Saturday, March 30, 2013

Governments push.

Obama on his soap box about people control (gun control) with all those women behind him who lost children to guns. 

I am sorry for those mothers who lost children.  But, that should not infringe on my right to protect my family and property.

Now what is the reason for all these shootings?  GOVERNMENT.

The Government has made it a crime to punish your children. 
Think about it, they even want to make home schooling a crime.  Why?

They can't BRAINWASH these children.  Look at common core.  Look at what they are teaching and what they are not.  Not just what is taught in the classroom.  You can't have those pencils and crayons that your parents got you, because Johnny's mom can't or won't buy those for him so we have to take yours and share it with all the kids that don't have any. 

Sound familiar?  Share the wealth. 

You don't want to work?  We will just steal from those who do, and give to those who don't want to work.  Obama's work plan.  Education policy?

They have forced school kids from playing like we did. 

We played Cowboys and Indians or Cops and Robbers and I don't know of any of us who killed another.   Dodgeball, tag, hide and seek.  All these games are banned from school today.  Awards for playing, no winners or losers.  In life there are always winners and losers.  Brainwashing children to think there are not losers, that just because you showed up, your a winner.  

Sound familiar?

But we did not have violent video games that let you kill or be killed and get back up and do it again.  We had to use our imagination, things we saw on Television and real life.  Today's children are exposed to much more violence today then we ever were.  Then they are not allowed to express themselves.

Lastly, there is no discipline.  No discipline, at home, no discipline at school and the parents that do discipline, are undermined at school by teachers and other children.  

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Are you better off today then you were before Obama got elected?

Let’s look at where things have gone.

Jobs - down - way down

Gas prices - up - way up

Electric costs (coal) - up - way up

Obamacare - disaster - Higher taxes and lower paying jobs.

People control (GUN control) - Politicians are scared.  Imagine if Cyprus citizens had guns?
The government would not be stealing their money.

Year long unemployment - up - makes people lazy, refuse to look for work.

Food stamps - up - lower paychecks/no paychecks

Illegal Aliens - up - way up.  11 Million people on welfare, foodstamps

Government goes to Mexico and tells illegals how to get on foodstamps.

Food prices - up - way up

Crime - up

Gay marriage - distraction from the economy.

Education - down - way down.  Children are graduating without the ability to read, write or do math.

Censorship - up - way up.  They lie and the sheeple follow blindly.

Propaganda Media - Refuse to report the truth.  Whatever the Liberal stance is, is what you see on all the major news channels.

Housing costs - Government involvement created a disaster.

Over paid Politicians - and they want more money.

Politicians passing laws against you and me, then exempt themselves from the very same laws.  Insider trading, Obamacare, wasteful spending.

Sequestration - Shut down White House tours but finds hundreds of millions of dollars to send to countries that hate us.    Let them hate us for free.

Billions of hollow point bullets -  to go after the American citizens.  No other reason.

The robbery of Social Security for political gain.

The robbery of the U.S. Postal service for political gain.

Stimulus money - pay back Obama supporters.

Solar Energy - gets hundreds of millions of dollars and go bankrupt with our money.

Identity Theft - Government using Social Security number  (not for identity)  for identity.

Governments stealing of wealth - look at Cyprus, now they are also looking at Spain, France, Italy. 

 Our President has already started stealing the money from Americans.  He keeps saying the rich must pay their fair share.  70% of what you make is more than fair.  Problem is the rich in Obama’s book, is anyone who has a non governmental job.

People are starting to feel the pain of Obamacare.  They all thought they would get free health care, what they are getting is a gutted health care system.  Many Doctors are quitting.  How about the Government forcing Doctors to ask if you own a gun?

Obama has taken 4 vacations in the last 3 months costing the American Taxpayers tens of millions of dollars.  

Vice President Biden costing the American taxpayers over 3/4 of a million dollars for one night in Paris.  Over a half a million for one night hotel cost.

Are you better off today then you were before Obama got elected?

Monday, March 25, 2013

Are you a Victim of Identity Theft?

Did some Joe use your Identity to purchase a Car?  Big Screen TV?  House?

Did he/she get caught?

How did they steal your Identity?

Social Security Number.

Who's to blame?


They took the Social Security Card Number that was not to be used for identification and made it so it was.

Some brain dead politician came up with that idea.

Now you are having to jump through hoops because of their decision to use Social Security Number has cause you to lose your Identity.

I am waiting for some rich dude to get his identity stolen and he goes to court.  I hope he sues the Government for using Social Security Numbers that was the base problem that resulted in Identity Theft for him and all those before him.

You look at all the problems we have in this country today.  Direct result of Government involvement in our daily lives.

ObamaCare, Welfare, Food Stamps, Unemployment, Gun Control, Education and Identity Theft. 

That is just off the top of my head.  Bet if we looked harder we could find hundreds of items directly related to governments overreach into our lives.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Are you the Problem?

A man is standing at a rally holding a sign that says "Don't spread my wealth, spread my work ethic".

This is what they don't want you to understand.

If there is a work ethic then there would be no one on Welfare.  Everyone would be working and Congress would not be digging you your pockets to pay for the freeloaders, Congress would not have to rob SSN, MEDICARE, POST OFFICE and steal from it's CITIZENS while exempting themselves and giving themselves payraises.

We would have money to send man back into space, we would have money to fix the roads, military be a great nation once again.

But we elected criminals to the White House and Congress who are stealing from you, your children and their children to pamper to a few freeloaders.

If you refuse to accept the truth you are the problem.

You accept welfare instead of looking for work, accept Obama welfare (unemployment) instead of looking for work, sending your children to government schools instead of sending them somewhere, where they can understand the difference between working for it or just given to you for being there.

Accepting food stamps when you don't need it.  But you say I need it.  No you voted for it or refused to vote for the Constitution and the way of American life that brought your parents, grandparents or great grandparents to this once great nation, and now you are the problem.

Are you the Problem?

Will you be the solution to the problem?

Will you allow these criminals you voted for steal your weapons the 2nd Amendment gave you?

Will you accept their imperialism?

Will you accept their enslavement of you for their gains?

If you vote for Liberals, Democrats, Republicans your are voting to continue the status quo.  You vote for the Tea Party, Constitutionalist, to take America back to what your parents, grandparents or great grandparents came to this nation for,

How will you vote?

Accept the word of a liar, or use commonsence to understand the way we are going is the wrong way?

Socialism has never worked, no matter where it has been tried.

Another problem, we have allowed GOD to be taken out of America.

I can almost find the end of America's greatness.  The day it happened.
This would be the day the U.S. Supreme Court voted against life in ROE v WADE.

GOD knew you when you were still in the womb.

GOD has been taken out of government, schools, businesses and you wonder why GOD has forsaken you. 

GOD has not forsaken you, you have allowed these criminals you voted into office to forsake him, and then you refuse to protest it, refused to voice your opinion, refused to take time out of your busy day to see what your government has done.

You refuse to believe that politican that sat in Church with you last year would vote against you and GOD when he got elected.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Washington's Distorted Facts

So today the unemployment numbers came in.  It was down to 7.7%.

This is a complete fabrication.  Let's look at it this way:

You take 1/8 slice from the 12" pie and call that 7.9%

So to distort the facts they take 1/6 slice from the 9" pie and call that 7.7%

So if you have 250 Million with the 12" pie and 175 Million with the 9" pie.

Your using a much smaller pie and a larger slice of pie and expect you to believe that the economy is improving. 

When you have 30% of the people who have quit seeking work and say the economy is improving.

The actual number is closer to 13% to 14% unemployed not 7.7.

But again you listen to propaganda media

This is again the hope and change you voted for. 

Your looking at a President who is manufacturing a crisis to get his way.  (Dictator) He would rather lie than tell you the truth (By the way, something he has not done since he got elected.)

Obama is making your life miserable, while he goes on vacations at your expense.

How are things in your world?  Is the President suffering? (no).  Is Congress suffering? (no).  Are you suffering? (yes).

On top of all that Pelosi has said Congress needs a large pay raise.

So do you think that Congress should get a pay raise, keep all benefits for as little as 2 years of so called service?

Remember you voted for these criminals to hold office.  You think they are looking after your welfare when they are only looking out for themselves.

You have to ask them why they refuse to defund Obamacare?  Why they want to disarm the American People. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

What happened to America, and for that matter the World?

During WWII America became the greatest nation on the Earth.   America was the best, we had manufacturing, Jobs, Education, Schools and Medical.

Then what happened?

Supreme Court allows Roe V Wade.  They decided that it was fine for America to Kill Unborn Babies, and God no longer blessed America.  Then the LEFT started funding abortions using tax payer money. 

You can actually see the destruction of America from that point in time.

We just lost Vietnam, because the Democrats wanted to run the war from Washington, D.C. instead of letting the Generals in the field do what they trained for.  Telling what targets are off limits?  OFF LIMITS in WAR?  Only the Left.

Before this time people could travel the world in peace.  There were no Drug Lords in Mexico, there were no Muslim Terrorists back then.  Today the Muslim Terrorist have on thing on their mind.  Destruction of the Planet.  Don't believe me.  Just look in the middle east.  They are killing each other because of the way they pray.  Does your forehead touch the ground or not.  They have no problem bombing women and children.  They don't care who they kill.  They hide behind children.  They are Cowards.  Look at Bin Laden.  He grabbed a women to hide behind when Seal Team 6 cornered him.

You want to trace the problems in the world today.  These are the standouts.  Corrupt Politicians, mostly Liberals, Corrupt Press who refuse to report the truth and Muslims.  And who are all of them blaming?  Christians.