The one thing I am getting very tired of is listening to Obama say the Rich and Business owners have to pay their fair share. They have been paying more than their fair share. Obama just wants to steal from the average taxpayer to give to the Lazy and illegals.

If you are looking for welfare, food stamps, housing, social security, an abortion, ways to cheat the government out of tax dollars via tax funded company then you are a leach on society.

I can't find a job? I know too many people who refused to seek work while collecting Obama welfare a.k.a. the new unemployment. 99 weeks of phoning in once a month to collect a check. This is why we have problems in America today.

The Left and Democrats want to add programs to keep the lazy, lazy.

Stay at home and play your XBOX on your Big Screen TV.

There was and is a time when programs like unemployment insurance, food stamps, temporary housing and the like are needed. But to continue to rip off the American Tax Payer and the Government is criminal.

What happened in America?

Greed is the new creed?

Again, what is Obama's fair share? Not until every America in so broke he can't afford a pot to pee in?

Wake up America to the Corruption at every level of government.... From your city telling you which trash service to use even though you are paying for it, or Obama saying you are not paying your fair share......