Sunday, February 28, 2010

Obama and Congress If you want to live like third world citizens in third world countries - move to a third world country. Leave us alone.
"One's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions."-Oliver Wendell Holmes - It's called learning.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Always like Ray Stevens now I like him even more. He can say how I feel in a song that is so true. Proud to be an American. Thanks Ray.
Ray Stevens - We the People - What a great song Need to take time to listen.
Amazing how a few drugs after surgery can affect your view on the news. Now I am back and the USA still in control by a bunch of losers.
When is the DOW going to see the country for what it is. Screwed up and dying? Time to take back our country from these losers in Congress
Gadhafi Calls for Jihad ... Against Swiss Terrorism - Is that the art of Muslim in - breeding. You know lack of expanding the gene pool.
I knew Olbermann was a bad reporter. Now I know he is after he wanted to kill his Dad. He thinks death panels are the way to go.
Congress is blaming the American people for the state of the economy. Like we wrote the laws that are destroying this country.
Anyone Reading the News can see that our Government is out of control and out of touch with the American people. Corruption in all its glory

Important thought of the day:

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstein

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Watching American Idol - Can anyone see one note? That up and down sounds like they don't know what key to sing in. My ears are bleeding
For census purposes - you only have to give how many live at your address and nothing more. How much you make does not affect the census.

Hope and Change?

We listen to Obama and his minions preach hope and change day after day, week after week and month after month.

Obama wins and the hope and change turned quickly into hate and discontent.

The hope and change that was implied is not the hope and change offered.

Hope for a better America and change to help all Americans is quickly turning into government takeover and higher taxes.

This is not the hope and change we want.

The Democrats are dead set on the destruction of America. I think the Republicans are too.

The only real change we can count on is the loss of our freedoms, guns and money. That is where this administration is taking us.

If we don't stop them now we never will. We will become slaves to the state. (Like U.S.S.R. was) No freedoms, no money, no weapons, no food, no heat, no means to get any of the aforementioned. We will live day to day, hour to hour. Hand to mouth.

The greatest nation on Earth reduced to piss poor nation by a few corrupt politicans and voters too damm stupid to figure it out. How will that stand in History.
I give up, stupid is a huge problem in America. Is there something in the water or are Americans really that dumb? Wake up people!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

We are all surrounded by liars running for office. Will say anything to get elected. Yep! Civil war is coming. Just a matter of time.
USA Today's Presidential approval tracker is so far behind the real numbers that it is a joke to even have it on line.
Schwarzenegger Dismisses Tea Party, Defends Stimulus proves he is more Democratic than Republican. Wake up America, Left is destroying us.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Powell who was in love with Obama when he was running for office now says: It's Time to Lay Off of Obama. How quick the tables turn.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our government is dead set on destroying this country. We as Americans have to take it back. I feel a civil war brewing on the horizon.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

This is another step our government is taking to steal your hard earned money so they can line their pockets. This is the most corrupt ever
You pay into the government 35% of your pay and be promised a pay check when you retire but it will not be 35% but much less more like 7%.
Our government can't get foreign bodies to invest in the US Massive and still expanding debt. So they want to take your retirement funds.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Impeach Obama Billboard on NBC website?
Black punk get ass kicked by 62 year old man.
Found great stories on the web this morning. One not so good. Fox News will start betraying the American people according to several reports

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

True Health Care Reform

Let's talk about Health Care Reform. My wife was sick and did not make it to the doctors office and later it turned into pneumonia. I wound up calling 911 to get her to the hospital. The paramedics showed up and got her loaded up and off to the hospital. She spent most of the day in ER and was sent home because her white count was low and the doctor said the hospital is for sick people and she was not sick enough.

She spent days at home recovering. Made 2 visits to her doctor and a week later she was going back to work. The bills came in and the ambulance bill alone was $1,400. That would be less than 2 hours of their time. That is at 2 hours $700 an hour. The Insurance is paying $630. If it is accepted as paid in full at $630 why can't all ambulance services be around or under $700. They jack people without insurance for over double the going rate. You wind up with the same problem at the Hospital and Doctor's office. If they are willing to accept X amount of dollars for a job from the insurance company. They should accept and charge X amount + 10% for the uninsured.

That is where reform needs to take place. There needs to be Tort Reform. The lawyers are able to sue the hospital for MILLIONS and take up to 60% the only ones getting rich are the lawyers. The poor sap the lawyers are representing get stuck with not enough money to cover bills because the lawyer took all the money. That is where reform needs to take place.

If you are lucky enough to have insurance and the insurance company pays the $630 ambulance bill the law should state that we the people not covered by insurance should not pay more than the lowest price the Ambulance service is willing to accept plus 10%. So if the ambulance service is willing to accept $350 than the uninsured should not pay more than $385 for the same service. Padding bills should be a fine of $10,000 per charge. If the Ambulance service charged anyone for something they didn't do each count is $10,000 up to $100,000 per bill. So if the Ambulance service charged you for 15 items they did not do to you they can only be fined $100,000. 3 charges for any 1 month period would lose the BILLING arm of the ambulance service to operate. It becomes under control of an Accountant who gets 2% of all yearly income. If they try to pad the bills same fines applies. New Accountant takes over and the last one gets fined and all accounts are on hold until the fines are paid.

This is a simple down to earth solution to Health Care Reform that ALL Americans who work for a living can afford.

Get charged 10% above the lowest price they are accepting from the Insurance Company or the Government. So they have to be willing to draw a bottom line and not accept that line. The Government has to accept this line amount. All people would be charge that line amount + 10%. If you have Insurance, the insurance company will pay an amount as long as it does not go below the set line amount. If you have no insurance you pay set line amount + 10% and not a penny more. Itemized bill be given down to the last pill. Those bills placed against inventory. To check that Itemized bills are not padded. People who pad the bills then claim bankrupt when caught spend and minimum 10 years in prison.

This is true Health Care Reform.
Time to get rid of affirmative action? Does that mean we can get rid of this Bozo in Charge that is destroying this country?
I listen to an Obama Commercial about the banks playing with your money. It was Obama and his Lawsuits that brought that card house down.
Technology, when it works its great, but when it fails it stinks. We rely on technology too much. More outdoor time is needed. No Cells.

Monday, February 15, 2010

It seems that Global warming is back to the front burner. Listening to the Corrupt elite push a policy that everyone knows is a lie is sad.

Lying Bastards in Office

I am so tired of listening to the Socialist - Liberals that state global warming is happening. The truth is they doctored the data and the global temp has dropped for the last 15 years. 15 YEARS. Not one or two years but they have doctored the data from as far back as they have records for. They completely removed the cold spell from 1600's to bolster their global warming myths. I do believe that we need to take care of our planet but we should not destroy our economy while other countries are doing nothing protect the planet.

Doctoring Data and our Government is still on that trackless train. They insist on global warming when they know the data is false. This is why we need to remove these corrupt officials from office. They are working hard to destroy this country. We need to work harder to stop them and reverse all the lousy policies they put in place all the way back to the Federal reserve. Obama is going after the bankers when the bankers run the federal reserve. What does that say? We can reverse the way we are going. Either vote it out or look at a civil war. The choice is the American people. If the American people believe that our Government is trying to help us or take us over. As of today they are trying to take us over. As of today I vote for voting them out of office and putting conservatives back into power. If they fail us we would have no alternative but civil war.

So if Obama is following this global warming string. I guess I just called him a lying bastard cause he is in office. But I have heard much worse from the Liberals refering to President Bush.

Reform America

I think it is time for the American People to take back America from the Socialist - Liberals who are Hell bent on destroying this nation.

We start with the Education System. When these BOZO's in office would rather teach Pleasure of Sex over the important subjects - like the 3 R's. History, Science? Go to year round school.

Promote Gun Ownership across the Nation. Promote Public Execution. Not behind closed doors but Public. That is the deterrent to crimes. Not a behind closed doors and only let a few people to view it. In the old west public hangings were a deterrent to crimes. Parents would bring their children to the town square to watch a killer get hanged and talk about on the way home. "Don't kill someone or we will go to the square to watch you hang". That is one reason the crimes are up in America because we have no real public deterrents.

Stop supporting the Liberal - Socialist Actors. They are not worth 10 Million per Movie! Why doesn't Washington go after Actors pay too? They want to go after Banks and Wall street for bonuses but refuse to go after Actors who get 10 million for 3 to 12 weeks of work. A popular Actor could get 30 to 50 Million per year. Then they promote Socialism - Liberalism values cause they know the Government also promotes these values and will not touch their pay. The ones who do not promote these values wind up on some blackball list.

There are plenty of places to start taking back America. Our first is Education and Congress. That is where we need to focus our time and money. Put conservative people in power that will reform Education like the no Child Left Behind. Biggest destruction of the American Education System promoted by George Bush Jr. Stop paying tons of money to states that only a few schools get most of the money and the schools that need the money gets almost none.

Go back to the turn of the century when it comes to schools. No teacher should teach his/her personal views in the classroom. If you disagree with the teacher you can't pass the class?

We need to start and we need to start now!
Stop supporting the Liberal - Socialist Actors. They are not worth 10 Million per Movie! Why doesn't Washington go after Actors pay too?
Promote Gun Ownership across the Nation. Promote Public Execution. Not behind closed doors but Public. That is the deterrent to crimes.
We start with the Education System. When these BOZO's in office would rather teach Pleasure of Sex over the important subjects - the 3 R's.
I think it is time for the American People to take back America from the Socialist - Liberals who are Hell bent on destroying this nation.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Common Sense

I listen to Democrats say anything to back and support Obama regardless of the truth. Has common sense vanished from the young adults? Or has the Democratically controlled Education system successfully learned to brainwash children to ignore the common sense to figure out the truth.

Talking about the Democratically controlled Education system. Who is the perv in this system who has determined that the Educational system has to teach 10 year old childern the pleaser of sex? If you even considered or told your neighbor you wanted to teach your children the pleasures of sex you would be thrown in JAIL as a sex offender. What sex offender is working at the Education system to even consider this? I think we need to review who came up with this Idea and do an exhausted search of him/her/or them. One of them is a sex offender to come up with this idea.

Why has the NC Education system decided to start teaching American History starting after the Civil War. Are they trying to hide the fact that we the people can wage war on the Federal Government when the Government has gotten too big and/or too corrupt. We are there folks. We have a joker in the office of the Presidency who is way in over his head in what to do. How to do it, and what sparks jobs in the economy. Communism/Socialism has never worked. Just because he is in charge he thinks he can present it in another way that we will be stupid enough to say "Sure that sounds like it will work" NOT!!! As long as I have my rights to free speech and the right to bear arms, and brains with common sense and knowledge between right and wrong I will fight this corrupt Administration.
I know what it is for and I agree. I feel sorry for all those who suffered in Haiti. I am blasting the song not what it stands for.
NBC breaks in on regular programming to play "We are the world 25" again. It was bad last night and sleeping on did not make it any better.

Friday, February 12, 2010

A great show on History channel is Pawn Stars.
A sad start to the Olympics.
The "We are the World" remake was a huge BOMB! I was hoping for a nice remake not a bunch of versions shoved together. An Awful remake.

NBCOlympics Opening Ceremony

I was watching the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics and they showed the remake of the "We are the World". It was terrible If I was one of the singers I would ask that my face be covered. The Orginal was great and had a real prupose. This remake was thrown together with very little time or thought of what it is for. I know it is for Haiti and the earthquake. But this remake sounds like a bunch of people were asked to come up with their version of "We are the World" So then they remade the song with several of the versions used on the song. It was terrible.

Horrors in School

Who do we arrest for even considering giving 10 year old children a course in the pleasures of sex in a Democratic Education System?
Who do we arrest for even considering giving 10 year old children a course in the pleasures of sex in a Democratic Education System?
Bipartisan Jobs Bill Slashed - Typical Democratic Politics.
It's Valentine's Party Day. Sugar up those kids!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Obama's Teleprompter use

I have spent many days trying to figure out why Obama has to use a Teleprompter for a bunch of Elementary School students.  For that matter a Teleprompter for every speech he gives. 

I have spent several days watching speeches of Obama.  Most are on the Teleprompter and a few not on the Teleprompter.  I have come across 3 main facts about his Teleprompter use.

#1.  He has told so many lies that he has to stay on the Teleprompter or else the truth will come out which he can't afford.  The truth would impeach him overnight.

#2.  When ever he goes off Teleprompter he sounds like a Buffoon.

#3.  And the most important, he never answers any questions.  He side steps all questions.  If you look at any of his press briefings where he takes questions, even his town halls, he refuses to answer most questions by changing the subject.  For example Health Care which he can't leave alone.  All questions brought up on Health Care his list of answers include the following:
  a.  Show me something better that covers all Americans?  His #1 answer.
  b.  Those corrupt Banks and Insurance Companies giving out Millions and Billions in bonuses.
  c.  He refuses to talk about tort reform - i.e. Don't touch the criminal lawyers unlimited ambulance chasing abilities.
  d.  He does not want Health Care Reform,   He want Health Care Takeover.  He has to use the Teleprompter to stay on message.  There is a major difference between the Republicans Reform and Obama's and the Democrats Take over of health care.

If you don't believe me look at Social Security.  Back in the 70's it was a the only fund that had money.  It was actually making money between the monthly income and interest.  Well you know corrupt politicians.  They are the most corrupt in America.  How can I get some of this money?  They raided the fund and now it is going bankrupt.  How many of the old timers in Congress who are now Multi Millionaires got their monies from that fund? 

You can review all I have said for yourself.  It is all over the Internet.  Go to YouTube and look up Obama's speeches. You will slowly see for yourself what I have said is true.

By the way: why is he hiding everything with his birth records on it?  The only thing he puts out there is a Bogus Hawaiian Birth Certificate that allowed his mother get him medial services because she was an American and his Father was not.  Check it out back then before statehood Hawaii would give out birth certificates for children of Americans even it the child WAS NOT BORN IN AMERICA.  It is all true.   Check it out yourself.  It is all out there.
I have figured out why Obama has to use a Teleprompter for his speeches. He has told so many lies he can't let the truth slip out.
The Police State has started.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The truth is now coming out.

I am watching this Administration falling apart. They are attacking the American People. They are Attacking the Republicans, the Tea Baggers, anybody who is Anti-Obama is now a enemy of the State according to this Administration. Obama and his administration are now taking cheap shots at everyone.

Obama has one thing on his mind. The destruction of America and the Americans. His Goons go on Television and say we are aiding Al Queda. But who is the one bowing at the feet of our enemies? Obama.

Obama is Anti-America. The Democrats have put a destroyer of Nations at the head of the free world and the only Nation he is interested in destroying is the one he is in charge of.

Listen to his rants on Health Care. He wants the Republicans to attend a Health Care summit and help pass Health Care as long as nothing changes. If the Republicans refuse he goes to the American people to say they refuse to help the American people. If they say yes then we are getting closer everyday to a Dictatorship with this Ass in charge. What a revolting thought.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Obama is back at it.

Obama wants to have a summit over health care. The Ass in Charge wants the Republicans there so he can blame them for his failed policies. It is typical liberal policy blame someone else for your short comings.

He is the most inept person ever to hold the office of the President, ever!

His so called community organizer is not a stepping stone to the office of the Presidency. He is so inept to figure that out. His Bozos in the White House with him just as inept as he is.

They want to blame everyone expect for who they see in the mirror.

I think if Obama refuses to talk to the Republicans before the health care summit there should be one or two Republicans to inform the Ass in Charge that due to his failure to really want a true change in health care that the Republicans will not be there for his pissing post.

Since we all know that the press is behind the Ass in Charge 120%. There is no real outlet for the truth except Fox News and Talk Radio.

Why do you think Talk Radio and Fox News Have the highest ratings now?

That is because the people want the truth and they can't get it at the Alphabet News services.

For all you liberal socialized Democrats look into the mirror and reflect what you really want. Do you want the Ass in Charge to give you for nothing and destroy the country in the process or do you want to save this country and commit to real change and not another government takeover. You are the ones that will lose your jobs and homes and many of your lives if the government gets to take over this country. You seem to forget that the government works for us and not the other way around. If we work for the government that means this country has turned into a banana republic and The Ass in Charge is the Dictator.
Obama trying to save face by blaming the Republicans for his failed Health care policies. Typical blame someone else for your short comings.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Watched the Super Bowl and the commercials. The winners I never saw? I watched all the Super Bowl and never saw the Betty White Commercial

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Commercials in the Super Bowl were over priced. E-trade and Doritos were good. Half time show was not. Their time is over. Just but the CD
Will they call it Soylent Chicken? I think it will cost more than real chicken. Watch McDonalds to be first customer of this new faux meat.
Soylent Green is now almost upon us. Soy made into chicken. Looks and tastes like chicken? Veggie burger does not taste like a real burger.
Greenies are going after parking spaces. Further reducing the ability of the consumer to reach the stores. More trouble for store owners.
Yes!!!!! Go Saints!!!!!!!
Commercials are getting better.
Geriatric half time shows for the last 3 Super bowls, They need to stay in the nursing home. Rolling Stones, Kiss and now The Who.
Colts look stronger than the Saints. But the Saints are hitting real hard.
I was hoping there was no American Islamic extreamist flying those fighters at the opening of the Super Bowl. Remember Texas.
Waiting for Super Bowl to start. Go Saints.

Why are people so Stupid?

I grew up in California. My parents divorced when I was small. But the one thing they both taught me was to work hard and be proud of who your are.

I see the people today and all they want is what the BANKRUPT Government can do for them. They are sucking the life blood from America. The Illegals the lazy bastards, the people who think the government owes them. For what? You were born in America?

I hate to say it but I do think that America needs to be attacked by terrorists and get rid of some of the scum suckers that bottom feed here in America. Chase the Illegals back across the border. Throw the corrupt politicians in jail. Shut down Socialist programs like ACORN.

Vote in Politicians that believe in Smaller Government and lower taxes.

I was brought up to respect the Office of the President. This Ass who has no idea what he is doing has destroyed the Office. So from now on I will refer to Obama as The Ass in Charge.

This is what Socialism has done to this country. Destroy the Office of the President by putting a Socialist with no idea what he is doing in Charge. Is this the Change we can Believe in?

The Ass we have in charge of our country is going to destroy it by taxing the American people to the point you will be paid by the government. Most of that payment will be in form of food. Like the Nazis did in WWII. Called starvation diet. You will work for free to pay what the government deems your fair share. While they do nothing but make up more laws to further destroy America.

All you wanna be Socialists better believe that there is a movement across the Nation to destroy what is now the Socialist Democratic Party. We are at war with the Socialist in office. They want to remove free speech and the right to arms at home. They want to tell you what to think and what to do.

Wait, we are almost there. That is why there is a movement across the Nation. The WORKING Americans are starting to wake up. They see the corruption in the other parts of the world and see the corrupt officials trying to do the same thing here.

Passing bills that is nothing but PORK and telling the American people that you don't need to read it because you are too dumb to figure it out and it is for JOBS.

Where has that taken us? Highest unemployment since the Great Depression. And what do they want? Another bill that they call a JOBS bill to go on top of the last one. How many more jobs will be lost in this go round? Another 10 Million Jobs? More Pay cuts? Higher Taxes to pay for this Jobs package? So the American people who work pay for the Americans who don't, or won't work.

This Ass in office is going after the Banks. Forcing the banks to take money that banks don't want and to pay it back with interest. These banks have except the ones run by the government. Fanny and Freddie have both taken money and are looking for more. Yet they are not cutting their pay.

The Ass in office is to blame for the problems we are facing in America today. Forcing banks to give out loans to people who have no intention of paying back. The government passed a bill that The Ass in Charge of America was behind it all the way. That stated if you do not give dead beats a loan for a home you will not be covered by FDIC Insurance.

Now that The Ass is in charge is trying to increase his powers, he wants to expand this to all aspects of society. He already has take over the Automobile industry. I bet he is madder than Hell that Ford showed a profit this quarter. He is going after Stock Market. Bonds, Mutual Funds, anything that Americans can use to make money, he is going after.

What is he doing. Trying to destroy these companies by using the corrupt press. Then using the Corrupt Congress to pass bills to tax them at a massive amounts. I am sure that the bonuses that Wall Street and Banks want to give out, you can bet the Socialist Corrupt in Congress including The Ass in Charge will try to pass a bill to tax the Bonuses.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Obama's new budget will rack up 3.8 Trillion more from our great grand children. Where will the incompetence end? What idiot is in charge?
Animal sex ban legislation may fail. This is a headline in a Dutch newspaper. Dutch public prosecutors falsify evidence. Another Headline.