Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Democrats are scared

I just heard that some of the Democrats that voted for the enslavement of Americans to the Government under this so called health care are getting threats.

Well, lets see what Obama has to say about it.

"Votes have consequences" As he pointed out to the American people.

I agree. They want to Destroy America and the Americans are fighting to keep these freedoms and now the Democrats are scared. Well Votes to destroy America do have consequences.

Here are corrupt elected officials who will not accept the same health care they force upon the rest of us, and now they wonder why they are being targeted by the 70% of Americans that have shut down the telephone switch boxes in Washington with a massive amount of phone calls.

Now they what the corrupt government to protect them from the people they refused to listen too.

If they truly believe the health care bill was good they should hold their head up high and take the same health care they want to force on us and lose the same freedoms we are losing paying the same taxes we are forced to pay.

Hey so why do the Democrats want to give Viagra to sex offenders?

You know Alcee Hastings said we make up rules as we go.....


We have rules - it's called the Constitution. No wonder Americans are pissed at the Democrats.

You know I hear from the Obama Propaganda service - otherwise know as the news. That the passage of the bill 60% of Americans want this.


If they hated health care before the vote they will hate it even more after the vote.

We now are force to prove to the IRS that we have insurance or face a fine. That is completely against the Constitution.

We are forced to buy a government insurance or fined for not having insurance. Except for the people who wrote the bill and all elected officials in Washington.

So are the Democrats scared - by God they better be. Looking over their shoulders for the rest of their lives.

I would not want to be one of the 219 Obama bought off Democrats who voted to destroy the American way of life. I think they voted what Obama wanted and now they have to face the music, and its not nice music their facing.

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