Saturday, March 13, 2010

Want to know the news in America?

Do you want to know the true news of what is happening in America?

Avoid the American news services. That includes print, radio and television.

The last couple of weeks I have found great stories about America and the American people not political. Not in the American news service but in papers outside the United States.

You know we have a lost cause news service when the only thing they talk about is how the GOP is stopping health care and praising the additional trillions of burden placed on the backs of the American people while the corrupt officials exclude themselves from these burdens.

These corrupt officials have caused the meltdown of America and are trying to blame anyone but the one they see in the mirror everyday.

But look behind the scenes and view these officials raping America for their own personal benefit. Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac should both be closed down. How much money has those companies funnel into pockets of corrupt officials?

We now have corrupt judges who are telling Congress where to spend money? What crap is that. That judge should be removed from the bench. Overstepping her bounds as a judge. Judges do not make law but follow the law, Congress makes the laws.

I say shut all funding to Acorn. I say any judge that goes against the law is barred from ever practicing law again.

Put all those lazy asses back into the work force and cut welfare for the able bodied.

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