Friday, March 12, 2010

Time to Clean House

I am in favor of cleaning house in Washington DC.

Throw them all out of office.

As Americans we have to take back our country.

For all of you who fell asleep in American History. These Senators and Congressmen who are ignoring us. They work for us. The Constitution states that the bill has to pass the House and Senate then problems worked out and passed again in the House and Senate then sent to the President to sign into law. They are ignoring this process. It is like we now live in a dictatorship. What ever the Dictator wants he gets. Puppet government. We have the right to remove them from office.

If you live in a state that is crumbling like California, Throw out the bleeding heart liberals that have systematically destroyed the State and are working on the Country.

It is not hard to see the problems Americans are having.

We have a government that is forcing Americans on welfare.

How you ask?

They have curbed the citizens from creating jobs.

Then pass a bill to give the unemployed almost 2 years of benefits.

They will not allow businesses to drill for oil keeping us dependent on foreign oil.

This is Obama that is keeping us dependent on foreign oil.
He calls the oil companies criminals but he is the real criminal. His policies are the framework for the systematic destruction of America. He is following the steps the liberals have used in State policies that have destroyed those states. Such as California.

Massachusetts has state run health care and it is a failure. Oregon's state run health care is a failure. This is the same framework for Obama care. Guess what will happen? It will also fail and then where will we be?

If we stop it now we can recover and if we continue we will implode into a civil war of the citizens against the government. Hopefully we will still have our guns to take back our country.

I don't think the Military will fight on the side of the Government. They took the oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Not the Presidents will to take over the country into a dictatorship. The police I think will also land on the side of the people except in the intercity. You can see that in the Pennsylvania fair tax marches where the police attacked the marchers because they could.

Obama wants his own personal Army just as strong as the Real Army and now you can see why. He wants his own SS units just like Hitler had.

He has already toiled with squealing on your neighbor/coworker who are against him and his policies. That back fired. His name was on the top of the list.

As Americans we have to stand up for our freedoms and rights. This Government is anti American and they show it everyday. You can see it in the way they are forcing laws upon the American people. Without reading bills and now they want to pass health care without voting.

They would like the Constitution to disappear. It is hard to get around the Constitution so now they make up clauses that allows them to pass bills without voting on them.

They have proven they can destroy State governments and now are working on the Federal Government and they are daring you to stop them.

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