Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I was watching MSNBC. I have never seen such a bunch of Bozos. I dont think they can stick their noses up Obama's behind any further. I could be wrong. They are the press. As you know they are Obama's Propaganda machine. They may even make it as far in as a colon probe. I guess that would even include their heads. That is most likely why they talk shit all the time. A side effect of getting their heads in so deep.

Guess you will now have to get your news from overseas. Can't trust American press they have forgotton how to report the truth. Bias news is not truth. They say the truth is how you see it. I say the truth is the truth. One side says one thing and the other side says another thing and neither tell the truth. The truth is just that, the truth. Not what people want you to hear.

Selecting a new judge.....

They are talking about who Obama will pick as new judge.

Answer: Someone who is as corrupt as Obama. Someone who hates the Constitution. You know that little document that gave them the freedom to hate the Constitution.

I think that anyone who takes an oath to protect and defend the Constitution and stomps and pisses on it should be prisoned. That includes the President. But there are too many bleeding hearts in America that have no idea what is going to happen to America. Too bad.

I sure hope that they get screwed by the government and start screaming and crying. I will then tell them they got just what they wanted. They wanted to get screwed and now they got screwed so what are they crying about. This is just what they wanted.