Monday, December 17, 2012

School Mass Shootings.

For those of you who have not connected the dots yet... 

Mass shootings in schools. 

Where is it illegal to carry a gun? 


Who knows it? 

The criminals. 

All the victims you could want and no one to shoot back. 

If the teachers had conceal carry how far would he have gotten? 

You want to blame someone - Start with the federal government who put this ban in place.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I was watching the News about MI right to work law.  A worker claimed that this right to work is bad for the worker.  WRONG!  It is bad for the Union.

It is actually better for the worker.

Why you ask?

These states that are Union Run, like MI.  Is bad for the worker.  They either have to join the Union and pay dues and if you refuse to join the Union, you don't work and if you do work they still take union dues out of your paycheck. 

On the other hand the union has got great health care and retirement packages for its workers and in the process destroyed companies, cities and states. 

Look at GM?  Bankrupt.  Saved by Obama at the request of the union and the American taxpayer is paying the price. 

Look at Detroit?  Bankrupt.

Look at California?  Bankrupt.

The cities that do not allow unions in are doing fair.

Just a side note.  Republican run states are running in the black while Democratic run states are running in the red and/or close to being bankrupt.

Unions had their time.  When the American worker needed a hand the union helped.  This was back when Henry Ford started and ran the Ford motor Co.

Union hay day was back in the 60's.  Today Unions are more known as thugs and criminal enterprises.  They ignore the Constitution when they want something, but insist on their Constitutional rights when things go against them.

Right to work laws are a direct result of union corruption.  

Monday, November 12, 2012

Divided States of America.

If the freeloaders don't think freedom is needed, then neither is their entitlement society.  The problem is we have corrupt Senate, President and Supreme Court.  They ignore the Constitution the very Constitution they took an oath to protect and defend. 

In MY America they would be arrested for crimes against the Constitution and America. 

That is where we need to take America.  One way or another. 

The Liberal Left a.k.a. Democrats. are the REAL danger to America.  But, you voted for it, now you have to live with it.  When they take your weapons, money, food, electric, gas, freedoms, I don't want to hear you bitch about it.  You voted for it.  Even after you knew what would happen.  You want free Health Care?  You want Unlimited UnEmployment?  You want Social Security and Medicare that Congress stole the money out of?  You now have all you want.  It won't last and with luck you will see it quickly, else you will wind up like third world countries where flies eat your flesh, you grow worms in your body, vomit everything you eat, can't keep food down due to sickness.  That is what you voted for and that is what you will end up with. Freeloaders will get just what they voted for.  

I Pray to GOD everyday that he enlightens them with the truth.  But I think GOD is angry with America because we now have a Democratic Party that does not want GOD in their platform or my country.  Did you miss that at the convention?  Too busy playing video games or texting your friends and ignoring the truth?

Liberals can't do talk radio, Why?  Their message.  Conservatives can do talk radio because they tell the TRUTH, something you don't want to hear.  Again you will get what you voted for.  

Welcome to the Divided States of America.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Obama has diminished the Office of the President of the United States...

Did you hear the latest?

Obama has refused to meet with Israel's leader Netanyahu  says his schedule is too busy to spare any time for Israel's leader.

Instead he announces his appearance on Letterman.

So do you think Obama has the pulse of whats happening overseas?

Not on your life.  Obama is the most inept President since Carter.

He is more interested in getting re-elected than whats happening in the world.  A sign of a piss poor leader.

We could be facing WWIII and Obama is doing NOTHING!!!

The briefings they hold for Obama everyday and he refuses to go.  Interferes with his fund raising and golf.  

The people who held up Obama as the greatest thing since sliced bread is now backing off.  They see he is refusing to uphold the responsibility of the Office.

He thinks its a joke and so are the American people. 

I think we should IMPEACH him for - Failure to perform the duties as President.

His record that he is avoiding will prove it 110%.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Things that I notice.

Talk at church is getting very deep.  

The problems in the middle east and the President who is working hard at destroying America.

The lack of respect for the Democrats and for that matter anyone holding power.  Judges, Lawyers, Senators, Congressmen and women, corrupt departments like Education, Energy, Agriculture, Transportation, The Fed no wonder people are looking to the Bible. 

Israel - I back.  Our President won't, Conservatives in this country do and Liberals in this country refuses to.

Let's look at the differences between Conservatives and Liberals. 

Conservatives Believe in God first and foremost.  We are those people who create jobs and hire people.  Believe in Country, Guns, Constitution and our Military.  We give more to charity, we are willing to give the shirt off our backs, just like this country used to.  We believe in the freedoms the Constitution affords us and the restrictions it places on the Government. 

While the Liberal wants to sit at home and tell the government I want a check for breathing,  I want free health care, and I want you to provide me with a phone and internet.  Some of us provide jobs most of us do not give to charity thats what government is for.  God, Guns and Conservatives should be banned from this country.
If my President wants to destroy this great nation and make us another third world country.  Why should I care?  We deserve it.  We have done no good in the world since we became a nation.  We killed each other in the Civil War, we Destroyed Europe in the WWI and then again in WWII.  Now we are in the Middle east fighting.

We had an education system that was second to none.  Then the Government got involved and destroyed it.  In the process made it a crime to punish your own children.  The government feeds your children, and give out school supplies to the children.  Those deemed poorest of the poor.  School has turned from a learning institution to a baby sitting service.  They no longer teach the children to use their brains, to explore, to learn.  They only teach to what is on the test.  Forget everything else we don't have time for that.  Then they shave off a few more days of school.  They want the latest technology for the classroom then use it for a movie screen.

How about the Department of Energy?  Just what are they in charge of?
According to the website they are a Governmental department whose mission is to advance energy technology and promote related innovation in the United States.
That includes Nuclear.  They are very strong with Wind and Solar.  By the way, those are the very same Solar companies that got Million if not Billions then went bankrupt taking our money with them.  No accountability.

How about the Department of Transportation?  You know there is a stretch of I-44 here that has been blacktopped at least three times in the last 12 years, while county roads and streets in the city have not seen a ounce of maintenance since I have been living here.  There are patches of roadway here that have seen so much work that if half of that work was to be put on bridges and other highways we could get this country back in business.

Let's talk about the Presidents own plan for GAS.  He announced four years ago he want us to pay the same amount that Europe was paying.  By God he has been living up to that promise.  We need to go back and use our own oil here and quit sending our hard earned dollars to the very countries that hate us for their oil.

How about those Musilms?  They continue to claim they are the religion of peace.  Yet these are the very same people who strap bombs to children and send them into crowds to be blown up.

Countries have given in to these monsters (including the US) for years and now the monster is rearing its ugly head.
There are parts of the US that we cannot travel because we are non Muslim.   There is a story out of Norway where the Muslims want a section of Norway to be a Muslim country, and they are willing to go to war with Norway over this.  It is time to take back our country and the world.  Remember No where in the Bible does it state for us to give up and die. 

There is so much more I would like to write about but just don't have the time.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Obama's Plan

After listening to Obama's plan - same story.  Obama complains that Congress will not work with him.  Obama still wants to blame President Bush for all his problems.

Look at Successful Presidents who was able to fix what was wrong - Reagan and Clinton.  They were able to fix alot of what was wrong because they were able to work with others.  Something Obama is incapable of.

If anything the people who watched the DNC saw a party that was running in circles trying to put out fires.  God, Unemployment, economy, oil and ObamaCare just to name a few.  Then there were the speakers who just flat out lied - and when they were caught in the lie they blame the reporter for bringing it up. 

Is this the party you want to continue to Destroy America?  Or do you want to go back to the Constitution, where YOU have the Rights and the Government works for you?

Friday, September 7, 2012

There will be 3 reasons to vote

I have been watching and listening to both the RNC and the DNC.   There are three reasons to vote this election.

#1  The Constitution.  People who believe in this great document and want it to continue to be the cornerstone of this nation.  This President is destroying it daily.  Get rid of Obamacare the largest tax on the American people in the history of this country and at the same time destroying the greatest medical system in the world.  People from other countries will have to find some other country to get their ills treated.

#2  God and Country.  God is still the backbone of this country.  The DNC starts out without God and after getting lambasted by Republicans decided to put God and Israel back into the platform and after taking three voice votes all sounding equal and then they read the teleprompter and lied and said that two thirds of the delegates affirmed the change.  It has been shown over and over and if there was no picture of the teleprompter you would know they lied about the two thirds but with the picture you know for sure there is a serious problem with the DNC.

#3  The Lazy.  This President has done everything in his power to destroy this country.  War against domestic oil, coal, the rich, the Constitution, the right to bear arms and so many more issues.  What is wrong with this nation?  Let's start with Obama Welfare.  Yes you know it as Unemployment as long as Obama is President.  They no longer hide the fact that they  are targeting Illegals for food stamps.  My money going to illegals to keep them here then allowing them to vote.  (If you still believe that illegals can't vote your an idiot that does not deserve the right to vote,  The Democrats have said many times this election cycle that illegals are the mystery voting group, they will either vote Obama back into office or vote for America - the America that the world has hated because they could not be Americans.)

These are things that I notice and you do too.  The only difference is I believe in the Constitution and the rights it gives us and if you feel the same way I do then we have no problem.  If you do not believe the way I do then you are living with your head in the sand.  Ignoring the truth. and destroying this country.  By the time you figure it out it will be too late - for all of us.  You will see a second Civil War in America this time it won't be the North against the South.  It will be the Constitution against the corrupt Government that now has all the power.  You have to make the choice.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Is anyone pay attention to what's happening in NC?

The Dems did a platform without God or Jerusalem.  Then they decided that they needed God and Jerusalem back into the platform because of the bad press they were getting and the Dem Delegates booed the thought of putting God and Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel back in.  They did a fake vote the Delegates did NOT want God or Jerusalem back but the ruling class decided that not having it is worse than having it.

Does this sound like politics by polls?

Does that sound like they have our best interest at heart?

Monday, September 3, 2012

You go for a job interview.  You fill out an application.  What is on that application?

Work History,  Education,  and things your employer needs to know,  are you a legal citizen?  Social Security Number.  There is plenty of information your new employer wants to know about you.

Now lets look at the President.  All his records are sealed.  The only people who have seen his records - Don't know. 

We are his employer and we know nothing about him.  A member of his own party tells us (a Politician) that his records are in order.  When was the last time you believed a Politician to tell the truth?

Now we look at his work history for the last three and a half years.  He has done nothing but fly around in Air Force One and make campaign speeches, play golf and take lavish vacations on our dime. 

Unemployment is higher now then when he took office, Housing crisis, ObamaCare (What a joke that is, the destruction of health care in America.  If it is so good why are Politicians and Most Union members exempt from it?)

This is the most incompetent President Ever.  It used to be Jimmy Carter but he can now die with a smile on his face, knowing he is no longer the most inept President ever, Obama is.

While you have been collecting  your Obama Welfare checks (Obama Unemployment) He has been pushing through the White House, not even Congress the ability to declare Martial Law when HE WANTS!!! 

This means he will be Dictator Obama when that happens.  He will have the ability to tell you what to do and where to go and you can't do a thing about it.

The only response would be Revolution.  But with his deals with the United Nations will make every American lose their right to bear Arms. 

With most Americans being the product of the Governmental Educational System, most of them could not figure how to get out of a wet paper bag.  They no longer teach History, Math, Critical thinking, Logic and spelling.  They do push reading but only books that are on the approved reading list.  Any books that refer to the above aforementioned are not on the list.

When I was a kid we learned everything.  History, Math, Science, and had so much fun doing it.  Even had clubs like the Chess Club, Rocket Club, Science Fiction Club.  We would meet in a classroom after school or the public library.  We were face to face, learning from each other.  Today -  Go to school, Go home, Play on gaming machine, get on the computer and the Internet and refuse to do yard work.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Constitutional Conservative?

I see so many conservative call themselves Constitutional Candidates.

I see things this way:

If you are a Constitutional Conservative you are for smaller government, lower taxes, Secure borders, enforce the laws of the land, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and the right to bear arms.

If you are a Democratic Liberal I see you stand for bigger government, higher taxes, Unsecured borders, Ignore the laws of the land, No freedom of speech if your not Liberal, Protect Islam and attack all other religions, furious that you can't get Americans away from their guns.

So I see that Conservatives are for America and the Freedoms the Constitution afforded us, while the Liberals are for an imprisoned, enslaved American Citizen.  I also notice that if you are an illegal alien in America, you have more rights than an American Citizen.

What do I consider the solution to fixing America.  Number one.  Liberalism is a cancer on America.  If Liberals want a power, move to another country that believes in your way of thinking.  Europe comes to mind.  Liberals are not following the Constitution so they by definition Anti-American.

So when I hear that the Liberals on the court, I am thinking LAW BREAKERS.  There is one thing to have freedom of speech and another to breaking the law.  Liberals and Conservatives who go against the Constitution are by definition law breakers. 

The Obama Care law is Un-Constitutional because the government is forcing you to purchase something they can't provide.   They can't provide health care, yet they are forcing you to pay for it - via a tax.  Obama Care is known the largest  tax increase on Americans EVER!!!  You wanted Obama Care I hope you enjoy it. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

FORWARD the destruction of America.

Let the wealthiest Americans pay for it.   

That is all you hear from Obama. 

Let's look at that in depth.

Your boss is going to hire 2 people - he has to pay their Healthcare. 
He is going to have to cut something from you to hire them, its only 3% to 15% you won't miss it.  But don't worry.  Your healthcare is taken care of.  Of course you have to pay your fair share of Healthcare.  It's not free you know. 

Obama raided Medicare of hundreds of billions of dollars so he could fund and hire IRS Agents.   This is Health care in America now?  IRS?  What happened to Doctors? 

You can always get foodstamps.  

Welcome to the Socialists States of America.  (Where illegals have more rights than citizens).

Freedom is gone.  America is gone.   

You now have the Government flying Armed drones in America.  They are spying on YOU!  (No outcry).  They want to let the UN take away your guns.  (No outcry).  They have already taken away your right to good health care.  (No outcry).  When they stop you from speaking, stop you from defending yourself, and stop you from eating what you want to eat.  There will be No outcry, you did not cry out when they were taking away your freedoms I should not hear any outcry when they kill you wife, husband, child, parent, family member or friend.

This is the HOPE and CHANGE you voted for almost four years ago. 

Do you really want to go down that path?