administration ever to roam the halls of the White House. Now lets look at Obama. He has spent more tax payer dollars flying around the world in his first year than any other 4 year term president.

When is America going to wake up?

Time to end support for the NFL

When we have Racists running the show and will not allow a HUGE NFL FAN from purchasing a team it is time to end support for the NFL. If we as Americans let it be known that we will not support Racists and Bigots running the show and telling who can and who will not be allowed to own a team. Don't spend the huge price tag to go to a game. Stay home a watch it at home. Let it be known to your team that you think that a racist and bigot should not be allowed to say who can and can not own a team. Someone who can afford a team is the one who should own a team. So what if you don't like his politics. He can afford the team and wants to own a team.

You let this racist in charge of the NFL the NFL should suffer from that move. If it goes under it is from its own corruption. Ticket prices are sky high. I feel that if we boycott the NFL we can get it to see the error of its ways.

You know I really don't care if a player hates the new owner. You have worked for a boss you hated. What makes these High priced brats any different. If you don't want to work, fine don't work. Lose your multi million dollar paycheck. Do you think these brats are going to turn down their paychecks because they have a boss they hate? I don't think so.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Some Cool Linux Distros

Linux is one of the coolest OS's I have played with in a long time.

I started with Commodore 64 and moved to DOS. After a while 3.11 Dos was one of the best and then it moved along for a while then it was not until 6.0 Dos. Then Windows 95 showed up on the scene. Then Windows 98 then Windows 2000 then Windows 2001 Then Windows XP then Windows Vista Now we have Windows 7 on the edge. If you are a windows user you have moved from one Windows to another Windows time and time again.

Well if you grew up on UNIX there is LINUX out there for you UNIX users. But of course unless you lived in a hole for the last 20 years you already know this. Did you know that UNIX has not changed much in the last 40 YEARS...... Linux has changed much over the last 20 years but if you learn UNIX or LINUX you don't have to change unless you want to. You are not forced to move on. Best of all if you go with the free versions you can get it free. Yes I said FREE.

What versions are out there. Well we have Red Hat but thats not free.
We have Mandriva but that is not free.
We have Linspire but again that is not free.
Now we have PCLinuxOS - not free. SUSE - not free.

Debian is free, Knoppix is free, Mint Linux - free, Ubuntu - Free. Fedora - Free, Open Suse - Free, Freespier - Free, as you can see there are many pay and many free.

But If you want Linux you can down load free versions of Linux. Learn how to use Linux. Learn how to install and uninstall programs. Know the difference for zip, tar, RPM, YUM. Know the different Desktops. Gnome, KDE, being the most popular and several other Desktops. You can try out all these different Desktops, Learn text mode. (Like DOS) Once you learn the ins and outs of the basics. You will keep learning because of scripts and pipes, languages.

There is one draw back. Getting Linux to run like Windows may take awhile and may require you to reinstall Linux from time to time. But once you get it. You will have a Computer that is yours. Set up the way you want it. Doing what you want.

Once Linux is up and running Windows will start looking bloated and buggy. Everything you would like to do you have to pay for. So after Windows $200 install and then you buy the programs that you want to load. Games run about $50 a pop. Applications run between $25 to $1000's. Linux is free most of the programs are free. There are several nice games (not great) but fun stuff. Free. Sound and video, Cad, Drawing, Art, Publishing, Office suites. the list goes on and on. FREE.

Now you have Open Solaris and Solaris. UNIX you can get. You can have a great time playing with UNIX. Learning how to do all this stuff you do on Windows for a price you can do on Linux for free.

It may take some of your time. But you will learn.

Now let's talk about MAC. MAC is like Windows in that it is way more expensive than Windows and you have to buy MAC hardware. You can't buy off the shelf hardware unless that it is for MAC. Higher cost for that. The great thing about that is just plug it in and go. No set up like with Windows or Linux. But the cost is so much more.

So do you want a very expensive MAC. A buggy Windows system or a Linux system. By the way Linux will run on your old computer that will not run Windows anymore. I can get a 512K computer system to run Linux with no problems. The only problem I have is stuff that loads into memory, if it is too big then it will lock up.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

something you should read

This says it all......... Where America is going.....

For those not versed in history, Pastor Martin Niehmoller was a Protestant clergyman in Germany during the early days of the Nazi government in the 1930s. He initially supported Hitler but later actively opposed the Nazis. He was arrested by the Gestapo in 1937 and sent to the Sachsenhausen and Dachau concentration camps. Allied forces liberated him at the end of World War II. After the war, Niemoller famously said: “First they came for the Communists, but I was not a Communist, so I said nothing. Then they came for the Social Democrats
, but I was not a Social Democrat, so I did nothing. Then came the trade unionists, but I was not a trade unionist. And then they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew, so I did little. Then when they came for me, there was no one left to stand up for me.”


For the mods, I tried to save the time and placed my post here.

First they came for FOX,
But I did not watch FOX
Then they came for CNN,
But I did not watch CNN
Then they came for the WSJ,
But I did not read the WSJ
Then they came for me. . . .

Anita Dunn, the new White House Gestapo agent against anyone who says anything different from the White House talking points has targeted FOX as a wing of the republican party. I guess that means that all others are wings of the democrat party?


Impeach Congress and Obama NOW before it is too late.

Reform America

We need to reform America.

Go back to the days where Americans had control of America.

Lets get rid of the freeloaders. Obama is the biggest freeloader. This country cannot continue on a tax the Americans to death and give (lip service only) people whatever they want.

I mean did you hear that guy getting his welfare check complaining about the line he has to stand in to get his $3000 monthly check.

Shit I wish I had that much money a month.

I work and pay my taxes so our government can give freeloaders my tax dollars to do nothing.

Where did our government, freedoms and morals go?

Corruption in our government is just plain out of control.

look at the current health care.

The Democrats do not want anyone reading it, why? What are they hiding?

Even Congress can't read it, they are giving them no time to read it.

They want us to trust them!

No, but Hell NO!!!

I want the America I grew up in. With all its flaws. But we had an America that functioned.

This is something that we don't have now, a functioning government.

We have politicians that do nothing but lie to the American people and they believe them time after time. We have media that can't tell the truth if it was posing nude in front of it.

They are as corrupt as the politicians.
They are nothing but propaganda media for the Democratic party.

The current government is complaining about Fox News. Why, because the truth comes out on Fox?

They complain about the hosts on Fox for anti Obama remarks.

There was no outrage when there was anti President Bush remarks.

What makes the difference?

Because Obama is Black?
Democrats have control of almost everything at the moment?
They don't want the American people to learn the truth?
All the above?

The Corruption is on the fast track and unless we derail it, it will destroy America and the only winners will be the corrupt in Congress.

Reform America Now!

Truth comes out

Well this morning the truth came out.

OBAMA LIED!!!! With this new Health care bill. employers will have to change health care because of the taxes on what you like. It is in the new bill. Insurance Companies are Against it. The American People are Against it but the Democrats are trying to pass it because of the Corruption that is in Washington today.

If you are a Democrat, or a Republican, or follow any other party, Be afraid. Very afraid.

Listen if you like to protest which the Democrats did when President Bush was in Office or protest now because of Obama curb what Congress is doing. In two years if you let these corrupt officials run amock you will have no freedoms. Obama already said he wants a single payer Health care system. The Government. He is in favor of getting rid of the first and seccond amendments. No freedom of Speech and no weapons. We are moving closer and closer to a Nazi style government.

If you do nothing we will have a Nazi style government including Obama's SS troops. There are little snippits in the news from time to time that prove this.

But people refuse to listen to the truth. They think that Government is the answer to all their problems. We need to take over our country. Special Interest has destroyed this country and the Corrupt politicians in Washington have thumbed their noses at the American People. Don't believe me look at Pelosi, Dodd, Frank and Rangel. There are the four horsemen of corruption.

So now we have to pay more for Health Care. In most cases $4000 MORE per family. Not $4000. But think what you pay now and add $4000 to it. That is what your new health care will cost. Plus add 400% increase to your energy tax. Think about it 400% more in gas. 400% more in electric. That is just what comes out of your pocket for home that does not include the 400% to 700% increase in food, lesure items, cell phones, TV's, CABLE, DISH, the cost will go thru the roof and then when you complain it will be too late. You need to act now.

Contact you Senator and Congressman or woman and tell them no to Obama Health Care and no to Obama Cap and Trade. Otherwise known as Crap and Tax.

Why are Democrats so ignorant to the truth? Do you really believe propaganda news service?

Wake up America.

See ya at a Tea Party.

Wanna hear the truth.

Listen to Talk Radio.

It will open your eyes.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fix whats broken

We need to fix whats broken. That is corrupt Administration and Congress. This means that we need to remove these people from office and place them where they belong. In Prison for the destruction of the United States for personal profit. But this can't happen without the American people who will soon lose jobs, homes, money, food and taxed to death by the corrupt officials that have taken over our government.

Corrupt officials giving us Health Care Reform

I read that the Democrats say Industry report distorts Health Reform cost.

Well lets look at what is happening!

Democrats want to pass health care behind closed doors, no one is allowed to read it just vote for it.

What is this crap?

Why can't we the people who put you there be able to read what you want to shove up our collective Asses?

Since when do we have to put up with this crap? We don't. That is why there are tea parties, marches on Washington, DC and e-mail and phone calls to Washington at a rate never seen before.

It is time to remove these cowards from power. Yes I said COWARDS! They refuse to let us read the bill. Because if we do read it we will be in an uproar. We should be in an uproar without reading it. Because they have figured we are too stupid to read it. They know better than we do.

The more I think about it the madder I get. Those bastards want to destroy America and I am pissed off about it.

Why is Obama Against Securing America from Terrorist?

This question pops up in my mind when I look at what the Obama Administration does.

The Arizona sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio has been stripped of powers to do his job by the Obama Administration, Why?

Sheriff Joe goes after mostly Hispanic illegal immigrants. Those turn out to be Democratic voters.
Wonder if that is the reason. You know under the Democrats you don't have to be a citizen to vote. Destroying the principals of the Constitution.

By not allowing Sheriff Joe from doing his job it invites terrorists to enter the country via Arizona with no fear of getting stopped. This is an invite to the Terrorists. Why?

Is Obama wanting another attack on America so he can get rid of more of our freedoms? If he says he is not in favor of another attack then why is he handcuffing the Sheriff?

As I have said time and time again Corruption begets Corruption.

On a side note: Global warming? It's Snowing out there!!!! Al Gore if a fraud! Global warming is a fraud! All thanks to Propaganda news media.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

How stupid are the American people?

You hear each and every month. Job losses. But the propaganda press a.k.a. main stream media tells us it is not as bad as expected. Good numbers only 50,000 people applied for unemployment this month, less than expected. The stupid Americans take this as good news.

Where is the outrage? Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize. He has done nothing but berate America to the rest of the world. He wins the prize for 2 weeks in office. Lets see he beratted America and the American people. He bows at the feet of the Saudi King. He works on destroying America by taking over Insurance, Banks, Auto, and is working on Energy and Health Care. Why is Government in all aspects of my life?

Government is here only to protect us from the rest of the world and you see that they have not done that. What are they doing? They are leaving our borders open and handcuffing the local law enforcment from acting. They cannot arrest people illegal in our country. What about that. The Democrats have made it possible for illegals to vote in our elections. That is against our Constitution. You have to be a citizen to vote. Now you just have to be in a city that accepts illegals. Who pays for all these illegals? We do. Why?

The Corruption in Washington, DC is on the fast track. I feel that just about everyone is corrupt. There may be a few that are not but none come to mind at the moment.

Most of the Republicans are as corrupt as the Democrats. It is not just one party.

I am ready for these corrupt laws to be repealed. These Corrupt politicians to be replaced with someone who is not as corrupt, and the American people to take charge of our country.

Why do you think home schooling is so big? The corruption in Government run Education.

When the Government schools allow graduates to leave the 12th grade with a 6th grade education. Home Schoolers are doing much better than Government Schools. Yes there are a few exceptions but person to person the rate is much better in home school than Government school.

Another item not covered by Propaganda media.

Everyday we have Obama and the Democrats in charge the closer we get to a nazi style government. People complained about President Bush but we have lost more freedoms under Obama in the last 9 month then we have in this countries 233 years.

But you don't hear that from the main stream media. That is because they are the Propaganda machine for the Democrats.

When will the American people open their eyes to the truth? It is out there but you do have to look for it. Its not hard. The propaganda machine sometimes slips a few stories by but only a few. Enough to catch the truth. But American people don't want to be brothered.

Well its time to pay attention or lose all your freedoms.

Friday, October 9, 2009

What a Joke

Obama gets Peace prize?

What a JOKE.

Even the people who give the peace prize said it was only 2 weeks after Obama became ruler of the free world and they picked him as the peace prize winner. For what? He has done nothing. He is still doing nothing and he gets the peace prize? This has to be a joke. Who in their right mind would give this person the peace prize just for winning the election?

This has to be fixed. Everyone who has a brian and can think for themselves knows that two weeks after winning the election having budget busting parties and kissing the feet of the Sadui King can get anyone a peace prize. It worked for him.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Homeland Security

Who is Homeland Security protecting?

This Country and the Real American People or the Illegal aliens?

Why do non citizens have voting rights?

Why is our country going in the toilet?

Why is the Congress ignoring the Real American People?

Why are the American People letting this happen?

Why does Congress try to pass bills in the middle of the night?

Why dosen't Congress want the American People to read these bills?

Why does Congress want to take over Health Care instead of reforming Health Care?

Why is tort reform taboo issue with Congress?

Why are these corrupt people still in office?

Why are the Democrats protection Charlie (tax cheat) Rangold?

Why are all these corrupt politicians still is office?

Why do politicians listen to lobbist instead of the people?


I think it is time to take back our country from these crooks. We need to vote everyone out of office and start fresh with people who really believe in the Constitution and what it stands for.

The Military and former military need to stand up because they too took an oath to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of America. When I joined the service you had to be an American Citizen.

So when are you going to get off you fat lazy ass and start fighting for this country?

This country where freedom still means something. If Obama and the Democrats gets what they want we will loose all our freedoms.

Freedom of speech.
Freedom to bear arms.
Freedom to vote.

These are all freedoms we are about to lose.

This is what mainstream media wants.
This is what Congress wants.
This is what Obama wants.

I don't give a damm with what THEY want.

I want this country better for my children and grand children than it was for me when I was a child. There are a lot of things better now than it was when I was a kid. There are some things worse. Race relations are worse now than it was 2 years ago. Obama and his wife and his hate preaching, preacher, and his Czars, and his administration and his propaganda media have seen to that.

It is so funny to me. 2 years ago the left was bashing President Bush and the media was leading with that story. But today they try to cover for this joke that is now in office. I thought no one could be as bad a Jimmy Carter. I was wrong. This one is worse and showed it in record time.