Friday, July 30, 2010

Obama and the Auto Industry

Obama is going to report the Bailout of Auto Industry a Great success for America.

Yea they still owe the American Taxpayer 55 BILLION Dollars, I would call that a success. For the Auto Industry, and the Unions, NOT America or the American Taxpayer.

They got the Screwed Again by Government and Obama. Way to go!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Unemployment in America

462,683 first time seekers of unemployment benefits.

Let's be conservative and do 400,000 week every week Obama has been President.

How about 92 weeks since Obama took office = 36.8 million out of work Americans seeking FIRST TIME unemployment insurance since this Administration took over.

Stew on that for awhile.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The truth comes out.

Upset over Lockerbie bomber going free by BP think again. Correspondence obtained by The Sunday Times reveals the Obama administration considered compassionate release more palatable than locking up Abdel Baset al-Megrahi in a Libyan prison. Mr. Corruption himself - Obama.

White House backed release of Lockerbie bomber Abdel Baset al-Megrahi |

The Australian

THE US government secretly advised Scottish ministers it would be "far preferable" to free the Lockerbie bomber than jail him in Libya.

I wonder if that was a promise he made if he became President? Free the Terrorists? Like he is trying to do with Gitmo.

Obama's Destruction of America

I saw an MSNBC anchor praise everything Obama has done so far. Well, lets just look at what Obama has done since he became President.

Obama has took race relations back to before the 60's
Destroyed the dollar.
Taken over or is trying to take over almost every industry in America.
Wants to take over Energy and jack up GAS to a price so the average American can't drive.
Wants to end America from supporting ourselves.
He wants to end the use of Heating Oil and Coal in America.
Destroyed Health Care system in America.
Destroyed Banking in America.
Destroyed Wall Street in America.
Destroyed Small Business in America.
If you spend $600 or more, Obama is going after you for taxes.
This alone will put small business - Out of Business.
Taxed the poorest of Americans.
Pass 2000 page bill after bill unread.
Throwing TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of American tax payer money away.

Then this morning on one of those Sunday morning news shows. I hear Obama is keeping Big Government down to let America recover and small business to grow. I just about choked on my coffee. I guess all those in the White House have no clue of the TRUTH!

I guess this is HOPE and CHANGE you can TRUST?

How stupid are the American people to let this happen to this great Nation.

It is time to Put REAL AMERICANS in office and it is time to VOTE OUT ALL IN OFFICE.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Impeachment of Obama?

There was a Congressman who called for the Impeachment of Obama.

I bet Olbermann and all those idiots at MSNBC peed all over themselves to attack this Congressman on behalf of Obama.

These are the groups that are helping Obama destroy America. The liberal press, you know ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, HLN and MSNBC. They cannot tell the truth.

For those of you brainwashed by the Government Schools and the liberal press. Do something to help this country. Join the military. Do your part to protect this country and all it stands for.

Then you will see the outrage that I see. The criminals in Washington, DC passing 2000+ page bill after bill unread. Stuffed with trillions of dollars of corruption against the American people in each bill. Flat out refusing to listen to the people who put them there. Taking over everything in sight. Wall Street, Banking, Auto and Health Care. Destroying jobs left and right and then giving the unemployed a few dollars week after week to shut them up. Then we have the corrupt Democraps getting up in Congress say the Republicans ought to be ashamed of themselves for keep food from the mouths of babies.

No all Congress should be ashamed for destroying a once great nation.

This corruption is in both parties. It it time to throw out the lifetime politicians and put REAL Americans in Washington.

Every day the Democraps and Obama are in office is one day closer to Civil War.

You want to know what is really happening in America? Listen to talk radio and watch Fox News. Get a real dose of reality not the crap the liberal media is pushing on you.

Wake up America!!!

Impeach Obama

I heard today a Congressman from CO. has asked for the impeachment of Obama. I guess for being incompetent. All those bozo who voted for them should be fined for being idiots.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Poll: Obama's Endorsement Is Worthless - Prez not much help, but Palin's might actually get you votes

Who wants an endorsement from a person who will go down in History as the President that destroyed America? He keeps blaming Bush instead of trying to fix it. A true leader takes on the responsibility given him and works with what he has. Instead this one just goes on a campaign trail to bash President Bush and let's the press run interference for him.

Poll: Obama's Endorsement Is Worthless - Prez not much help, but Palin's might actually get you votes

Tuesday, July 20, 2010 - News : Obama's tips for the tea parties

So does that mean we sit and listen to a racist preacher, yell profanity at America and Americans and when asked if we heard it, lie like the Devil er I mean Obama? Seek Terrorists who kill Americans as pals? Never tell the truth? I could go on and on....... But we all know it now as truth and can't trust anything Obama says..... - News : Obama's tips for the tea parties

What do you expect?

Here is a story I came across on ATS. You socialists will not like it. But he earned it and now he is going to enjoy the fruits of his labor - unlike Obama and the socialists.

"After 30 years of owning a business and seeing the government
take bigger and bigger shares of my profits to give to the moochers and parasites of this nation, today is the day! After six months of planning with my tax attorney and my accountant, I am happy to report that I will no longer abet the thieves and slave masters that have taken over this country.
For six months my accountant, tax attorney, and I met trying to project what the cost of doing business in the years ahead will be and how to position my company to survive the continuing economic downturn and new federal taxes and regulation that are being instituted. Needless to say, it has been an eye opening experience.
No one seems to have any factual numbers or information that would allow us to make quantifiable projections regarding the cost of new fees, taxes, rules, and penalties associated with Obama care, the new regulations on 1099 forms, new business taxes, both state and federal, as well as business associated reporting requirements, and the decline of readily available capital. Combine this with the increased cost of each employee and the downturn in sales and services, and it’s almost impossible to determine even a good estimate of what the cost of doing business will be in the coming years. That being said, the projections we did come up with were to put it mildly deplorable. So after seeing the writing on the wall, and with October and the new fiscal year looming, we went from trying to keep the business running to salvaging what we could of it to pay for my retirement. We have succeeded!
So, to all you socialist, to all the wealth redistributionist who think I should give back even more of my hard earned dollars, and to all the just plain low life moochers who have ruined this country, I wanted to let you know you will get no more from me! As of today I will be letting go of the short end of the stick. I have sold off my business assets, closed the doors, and retired to my 200 acre ranch where I will watch from the sidelines as the nation slowly sinks into the mire of socialism. I have structured my assets and earnings in such a way that I have made sure that when my wife and I reach 62.5 yrs we will receive all the social security benefits we are entitled to. My monthly income from my personal savings and retirement plans are structured in such a way as to insure that rather than pay income taxes, I will be getting tax refunds. My house and land are paid for, and I will even get subsidies from the government for some of my land. While I will never get back even 20% of the monies I have paid into this Ponzi scheme, I will get back just as much as I possible can. I will no longer be supporting the thugs, criminals that run our country nor will I any longer support the inept and socialist policies. But as I have been told time and time again I should give something back. So here you go.
This is what I am giving back.

187 employees that I had on salary will now be able to join the growing population of those on unemployment... Rather than paying taxes on the income I paid them, they will now be receiving tax credits, and handout from the government coffers.
187 people who will no longer be contributing to social security.
87 families that will be getting healthcare from the federal government rather than 1paying into the socialist, rationed, healthcare that is coming down the pike.
187 families that will no longer be paying state, and local, taxes on their income.
187 families will have to cut their expenses to make ends meet, thus contributing to the downturn in business in the local area.
The government will lose an estimated 1.3 million dollars in business taxes, fees, licenses, payroll taxes, penalties, not to mention the corp. income taxes on profits from my company.

To all the producers out there I say get out while the getting is good! No longer support this oppressive government and its wealth redistribution schemes.

To all of the moochers and parasites out there. I leave you with a line from my favorite movie. “ I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries, now go away or I shall taunt you a second time”

You will get no more from me!!!!! "

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Obama Impeachment 2

Here is another reason to impeach Obama.

He went after the Republicans tell everyone that the Republicans were fear mongers over ObamaCare.

He went on to insist that not one penny of federal funds would go to Abortions.

Today we find out Obama lied again. PA and AZ together got over 250 Million in ObamaCare funds to set up Abortion clinics. Just what Obama said would not happened, happened.

This Ass who is destroying America needs to be FORCED out of office. He is no longer worth the title of President.
Obama went after Republicans over Government funded Abortions Obama said not one cent of funds will fund Abortions. We are now at 250 mil +

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

President Carter is Happy Now!

It now has been noted by most Americans that Obama is the worst President ever to hold office. This brings President Carter up a notch. He is no longer the worst President ever to hold office, he lived long enough to see Obama break his record.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Racism is America.

It all starts with Obama. Letting that racist King Smear off after saying he wants to kill all white people. Bush started a criminal investigation on King Smear and Obama let him go saying he could not go to THAT voting both next election? Obama has proven time and time again that he is a racist. Look at AZ.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Obama's new mission for NASA is to make Muslim's feel good about being a Muslim. Nothing to do with Space. We should just shut down NASA.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Return of the Republic

Samuel Adams said, "Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself"

Sounds like what's happening in America now.

The essence of freedom is the Proper limitation of Government. You just have to look at what happened in Rome way back then and see what's happening in America today.

We are repeating history with a few corrupt officials destroying everything.

Time to take back our Republic.

That means we have to imprison the corrupt.

They will fight to keep the corruption in place.

You just have to open your eyes and look, you will see the corrupt. Starting with the mainstream media, Obama and almost everyone in Congress. All heads of these corrupt organizations that suck the American tax payers money for their own wants and needs. Like Acorn. Why can't the funding to this organization be stopped? We as Americans need to step up to all this corruption.

The law of the corrupt should be wiped off the books. We will have to fight to retake our Republic.
Hope everyone had a Great 4th of July Weekend and remembered why we have this holiday.

The Last 4th in America?

So I hope you are enjoying the 4th of July Weekend. I also hope you have taken the time to remember why we have this holiday.

Our Revolution from the British was a build up over 100 years of massive taxation without representation just like we have today. The Income tax was forced upon the American people back in 1913. Now Our government have forced Massive taxes on the American people and our Representatives and Senators are ignoring the people. So we are back to taxation without representation.

If History repeats itself we are due to another Revolution/Civil War between the Massive Government and the people they were to take care of. That no longer take care of but rules.

The massive stimulus package that produced $10.00 an hour temporary jobs and it cost the American tax payer $700,000 per job. Where did the $650,000 that did not go to the worker go? Kickbacks to the Senators and Representatives? You are talking over half a million per each worker. The corruption and fraud in this Administration and Congress is so ramped that we need to vote them all out of office.

Here are some more things to think of.

The Federal Government taking over 2/3's of the Automotive industry. Then the automotive industry proudly tells the American people that they paid back the loans from the government - but what they didn't tell you is they used American tax payer money to pay back American tax payer money. So they still owe us Billions.

The Federal Government has taken over the banks in America. Telling banks who they can and can't loan money too? Think about that. What banks can stay open and which ones have to close.

The Federal Government has refused to secure our borders, and are attacking our states that do enforce federal law.

Lets look at what has really proven to be the way of corrupt government that we are having to put up with now...

Let's look at Health Care. 60+ percent of the Americans don't want government controlled health care. The takeover of health care was in the face of the American people. Then the lies from the President where he promised if you like your health care you will not lose it. That was a lie to the first degree and now the Anti-Government Health Care is up to 75+ percent of the American people.

The Federal Government has done nothing for 70 days on the gulf oil spill. Everyone trying to figure out why. The 71 day Obama comes out with the Cap and Trade bill to take over energy in America. This will cause Gas to rise to unusable amounts. $8 to $12 dollars a gallon. Electricity will go from an average of $100 - $120 a month to $800 - $1200 a month. You can't believe what Obama says. Everything he has told you to date has been a lie.

Let's look at Congress passing 2000 page bills without ever reading a page of it. How many times have this happened? It turns out that Congress no longer writes the bills that Congress votes on. It is special interest groups that write the bills that favor and even pad the bills to get extra money and Congress refuses to read the bills.

The CBO Congressional Budget Office who read and figure out the cost of the bills have now been silenced. Obama brings the boss of CBO to the White House and after those meetings the CBO now just rubber stamps the corrupt bills.

The latest bit of news is Obama is trying to sneak through a bill that would end elections of officials. We would wind up with a dictator unelected.

An Army like Hitler had. The SS. This is what Obama wants and has repeatedly said it but the Obama news service will not report it. But talk radio does.

This is why Obama has targeted Talk Radio and Fox News Service. He wants to get rid of them so they will stop spreading the truth. Just like the Internet. Onama wants to shut down the Internet so the truth cannot be passed.

The Supreme court said that the people have a right to bear arms. There are a number of lawsuits going to get in front of the Supreme court that will push and push until the 2nd Amendment is lost forever. This way the Government can takeover America and no armed uprising. The people will be forever bound to corrupt officials until the Americans will to be free is awaken. As it is now.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Corrupt Officials Numbers

unemployment rate down but 125K jobs lost. If you do the math that means a whole lotta people quit looking for work or 99 weeks were reached!

We are also talking about the stimulus money. For every job created it cost the American taxpayer $700,000.00 per job. Government efficiency or Corruption at its best.

It is long overdue to take back our country from these corrupt officials that have completely ignored the people they are there to represent.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Well, I have to ask Biden who is the one holding power right now, refusing to listen to the American people and calling them "Smart Asses"?

Coming of a Second Civil War

It's now Official,

Obama, Congress and the U.S. Government have Declared War on the American People.

The EPA, FCC, and IRS have targeted us

You can view the news reports from today. The EPA has refused to give permits to oil companies. The FCC has refused candidates from purchasing time on TV and Radio. The IRS have targeted all Americans seeking money from corrupt bills signed into laws by Obama. Let's look at Health Care. There is now a 10% tax on tanning beds. They the Government hope to make 300 Million in tax money over the next 10 years. Well if you tax the business out of business you wind up with nothing. We now see how the Government thinks of the American worker. They could care less if they tax you OUT of BUSINESS. Then you wind up on Welfare just where the Government wants you.

The TAXES on the American people are rising faster and faster, soon if you hold a job your taxes will be running close to 80% to pay for all those jobs the government has destroyed.

Obama speaking yesterday said "Yes that Stimulus package did not keep unemployment under 8%. It is now 9.7% But it could be 12, 13 or even 15% if we did nothing. The town he was speaking in has unemployment at 14%.

Talk about an awkward moment of not knowing what you are taking.

But that is this Joke called Obama. Way in over his head and lying every time he opens his mouth. Obama is the poster child for "How do you know a Politician is lying? His lips are moving" He has lied about Health Care and now he is lying about Cap and Trade and Immigration.

Congress is going to pass this unqualified joke of a judge to the Supreme Court. She will surely go against the American people and the Constitution. You can call your Congressmen and women and Senators to no Avail. They are dead set on destroying America.

I do see a Second Civil War coming soon to America. It will be more bloody than the first and the government will go after the Average American Citizens. The Government has gotten to the point it can no longer function. You can see it in the news. Even the Alphabet news service is reporting it. But the American people are not picking up on it.

Obama refused help on the oil spill until day 70. OVER 2 MONTHS before he asked for help. He allowed the oil to destroy the Gulf states and economies of these states before asking for help.

All fishing is closed. All Tourism is dead, so most business that relay on tourism such as Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, and a majority of business that seek tourist.

So yes A Second Civil War is coming. When will it get here is up to the US Government. But you will soon see Americans Arrested on the streets for no reason except to disagree with the Government. They may be just like China. A bullet in the head of the person who is against the Government and the Family of the murdered is sent a bill for the killings. The cost of the people who were there and even the cost of the bullet.