Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Domestic Terrorists

I was listening to a conservative talk radio personality last night and there was a guest on the show. This guest has a story on the Wall Street Journal.

A link here:


This story is a real eye opener of who the real domestic terrorists are in America.

You won't have to read the whole story to find out I will tell you right away.

The current administration and the lawyers and the massive law firms of this great nation.

The short story is these domestic terrorists a.k.a. the lawyers are doing everything they can to destroy America and the American way of life. This Administration and Obama. Ignoring the crimes these lawyers have committed. Then when the truth comes out they were breaking the law nothing and I mean nothing was done. No disbarment. No jail time. No fines. Nothing.

This administration calls anyone who disagrees with this administrations policies a terrorist.

But after listening to this person and reading the WSJ story I was floored to learn the real terrorist against America are the folks in charge to protect this country. Congress, Administration and the lawyers this Administration hires and Obama himself.

After reading this story I more convinced now than ever that the only way to take back America is through Civil upheaval.

We see what is happening in the world, like Greece, and other countries in Europe and middle east the upheaval that is happening. I see it coming to America. I think it is already here. We have an administration that is not willing to protect the American citizenry. They consider the citizenry of America the problem. That is why they are labeling the American people who disagrees with this administrations policies, terrorists.

The true terrorists are in charge. What can we do to save our country? Or is all lost?

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