Thursday, December 4, 2014

Act of TERRORISM in the USA!!!

What is wrong with this? 

You have two high profile cases in the news the last couple of weeks.
Where the Grand Jury found no crime committed by the officer. 

Both of these cases the dead black men had allegedly committed a crime, and it was caught on camera.
(how ironic in both cases they involved tobacco products)
Then in both cases they resisted arrest or attacked the police officer.
Then died because of their own actions. 

They were involved in a CRIME....
Got Caught..........
Refused to face Justice.......
and their own actions led to their deaths.

And now the AG, protesters and rioters want justice. 

So what is justice for committing a crime? 

Losing you business to looters?
Those same looters committing acts of Arson, to destroy evidence of their looting?

This is Justice? 

Crime plus Crime plus more Crime does not equal Justice.

This is TERRORISM!!!

Sponsored terrorism and race baiting by this President, A/G, black and Liberal politicians and the Liberal left religious leaders all who are fanning the flames of racism.

Time to wake up and smell the shit they are shoveling.

Friday, November 21, 2014

School Lunches

I work at a school.

Let me lay out some facts for you.

The lunch they provide (like today) 1 slice of frozen pizza cooked.  1 milk, then your child can pick some canned corn and usually half a banana, apple or canned fruit pieces.  All this for $1.75

Most children take the pizza and milk and maybe the fruit.  They eat half the pizza, drink half the milk and may or may not eat the fruit.   They may trade it for someone's home lunch.

Now this is where your lunch charges skyrocket.

Your child can get another slice of pizza for $1.50 and a milk for $.35.  For $.10 less your child can get a second tray.

Then there is ice cream.   As long as your child has a positive balance or cash he/she can purchase an ice cream for $1.00.  Now this is where you the parent should get pissed.  Your child has $30.00 in his account.  He/she gets a lunch and then purchases a extra slice of pizza and then buys 2, 3, 4, 5 ice creams and gives them away!!!!

You heard correctly.  He/she will purchase 2, 3, 4, 5 ice creams and gives his/her friends an ice cream, and this happens almost daily.

I have seen parents come in to pay and can't understand why the bill is so high.

You now have heads up.... 


Thursday, August 28, 2014


Listening to the news today.

We are being targeted by ISIS/ISIL for 9/11 attacks and Obama is doing NOTHING about it.   No he is interested in giving up our freedoms to the UN.  He wants to allow these TERRORISTS to become American Citizens.  He refuses to secure our border.  He attacks Americans.  He promotes racial tension.  Then when shit hits the fan, Obama ignores the dangers and plays golf.

Then we have a Congress who does nothing but talk.  "We're going to take him to court"... ARE YOU SERIOUS?


Obama is the most dangerous person to America.

Government has targeted our children. 
Let's start with Abortion.

Since Roe V. Wade.  Millions upon Millions children slaughtered.

Let's look at Schools.

The government has taken over our schools, turned them into Gun free zones.  Target rich environments for TERRORISTS, both foreign and domestic.

Then the government tries to blame the GUNS.

They took over meals, which the children hate.  They took sweets away and gives smaller portions then add no seasoning.  They are working at taking over what is taught to our children.  COMMON CORE.  There are enough horror stories of Common Core you can look it up yourself.  There are Teachers who love Common Core because of the money it gives schools.  Forget what it does to the education in America.

Now the Military.

The Government told our military we cannot carry guns on base.
Another Target rich environment.  We we saw several years ago.
A MUSLIM in the military, goes into a building and starts shooting.
Not a single military person could defend themselves, because of the Government.  Add insult to injury, the Government files it as workplace violence, Not a TERRORIST attack, which it was.

And now you....

NSA, IRS, EPA, all targeting you via Obama.

Time for you to do some soul searching.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Things that I noticed today

There are several things I noticed today, and it's still early....

First today was voting day here.  There were 5 Constitutional Amendments on the ballot. 

One was to allow people to farm. 

Another was to allow people to keep and bear arms (That is already in the United States Constitution.....  it's the 2nd Amendment) (now we have it at the state level.) 

Still another was to add a TAX for roads.  I already pay taxes for roads.  Being it's a Constitutional Amendment it will most likely never be repealed. 

Then there is a Constitional Amenement for a Veterans Lottery Ticket...  Yes a Lotto Ticket....  You really need a Constitutiona Amenement to approve a Lotto ticket? 

Finally, a Constitutional Amendment to have secure electronic data from unreasonable search and seizures.  In this case it doesn't matter.  We have the NSA that is spying on everyone, America and the World without any case of privacy.  This is like an order of protection, no one will enforce it until after the damage is done.

Why are all these Constitutional Amendments?

Another item I noticed today, Ambulance Chaser Commercials.

There are at least a half a dozen commercials on television dealing with ambulance chasing lawyers.
Let's see, Asbestos, Knee Replacement, Pelvic Mesh, Drugs for this that and everything else.

Then there are those commercials which promote new drugs, and if you can't afford it, the company could give it to you at little or no charge.  While the rest of the users pay $100 to $1,000 a pill.......

Then there is the ILLEGAL ALIENS invading the country with the help of this criminal administration.

Yes you heard me right.... Criminal Administration....   Plus all the Democrats, Liberals and RINO's.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

More Things I've Noticed and Things to Come.

Let's start local.
Here we have some old buildings in the town square.  Rotting to death and the city leaders have decided to seek how much it would cost to restore these empty buildings.  Right now the cost is somewhere between 4 to 6 MILLION......  
We just got a football field, so far it has cost us 3.5 MILLION and it's still not done.
The Football field has been under construction for over a year now.   On a side note, Walmart has come to town.  We believe the Walmart will open before the Football field is done.
Our taxes keep going up,  Our Football field was placed on the ballot for 1 MILLION dollars.  Now it's 3.5 and growing.  The Schools have leaking roofs, plumbing issues, electric issues.  but the Football field comes first. 

On the state issues we have a state that has deemed it a crime for any government agency to come into the state and try to take away our 2nd amendment right to bear arms. We have a Gov. that ignores the people.  In this state we have a Democrat and a RINO for Senators. 

Now on a federal issue, we have an incompetent in the White House, more interested in fund raising, playing golf than issues affecting America. 
The world is falling apart and he is flying across the US for fund raising.  I think when this government is removed from office and we tweak the Constitution. 

One issue, if any member of Congress, or the Government including the Supreme Court judges, want to remove our rights, would be an automatic impeachment, and imprisonment for crimes against the Constitution and the American People.  Any Politician who wants to steal from the workers to give to the lazy would again be impeached and imprisoned. 
Term limits. 
If you hold an office, you must resign to run for another office.  (So if you are a Senator, and you want to run for President, you must resign your Senate seat BEFORE you run for President, If you are a Governor and want to run for President you must resign BEFORE you run for President), 
You can only be elected to ANY public office, no appointments, this includes Judges.  Supreme Court Judges can only hold office for 8 years.  Any decision based on another countries Constitution and not ours will be null in void and all who voted for it would be removed from office.. 
Anyone elected to office will get base of their state for pay and benefits.  If your state is below poverty level then you get a medium of the country.  No life time retirement for a few years of service, no Golden Parachute of retirement, health care.  Any law you pass, you cannot exempt yourself from it. 
You can't take over business, health care, education.  Everything would be like it was before 1900. Schools were responsible for teaching, period.  Education would come first, sports would come second. 
No government made agency can make law.  EPA, DEA, NSA Homeland Security.  All laws, all Appointments are made by Congress. 
The President cannot use Executive Orders to enact his will. ALL Executive Orders will have to be reviewed by Congress.  The President runs the country, not the Government. Two different areas. 
All people wanting to be President must have had Military experience or owned a business, or been a Governor of a state.  A community Organizer does not fit the bill, we have that at the present and it is a complete disaster.  The only people who agree with this current disaster are the people getting other peoples money.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Trouble in America

All you have to do is look at what is happening in America today.

What is the common thread? 

The Government is behind ALL the criminal activites being forced upon the citizens of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA...... 

Illegals allowed in the country with escort to cities, IRS targeting Americans, then when caught destroying evidence of said targeting.  Handing out foodstamps, welfare, lifelong unemployment, cell phones for votes, Welcome to the Liberal view of America, sponsered by the Democrats and RINO's.

The Constitution does give us instructions to fix it.  

Most people will not want to take on the federal government with all their hollow point rounds and machine guns that department of Education, NSA, TSA, FBI, IRS, USDA, SS, and almost every other agency in the government that has purchased weapons and ammo to attack Americans. 

Think about that next time you fill up your car with gas, or purchase food at the store,  The high prices you are paying is because of THIS CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE THAT HAS OCCUPIED THE WHITE HOUSE OVER THE LAST SIX YEARS.!

This is the government attacking YOU, to continue its criminal activites.
The daily news other than propaganda news you will see what is really happening in America.

Why should my business, pay for your abortion?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Teachers changing scores?

There was a story yesterday where a group came in and graded students tests. 

The results were amazing....

The tests that the teachers turned in, showed the students understood and was able to grasp the subject they were taught that year.

The same tests that this group graded, (without teacher intervention) showed that the students failed completely.

Needless to say the Teachers Union is upset.

Now if the teachers changed answers before turing in the tests or not I don't know, yet the results speaks volumes.

Does this to help your child?  Or is it so the teacher can keep their job?

Add to that, Common Core where the correct answer doesn't matter.  Just that you somehow worked on getting the answer, even if it's the wrong answer.

Wake up America.  The truth is slapping you in the face and your are ignoring it. 

Government and government agencies are destroying this nation and you are ignoring that too.  It's been stomping you in the face for several years and you are so ignorant of the matter you can't see it or feel it.  As long as you get that free phone, Welfare, Food Stamps, Lifetime Unemployment.  What happens when the Corrupt Liberals are out of office and the truth of their actions bulldoze you over?

Sunday, May 25, 2014

22 Year Old Shooter.

I am sorry for all the victims of this privileged brat.
This has nothing to do with NRA,

if you want to blame someone, blame the Politicians and leaders who want to disarm the American People.

You just have to look at history to see what happens when the citizens are disarmed.  Look at Hitler,  millions of unarmed citizens slaughterd by the government because they could not defend themselves.

How far would this have gone if everyone was armed?
It would have been over almost as soon as it started........

When was the last time you took your child to church?
When was the last time, you took time with your child and talked about good and evil?
When was the last time you took your child shooting?
When was the last time, you took time out of your day to spend it with your child, just to have some fun?

When was the last time YOU?

Why, God only knows...

You can blame the parents, you can blame the schools, you can even blame his friends, you can't blame the gun, the gun did not kill, the kid behind the gun who was paid off with video games, money and priviledge is the ONLY one to blame.

If he killed everyone with a knife, would you want to blame the knife?

If he killed everyone with a bow and arrow, would you blame the arrow?

If he killed everyone with fertilizer, bb's, nuts and bolts, would you blame the bb's, nuts and bolts?

No, you would blame the killer.  Focus on that not on the gun.... 

The gun is the government, wanting to disarm the American people for their own nefarious reasions.

Friday, May 16, 2014

The 50's

I keep wishing for America to revert back to the values, responsibilities of the 50's.  Where people were polite, helped each other.  Where most people in the world wished they live.

There were bad things in the 50's as well, Segregation, Poor race relations, Cold war fears of nukes.

We just finished the second world war.  Troops were coming home.  Starting families, jobs and business.

I woke up this morning and realized that Obama has taken us back to the 50's.

All the worse things of the 50's.

Promoting Race Wars,
Government Intrusion,
Cold War - fearing Nukes.
Fearing Being Attacked.

He has achieved this as well as destruction of Americas Health Care System, Doctors, Hospitals, Borders, Personal rights, Land Rights, and Business Rights.

We have government going after "We the People"
This government is killing citizens by the millions each year.
This government destroying our education system and in turn our children.
Corruption in the IRS, EPA, Education, USDA, just to name a few.
Then we have corrupt politicians holding office, at every level.
They refuse to live up to the oath they took.  This includes The White House, Congress, and the Supreme Court.

All these branches of government has shown it's contempt for the Constitution, The very same Constitution they took an oath to protect and defend from enemies both foreign and domestic. 

We the people are so far gone with bribes from the government that we refuse to hold this government responsible.   Welfare, food stamps, extreme long term unemployment, free phones, free housing, free school lunches now they are going after our children with Common Core.

How many millions of tax dollars has the government spent on Obamacare?  Web sites, advertising, commercials and Common Core?   Trying to con us into thinking it is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

We have a President that refuses to hold the Office with the respect it deserves.
We have a Congress that refuses to uphold the Law.  Passes laws that they refuse to live under.  Exempt themselves from laws that would send us to prison, and gives themselves retirements that no business in America can afford.
We have a Supreme Court that ignores our Constitution.  When reviewing laws they look at other nations and their constitutions to reviews laws in this country.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Criminals in Washington D.C.

These are headlines in the news today, are you paying attention?


Feds released hundreds of immigrant murderers, drunk drivers, sex-crimes convicts


ICE Ordered to Stay Silent on Release of 36,000 Criminal Illegal Immigrants


Republicans To Call DHS Sec. For Hearing On Release Of Criminal Aliens


How much more information do you need, death of a family member by one of these criminals?


Let's keep going.


Documents: Close Coordination Between IRS and Senate Democrat in Tea Party Targeting


You starting to see a pattern?






Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I have a question? 

Why are the most important studies, the ones this country is ignoring the most?


The educators may tell you differently. 
But all you have to do is look for yourself. 
Look at the studies students had back in the fifties. 

Some guy drips paint on a canvas and they call it art?
Doesn't get much better for Music either.

Funds are drying up

Art departments being cut,
Music departments being cut,
Science departments being cut and
Math being changed to the NEW MATH, where you use a calculator, making real simple tasks, idiotically difficult - see Common Core.

Does anyone have an answer?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

School lunches

Okay,  I work the lunch room, everyday.

Now for all of you who believe you and your children are short changed on the school lunches.  (You are).

In this school all lunch trays are given a meat item.  (mostly chicken or beef)  Mostly daily, your child has a choice to get a potato, french fries or sweet potato fries.  Whatever is available that day.
One to three vegetables,
One to two fruits.
Or a salad.
And a milk.

Let's look at a typical lunch tray.

Chicken patty, clump of mashed potatoes, gravy available, a small scoop of carrots, half an orange and a small carton of milk.

Now let's look at what most of your children get. 

Chicken patty, clump of mashed potatoes and half an orange and milk.

Then they throw away the potatoes, half an orange and half the milk.

This is NOT all children.  There is a large group that fits this model.
There is about 10% who actually get a full tray and eat it.  The same goes for the children that bring their own lunches. 

If you are one of the few who actually pay your child's lunch, that's $1.70 in the trash.

Here at this school they allow Ala Carte.  It allows the company serving food a way to earn extra money.  Usually a meat item.  $1.50 each.

Your child can get a second tray for $1.70.

Now for those of you who send your little darlings to school with a lunch.  Don't start beaming yet 

Most of you will send your child to school with a lunchable.  Most of the time they trade with other student for parts of their lunch.

I see a few of the children with a sandwich, bag of chips, cup cake, raw carrots and a juice.

In most cases the only part of that lunch that doesn't make it to the trash is the chips and cup cake.

I can tell you since the schools are going by M. Obama's Lunch program, your child gets 2/3 to 3/4 less food than they did before this program started.

Before Obama's lunch program your child sat down with a tray FULL of food.
They had Mac and Cheese.  Rice, all kinds of potatoes.

With Obama's lunch they no longer get mac and cheese or rice.

Bottom line:  What your child gets today is much less then before Obama's lunch program.  No wonder so many schools are starting to opt out of her program.

Think about it.... Lunch program, Obamacare, Common core, all programs that are designed to destroy America from within.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Failure of "One Laptop Per Child"

For those of you who never heard of "One Laptop Per Child", it was going to bring technology to third world countires.  The poorest of the poor would have a laptop.  Wifi, camera, sound, viedo, music, word processing, spreadsheets, servers and the list went on and on.  Bring those children into the 21th Century.  Problem, it didn't work.  They were hoping to boost the test scores of these children, (sound familiar?)  It turned out to be a failure on mulitple levels.

The concept was good. But, no thought was given to the long term results. Just like GMO products forced upon the American people.

I don't know how many children were subjected to "One Laptop Per Child", but it did affect an entire generation. 

Just like "No Child Left Behind" and the new "Common Core"

We already know that "No Child Left Behind" is an utter failure.  Teaching to the slowest kid in the class.  Letting the smart ones become bored.  When you have children bored in school, what happens?  The kids drop out...  A known result ignored by scholars.  Then there are Drugs, Phones, MP3 players, video games, bullies, jocks.  All affect the learning curve.  There is a place for computers in school.  but as "One Laptop Per Child" has shown, these children with computers, have lost ground, not gained it.

If any of you would like to know a secret,   Back when there was a one room school house, and all the grades were in the same room.  A teacher taught children how to write in block letters and cursive, spell, do math and read.  Most of those children who were in those one room schools and made it to the eight grade had an education greater than those who graduate today.  How many of our children graduate today without being able to read, do a checkbook, simple math, forget about finding sqft. use their brain.  Schools today teach children how to take a test, not how to learn.   Like that old saying, give a man a fish, he eats for a day.  Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime.  Same goes for education.  Teach a child to pass a test and you get him through another year, Teach him how to learn, and he learns for a lifetime.

Of course this brings us back to "One Laptop Per Child".  A bunch of people had a thought that if we can build a computer so cheap that almost anyone in the world could afford it.  Except for the people of the USA.  You can purchase them but, you can't have one, it's for the poor children of the third world countries.

On a side note, I wonder how many of these laptops wound up in the hands of terrorists?

There is one thing in common in all the failures, in America.  Government.  Government in Education, Government in Health care, Everything Government touches, dies.  There is an old fable about that, but it currently slips my mind.

Put all that in your pipe and smoke it.

If you think I am full of crap, then just follow Alice down the rabbit hole, because you no longer live in reality.  You live in a Fantasy land of your own making.  I hope I get to be there when it all comes crashing down on you, so I can say "Told you so, A------".