Friday, March 26, 2010

Marshall law

Our Government is aiming for Marshall law.

Obama trying to sale this unpopular health care.
Brainwashed Drones listen and have no idea they are prisoners.

Listen to Obama. He is praising this bill but like everything else no details. When questioned he does the Obama shuffle and skirts the question or attacks that is his favorite tactic. If you continue his inner circle play the race card and calls you a racist.

This is documented time and time again. Anyone they see as a positive threat to Obama and his socialist message they play the race card.

All Hail Obama. But even Caesar had enemies and you know how that ended. If you don't do some reading.

Leave Obama's Propaganda machine alone.

Listen to talk radio. Obama and the Democrats are trying to shut them down. Take a moment and listen to why are the Democrats and Obama so scared of talk radio? Hey the Democratic party funded Air America the Democrats version of Talk Radio. Guess what? It failed. Went bankrupt. What happened to those losers? Wound up on MSNBC and Congress. You know that guy the Democratic party put into office with trunk load of cemetery ballots.

The truth will set you free.

Read the books, do your own research.

Don't relay on someone else.

Obama will say anything to keep you enslaved. Once you realize that this health care is nothing more than a fraud against the American people. Obama will have no choice but to shut down America.

Stay tuned this roller coaster ride is just starting. It will end, how will be up to the American people.

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