Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

May you feel the reason for the season. Merry Christmas to all.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Congress has no clue.

This is my Facebook post.

VP Joe is upset over the Bush tax break getting extended. I think VP Joe has been in Washington DC way too long. He has lost sight of what's good for America. Congress has tried to pass everything but what they need to focus on.

It is on the issues of the American people today. Yet I know someone will ask for more.

Okay, how about Obamacare. Has nothing to do with Congress. How about cap and trade? Nothing to do with what Congress is doing in Washington, DC. Congress wants to get into your wallet with each bill they pass. Congress has been on a spending spree yet the economy in America can't afford it. Congress is just not listening. Trying to pass one massive spending bill after another.

It is now time for Congress (the voted in Congress) to repeal as much as they can including Obama Care.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Obama confesses to College students that he was not born in the US, not in Hawaii but in fact he was born in Kenya Africa. Flat out Perjury on the first class. All of Congress and Supreme court Judges all should face impeachment and possible jail time for crimes against the American people and the Constitution.

Yet the Corrupt cover the corrupt. You heard me right. The corrupt in Congress is covering for the Corrupt in the White House. It is time for the American People to step up to the plate.

Let's look at the tax program the Democrats want to pass. Who is exempt? The Politicians? The Unions? If you are illegal you are exempt! The working American public gets shafted!!!

Let's look at Obama Care? Congress has exempted themselves! The Unions! The Big Corporations with many employees! The small business owner which Obama and the Democrats call the rich which also hires the average American are the folks that get shafted.

Who are you going to follow? The Corrupt who baited you along or the American people who created jobs for most of us to work?

Hey you loafers on Liberal Welfare (Unemployment and food stamps) When Congress decides to cut off your pay you will be the bottom of the heap. At least we still have jobs you have nothing but a fat ass cause you just sat on it instead of seeking work or creating work.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Attack on Christmas

Everyone complains about where Christmas is going. Let’s look at the root of the problem – The Judges that make the rulings.

The Judges appointed are anti-Christians and except us to follow their beliefs.

It is time to remove life long appointed Judges. Let them run every 2 Years. Their record is the record that either rehires them or fires them.

The Citizen chooses. Like the Constitution states. They are elected not appointed.

Going there how about impeachment on the Supreme Court Judges that lie to Congress to get appointed?

They tell the Congress one thing and when Appointed the do the reverse. If that in not grounds for Impeachment I don’t know what is?

So instead of bashing the messenger on the Demise of Christmas Let’s go after the real threat to Christmas. The corrupt people voted into office and the Judges they appoint.