Saturday, March 13, 2010

Caring for the country

The druggies in the 60's are running the asylum now. Or should I say destroying the country now.

I think if you run for President you have to:

1. Be an American citizen and not hide any documents (like Obama). Present them all!!!
2. Be in the Military. Serve at least 6 years in the service of our country!!!
3. If you dodge service (Like Clinton) you cannot hold any public office!!!

If you Protest against America, the Military or the President and Congress it is because I and many more like me gave you that chance.

Be proud to be in a free country.

If you hate this country that much move the fuck out!!!

Go south and buddy up with that dictator Chavez. Maybe he will let you protest against how he runs his country. I would love to see that. He would either kick you out or jail you.

You are fond of European Socialism move to Europe. You can give all your money to the government to pay for all the free loaders they have over there.

Oh yea, you would be one of the free loaders. I forgot you are a free loader here and you want more.

As Americans we need to close the borders and kick out all those illegals. How many jobs would open up? How much money would we save in Insurance and Health Care? We are not giving away or turning a blind eye to the illegals like what is happening now.

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