Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The lying Obama strikes again.

Today we hear Obama on his political platform and doing what he does best.

Lie to the American people and hope they are stupid enough to believe him.

Well, Americans have washed the rancid Hope and Change taste out of their mouths and his polls show it.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Obama Impeachment

Turns out Obama received more money from BP than double anyone else!

bama wants to destroy America!

Obama is going after Americans!

Obama is a home grown Terrorist!

Yes he admits everything in his books and speeches if anyone bothered to listen or read. But no they listened and watched the Alphabet news services and they will never report the truth. Only what THEY want YOU to know. There is a difference.

Wake up America!!! Massive destruction of America by the Democratic party, the Congress and the President is under way.

Most of the Republicans in Office have sided with Obama. That means Most of Congress both Republicans and Democrats need to be removed from office.

Check everyone running for office and see their record not what they say. They will say anything to get elected. But read their blogs, their news articles, watch their television interviews. Get as much information about your candidates before they ran for office you could replace your Senator or Congressperson with someone more destructive than the one in office.

The States need to handle the Senators appointments like it was before it was screwed up by the progressives in the 1900's, thru the 30's. That means the repeal of the 17th Amendment.

Repeal of the 16th would be nice too. That is when the INCOME TAX was voted in, in 1913 along with the 17th. Look who was President at that time? Woodrow Wilson 1913-1921

Now let's look at the 16th. That was in 1913.... America started in 1776 and from 1776 thru 1913 America ran just fine.

The corrupt President and Congress at that time pulled a fast one. They waited until Christmas vacation and passed the bill with a majority present. Not the full Congress.

The progressives said that Senators should be voted by the people. This way the person with the most money wins. Where do they get the money? From the taxes they collect in the 16th Amendment.

You can trace the destruction of America back to this President and Congress.

All since then have added to this destruction.

Don't believe me? Look at the corruption is Congress right now

They refuse to listen to the people. They vote for the takeover of the Auto industry, the Banking industry, the Housing industry, Education, They want to take over wall street, they want to take over energy. This will complete the destruction of America.

Let's look at the stimulus money. All gone, and no stimulus. Just giving away TRILLIONS of taxpayer money to the people who helped Obama gain office. Can we prove it? No! But the money is gone and someone got rich and if you could followed the money trail it would lead right back to big money donors of the Democrats in power. But the trail is gone.

Just like the Health Care bill. "You have to vote for it in order to find out what's in it".
I believe that was what Pelosi said. While Obama lied to the American people time after time and calling anyone who called him a lier a racist. The truth comes out that Obama was lying. So who is the real "Racist"?

Obama has lied to the American people time and time again. Yet the American people do nothing because the corrupt news service otherwise known as the Alphabet news service, backs him up.

So until the real truth comes out the American people are blind and stupid. They are too lazy to find the truth for themselves. But if they do catch wind of the truth they are leaving the Democratic way of thinking faster than a round from a 50 Cal.

So how long will the American people wait until they seek the impeachment of Obama and the Democratic Leaders in Congress?

Monday, June 28, 2010

deep space

I was looking at a NASA picture of Deep Space...all those galaxies... and Carl Sagan comes to mind. What was it he said about intelligent life? if 1% of stars had planets and 1% of those had planets that could sustain life and 1% of those had intelligent life there would be billions of planets out there, or something like that.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

lobbyists in America

It turns out that lobbyists are the ones writing the bills that Congress never reads and have to pass in order to find out what's inside it.

This was news that I found out last week. This answers so many questions on why the corrupt politicians refuse to read the bills.

The only true answer is the payoffs. I bet you check the money trail Obama, Pelosi, Dodd, Reed, and all the others are working on hiding you will see massive amounts of taxpayer money flowing into the coffers of these corrupt officials as well as other friends of these politicians that will after time flow back to the politicians after they retire.

The Democrats complain of the Republicans and capitalism while the Democrats make money the truly the dishonest way and steal it from the American people and give it to people who don't need it and ignoring the people who do.

Idiots in Charge

Are all freeloaders as stupid as Obama?

You tax the oil company, internet, phone, banks, wall street and Health Care and those are just higher taxes pass on to the American Tax payer because big business will pass it along?

What idiots?

And they are in charge of this country? God help us all!!!

Then they want a VAT (value added tax) on top of everything else at every step of production?

It turns out to be corruption as well as stupidity, Governments corruption and the American peoples stupidity for letting them.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I left leaning news said we are in trouble as a Nation. But they still promote Congress and their bad bills they keep passing unread?

Americans are not paying ATTENTION!!!

I talk and listen to my fellow Americans and one surprise that pops out is they spew the lefts talking points but can't figure the truth from the lies.

Many Americans think Obama and Congress are doing a great job because they get a paycheck from Uncle Sam to sit home and NOT WORK!!!

We need to open soup kitchens and use that money that we give the misinformed and make then go out for their meals at a Government soup kitchen. Just like they did during the Great Depression Era.

Let the truth sink in. This Administration is BAD NEWS to Americans.

For those of you who say they can't - Fine you get your own food or starve.

I also think that any person that Attacks/Robs/Steal food from hard working Americans should be thrown in a work farm that supply meals to the masses.

Having to go to a food bank to eat ONE meal a day should wake up the American People to how bad this country has gotten by corrupt lifelong politicians.

Until we wake up and see what is really happening in America we keep losing our rights and freedoms at the hands of the CORRUPT FEW!!!!

Just look at the Campaign reform bill that passed in he House. If you are a Democrat seeking office and get funds from AARP, ACORN or one of many other Democratic friendly TAX SUPPORTED business you are fine but if you are other then Democratic you have to put the CEO and names of all people who support you in your ad? Except for the NRA.

This would be a way for the Party in charge to stay in charge.

One very easy way to fix that is to stop funding the Anti American groups that live off the American Tax Payer. Like Acorn that was caught telling people how to break the law instead of working within the law. These corrupt organizations feeding off the American People and being supplied by the Corrupt Congress.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


The Obama Administration is the most corrupt in History, and it shows.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So you think being a Community Organizer offers enough experience to run a Nation?

How about running your Business?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wonder what you think now?

The American people were conned into voting for someone who had ZERO (0) ability to run a business let alone the Greatest Nation on Earth, and it shows. He has NO idea what hes doing.

What is his favorite line?

"I have Assembled the best " (fill in the blank) " in the nation".

So if he has assembled the greatest minds on the problems he is covering at that time, why is he not listening to them? Why is he on a track that does nothing but destroy this nation and its citizens? Why is he going after AZ on the immigration law that mirrors the Federal law? Why is he Hell bent on the destruction of America?

Why is he still in office? I suggest a no confidence vote and throw his ass out of office and politics. It may take 10 or better years to undo the destruction he has committed in a year and a half. If we let him go for 4 years it could take several lifetimes to undo his f**k ups.

You have heard him. He plans to jack electric power to the point where you will not be paying 100 a month but 1000 a month. That is what Obama wants and he said so. You listen and watch to alphabet news and they won't cover that....

His WH is a sinking ship. Now we hear 3 leaving?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The real lesson of Overseer Obama is weather Americans will give up their freedoms along with their weapons so Overseer Obama can destroy the American way of life and the American Dream. He has enough idiots in the press and Congress. Nov. is where the America will decide if America becomes a country of the people for the people or a country of idiots.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obama's reply to the Gulf oil spill is just as I said. MASSIVE NEW TAXES ON ENERGY. Get ready cause you are going to get (F***ed)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Obama will try anything to get his approval ratings up. Like go to the Gulf, look, listen and ignore the people - same thing he does in DC

Friday, June 11, 2010

Hey, while you did not pay attention - HB1388 was passed. This allows $20,000,000.00 of tax payer money to move Terrorists to American Soil.

Moving Terrorists into America

While you did not pay attention.... HB1388 passes.

This bill will relocate Terrorists to American Soil via the Government.
$20,000,000.00 of tax payer money to ship in these Terrorists.

So where are they going to make the next Gaza Strip? Long Island, NY? New Orleans? Long Beach, CA?

Thank you Obama and Congress.

How much more do you need to vote these criminals out of office?

They are not looking out for the welfare of the American People. We need to step up and remove these Terrorists from Congress and the White House...

Don't be fooled these are Terrorists to the American People.

If you do nothing now it will be too late to do something then....

They will go through and force you to give up your weapons, and those who don't will be shot on site. This day is coming and soon if nothing is done. Jan next year 2011 all Hell is going to break loose.

You will already lose your health care in Sept. even after your savior Obama said you wouldn't , Tax breaks will end in Jan, Taxes will go up above that in Jan, EPA just got voted in as the master of air via the Congress. Your Electric, Water, Gas, Food, Phone and anything else that uses energy will climb 1000% and on top of all that the Obama wants to give you a 25% VAT that is above all other taxes. (Value Added Tax - VAT). I hear it will start off at a small % just like INCOME TAX. That started off at 1%. What % of Income Tax do you pay now? A Lot more than 1%. Unless you are one of those who refuses to pay taxes or are too lazy to work and are on food stamps and housing income from the Government.

I have been quiet on here for a long time. Now all those things I have been harping about are coming true.

So in the news today we find out that the Netherlands and other countries and companies have offered help in the Gulf oil spill. Where did it go - Straight to Obama. He denied it.

We could have had 40+ days of cleanup instead we spent the last 40 Days watching Obama's Tar Pit creep and Kill. This is not all BP's fault. Obama was offered this help HOURS after the rig crashed, and he refused it. He just sat on his hands and informed anyone would would listen that "He (Obama) was in charge since day one!)....

How much more do you need to see with your own eyes that this BOZO pretending to be President is in way over his head? Yea he can read a teleprompter but not much more.

So last question....

How it that hope and change you Voted for working out? I bet you are in a lot worse shape now than you were when Obama took office. He has thrown away 4 TRILLION dollars in one and 1/2 years, and he wants more of your money to throw away!!!
So can we now call the Gulf Oil Spill, Obama's Tar Pit? He who sits on hands and informs everyone, "I have been in charge since day one!"

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Unsure of American Leadership

I listen to Obama tell the American people he has been on the oil spill since day one.

He has.

His policy is to stall. He wants to destroy the American economy and this was his golden ticket to do it.

Who cares what the oil destroys? This will allow him to pass bills that will in the end, KILL America and Americans.

Just pay attention to what he and his staff are saying and what Congress is forcing through.

Americans are not on the fence yet. Once they get to the top they will see the truth and go after Obama and his country destroying policies.

Just wait and see till the end of summer. Obama will try to pass health care again, because the loss of health care for most Americans will hit in Sept. The other steps in this bill will hit the American people in Jan. That is when America will implode.

If you want to fix what Obama and his crooks have done we need to take back America and stop all funds to other countries and start taking care of Americans.

There are jobs out there and Americans need to swallow their pride and get to work. Stop expecting a hand out. Work for your money.

I also believe that Obama is not American born and if you paid attention to when Obama became leader of the free world. the only person who could shed light on the subject was suddenly dead. I think Obama had his grandma killed. She could throw a monkey wrench in Obama's plans.

It is kinda funny if you look at the big picture. She was fine until he won the election. The first thing he does is go to Hawaii and suddenly the only person to shed light on the truth is dead. I truly believe he had her killed to hide the truth.

But that is my opinion and I will continue to share my opinion to anyone who wants to learn the truth as I see it.

Nothing this so called leader has to say will change my mind. I feel that no one should hold the highest office in America without serving their country too. That means military service. Not like Clinton or Bush. I mean actual carry a weapon, march, follow orders and give orders. Being held responsible for your orders. Then taking the oath and mean every word. Not like today where they take the oath and in the next breath they spit on the Constitution and flip off the American People.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Just the bottom line.... Americans need to take back America from the corrupt politicians
If I don't see it, it's not true.....The Democrats new campaign slogan....

Friday, June 4, 2010

Kagan truth coming out.

The truth is starting to come out about Obama's pick for the high court.

It turns out that Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is in favor of late term (9 month) abortions and support for affirmative action (by giving the job to a black person who is unqualified over a qualified white person) as good law and good politics.

It is the truth that if she does become a seated member of the court mine and your rights will be gone forever, or until civil war, whichever the American people want to show history.

We either fight a Socialist unqualified black man holding the presidency (Hmmm, wait that is what affirmative action is) or we lay down and get bulldozed by the socialists.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Americans are showing negative feelings towards Obama and so are the Democratic politicians, none of them want Obama to campaign for them...