Monday, March 29, 2010

truth shows Democrats lie

The Democrats have said the Tea Partier's are behind the threats against the Democrats.

Well the truth came out that it was nothing of the sort they lied to bring the story to the front of the news items.

To lie to the American people to hold on to power as long as possible.

When this election comes along they plan to have illegals on the health care. They plan to increase gas prices by 400%. They plan to fine you if you grow your own garden food. They plan to fine you for having a computer, phone, Internet, television, cable, or one of the dishes.

Obama has proven to be the biggest lier in office and forcing upon the American people tax after tax after tax. The American people cannot afford the taxes.

They are going after anyone who has hand guns. Rifles, If it shoots they are going to come after you. Steal you weapons so you can't fight against them.

This is where Obama is taking America.

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