Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Yellow Road Signs.

So today I am watching the news after work and the news has highlights of Dr. M. L. King's "I have a dream" speech.

What was the very first thing you noticed?

All that were in attendance were Progressive, Liberal, Democrats.  Not a single Conservative. 

What was the message?

It was not Dr. King's message, it was a message of racism and hate.

They talked about voter ID laws.  Letting illegals vote and allow people without ID to vote as many times as they can get names. 

Travon Martin, and Banning Guns.

Not a single section based on Dr. King's speech, the reason they all were there.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Where do you stand in America?

Are you for the Liberals, that want to destroy this country?

Are you for the Conservatives, that want to save this country?

Are you in the middle, that wants what our forefathers fought for, died for, and created?

A free nation under GOD!

Did you take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution?

This document that was created by men who wanted to live free?

We have a President that is anything but Presidential.

We have his wife who does nothing but complain.  Says she is in prison, in the White House.

We have a Congress that can't put out a bill that doesn't have massive amounts of pork in it.
Who can't do the jobs they were voted in office for.  Pass bills without reading them, putting
forth un-Constitutional bill after bill.  Wanting to honor criminals with citizenship and benefits at
our expense.  Wanting to give our front line weapons to our enemies to use against us.  Refuses
to secure our borders, refuses to track illegals that are known terrorists.  But can and does track
citizens illegally.  We have FBI, IRS, EPA, TSA, EDUCATION and JUSTICE that are nothing more
than branches that make up an organization known in WWII as Hitler's SS.

The only thing that keeps this President at bay from becoming a Dictator,  our rights to bear arms.

As long as we believe in GOD, GUN and COUNTRY.  No matter who gets voted in, we will be able
when the time comes to take care of things.

Have a thoughtful, healthy 4th of July and take time to read the Declaration of Independence, pay
attention to why we are a free nation, and what we need to do to take it back from the criminals that
have taken over this nation.