Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Auto Bailouts and Bowl Games

I was watching a bowl game and there was a bit on voting for the best play and the winner would get $100,000.00.

Hello, did we just give the auto makers 7 billion for a bailout and they are giving it to colleges?

I say the fountain has dried up........

Give me a $100,000 and I could get my degree.

Talk about priority. I think the auto makers have piss poor management.

Go bankrupt and renegociate union contracts. Cut all scholarships and put their house in order. Cut the fat. Get rid of the perks.

Pissed at the government for giving the bailout and the auto makers for refusing to fix whats wrong.



Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Reuters is so bias on its reports it is just sickening. It talks about Israel air strikes killing two girls but it does not talk about Hamas cutting off peace talks and shooting rockets into Israel. Israel defends itself and they are the bad guys. Let's talk about the terrorists known as Hamas. They are spreading terror over Israel and is expected to do nothing? I think not. I would do the same thing if some punk tried to break into my house or my country.

Bias news services are destroying is world. Refusing to report the real news and report what they want. Why do we even bother to watch/listen/read the news. You can't get stright reporting. It is so bias to one side or the other.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Who Destroyed America?

That is the question?

The answer is so easy to understand if you stand back and look at it as a free American.

America is as free as there is but the politicians don't like that.
If is truly free then the politicians get no extras. No perks.

Tell me how can they afford 50 to 100 million for elections, if they don't get kickbacks?

They can't!

A friend of mine stated that we need to get rid of all the politicians. When the politicians get kicked out they loose their Golden Parachute Health care and Retirement.

Start from scratch. Put new folks in there that can only stay two terms. Then they have to wait for two terms before they can run again.

They have to live off what congress says we have to live off. Social security and Medicare just like we do.

They get paid by the way their state populations get paid. If they live in a state where everyone gets above average pay then that politicians gets an equal amount. If the politician lives in a state where everyone gets below average pay then so does that politician. That would be incentive to increase the pay of the population of that state. It goes up so does the politicians. Again if the pay in the state population goes down so does the pay of the politician. They cannot give themselves pay raises when the people in America are loosing their jobs like now.

Personal note: Did anyone pay any attention to the fact that Congress gave themselves a big pay raise while America is loosing jobs left and right. It just proves that congress is corrupt.

Can anyone figure out who is destroying America?

It is not a hard one.

The Politicians.

If they don't want to hear us. There is a way they will hear us. It is called Civil War. The corrupt politicians will see America rise up and slice the head off the evil government.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Buying your way into the White House.

I was just watching the news about all the celebs paying for Obama's inauguration. Talk about buying your way into the White House. Obama shows how corrupt the Ill. Government is.

Look Obama came from that corrupt state. Now he is hiring half of the state for his cabinet. Too bad his friend the Gov. got poped on a FBI sting.

Too bad FBI waited so long, if they started earlier they may have caught Obama in one of his business dealings with his frineds.

I wonder if the Gov. will ever get to talk about Obama's Senate seat. I think he might be shot to death before he gets to talk. Obama has to cover his tracks. I think the Gov. will pound a nail into Obama's coffin.

Thats just my thought. Again "things that I notice" is a crook is always a crook. Mr. Obama. You have not proved to me that you are not a crook.

It seems that everyone you have any contact with is a crook.

Birds of a feather flock together. That goes for crooks too.

I noticed that the celebs will fork out thousands of dollars for Obama. Why don't they spend that money on what they beleive. Share the wealth. Give their money to people on the street. Don't pay for this or for that. Just select twenty or thirty people and give them thousands of dollars and tell Obama that they are sharing their wealth.

I hope you slip and the non US News picks up on it. Because we all know that the US News is a crooked as they come. They will lie to protect their interests. Mr Obama is one of their big interests. They refused to ask Obama any questions that would show what he really knew and what he really did. They got him elected.

Like Wolf Blitzer said, "If Obama said it, it must be true."

Most democrats think this way. It is so bad. These democrats cannot think for themselves. They relay on the democratic leaning US news agencies for all their democratic thinking.

These are products of public school systems and colleges and universities. Most of the teachers in America are democratic. Most professors in higher education are so far to the left they stink.

Enough for today. I have much better things to do than listen to the democratic news.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Linux Newbie Admin Guide

Hey if you are unsure about Linux. Go to and look up Linux Newbie Administration Guide. The first section will tell you all you want to know if you are unsure about moving to Linux.
You will get a feel for what you can expect when moving to Linux. No More Windows.

Everything you can find on windows you can find on Linux. Two things come to mind when talking about what is available on windows and what is availiable on Linux. Well, almost everything in windows cost you extra money. On Linux it is almost all free. So you know that you pay big bucks for windows and big bucks for office software. Then there is cd/dvd software and music software and video software. Then you have eductional software and games. In windows you can wind up spending $5000.00 plus. On Linux FREE!!! Hello did that get your attention? Go over to and check it out yourself.

Thanks Sandmannc40
Same name at email Gmail with a lower s.

Let's get Obama stuff

We can get Obama Plates - First black man to get elected as president

We can get Obama Coins - Again First black man to get elected.

We are waiting on the Obama Tolit Seat. - Where all my money is going.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I just want to say thanks for those of you who have read what I wrote.

I was not sure if anyone ever read this. Now I know that I am.

Thanks again.


If this does turnout to be Caylee does it mean that the police failed to search around the house? Only 40 yards from the house?

If this does windup being Caylee, then the police came to a rush to judgement in this case?

Way too many ifs in this case.

Not that she is innocent, because I think she is as guilty as hell.  I think she knew or did kill her daughter.  But you know innocent until proven guilty.  

My feelings is that she either killed her daughter or knew who did, and then covered it up.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


On the news they reported that the Ill. Gov. was caught trying to sell Obama's Senate seat. Then they cover the fact that Obama's right hand man during the election talked about Obama and the Gov. of Ill. talked about who would get his senate seat. Now the news says like every other lie by Obama. That did not happen. I did not say that. Thank god he is a president elect. that way everything he says is true. Just like Dick Nixon.

It is so sicking to hear the press lie or cover for Obama. It is just so in your face that everyone can see it. They dont see it. They have lost this viewer.

Other things that intrest me?

There are so many things that I am looking at.

Homes that cut down the use of heat and air.

Wood working.

Electric generation.

Gas free cars.

Gas free flying.

Computers that run things that can also run without computers.


Home gardens.

I have always thought of these items since I was in my late teens. I am over 50 now and still interested in these things. Computers were not available to me in school. I learned on home computers at home. I learned wood working at school and carried it on after school. I worked construction and built homes. So I am interested in homes. I hate paying electric bills. I thought of generating my own electric since I was a teen, but now it is actually available.

Tell me what you think of my list.


Monday, December 8, 2008

All sorts of things

I have been very lax in my blogging. I tend to drift.

I will have a great blogging moment, then I wind up in the layers of life and forget about blogging.

Then I hear or see something about life and I think of blogging.

Here is what I have to say today.

What will the historians say about the USA is 100 years.

Well the truth is that the Democrats destroyed America by lying to the American public and pocketing the money. Don't believe me? Look at congress and how the democrats have refused to correct the problems that are happening in the country. Barney Frank says that there is nothing wrong with Fanny May or Freddie Mac. He collects his money from those companies and then they go under. Then he has the nerve to say it is the Republicans who caused it while he pockets his money. The President elect B. Obama is part of this cover up.

If 100 years from now when America is no more. The historians will see that this is true. Democrats refuse to see the truth. I know some Democrats that think that all the problems are due to the Republicans. I fell that Republicans due have some responsibilities but the majority of the problems are due to the Democrats

I hope that some of the items sink through and remember the truth is out there.