Wednesday, March 10, 2010

taking back our country

What would happen if every state sent a group of individuals to Congress and ousted the current seat holder in office for failure to listen to the people? They are allowed to collect personal pictures and other personal belongings. All other items in the Office are property of the people of the State in which they used to represent. They would lose all the perks that they have voted themselves. No more Golden Parachute. They get to collect Social Security and Medicare just like they force upon us. If they resist they wind up in prison as domestic terrorists. Soon to be transferred to Gitmo.

The new person would have a first hand view of power of the people.

What would happen?

I think it would open the eyes of the American people. There is a tax march on Washington today as we speak. There are Millions planning to attend the tax rally that will be held at the steps of Congress. Who is to say we just go in there and remove these criminals from the office they are currently holding.

What would happen?

Would the criminals in office call the police to hold on to their office? Would they go? (Not a chance) They would fight kicking and screaming. Just like a 5 year old that is not given their way in a department store.

Would the police help them or us?

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