Saturday, November 29, 2008

Stuff I am interested in this Christmas.

Moving to Solaris.

Getting a Kodak ESP printer. Wireless scan, print and copy. Cool.... And cheaper than HP.

Getting a couple of cheap computers. I am interested in getting a couple of desktops and a couple of laptops.

Here is the reasoning. I have this laptop which I use most of the time. Then I have a desktop which I use to try different software. I want to use one of the new laptops just for Linux/Unix. Also one of the desktops. The other laptop and desktop I want to use for Gaming. I am not a great gamer but I do love gaming. I think that the use of gaming can help with other aspects of our lives.

Friday, November 28, 2008

CNN ???

I was watching CNN over this terrorist attack in India. In the corner of the screen Campbell Brown No Bias No Bull. So does that means everything else is?

I do feel sorry for all the people in India. Taj Mahal Hotel is slowly being destroyed. They need to go thru the entire hotel and arrest everyone in there. Then go and check each and every one.

Jungle buster bomb, the biggest bomb short of a nuke is what needs to be dropped in that region on selected targets. It sucks all the oxygen from the air. Drop them, drop many of them.

I am so f***ing tried of terrorists. Go in and DDT and Agent Orange the entire area. This will kill them all. The good with the bad. The good know where the bad is hiding out. So they get what they ask for.

Once a Marine always a Marine!!!
Attack! Attack! Attack!

Do not give these terrorists an option. No courts. They went in expecting to die, so kill them. No public killing, just one day kill them. Then notify family weeks later.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

vomit press

I read the Springfield fish wrapper and came across the 1968 story. About some lame reporter knowing someone back then that went to Vietnam and got killed. How she felt back then made her vote for Obama.

Talk about Vomit Press that was the most worthless use of ink that I ever read.

Can't trust ABC, NBC, CBS or CNN. MSNBC is the most worthless station of all. I think that most local and national newspapers are just as bad.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Even more things I notice

I keep hearing how cheep is. Well let me tell you. Full price or even more. If you go out and check out computers at your local Wallmart, Best Buy, or any other computer place you will see that Overstock is NOT selling at a discount.

Then you can go to a surplus site. Most of these places also sell at full price, thinking that you go to a surplus place and get your purchase at a discount. Don't you believe it. Rip off artists is more like it. The Government Surplus is cool. But in most cases you have to pick up, or the item is 20 years old and has been sitting outside for the last 15 years uncovered.

You really have to search out long and hard to find gems in the rough.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Back to Linux

Now that the elections are now over and before the world ends lets talk about Linux.

I have used lots of different versions. Most of them as live CD's.

The only ones that I have installed are Red Hat, Debian, OpenSUSE and Knoppix.

The Live CD's are many. Some have Apple like commands, some like windows 95 and up. The latest one I used was OpenSUSE Gnome menu system. This one I like. The KDE version I don't like as much. Then there are several more windowing systems. So you and play to your hearts content. The software is fun to explore as well. I just downloaded 3.0. I like the notes that are able to be added. Firefox, Thunderbird, and Gimp. There are so many great opensource software out there.

Go out and explore. VMWare and lots of linux distros to play under windows. Live CD distros is another way to explore Linux. You can also put those live CD distros on thumb drives. (also known as flash drives.)

I am not a great fan of Apple. I have lost lots of intrest in windows. Linux is one of the oldest and still growing strong operating systems. I think that in five years Linux will have the share over windows. Windows is trying to buy Linux.


Friday, November 7, 2008

I love this...

I love being able to write out how I feel. Kinda like a diary. But anyone can read. Great.....

This is the blessing of living in a free country. I may not be able to keep this up much longer....

Censorship. Obamas favorite word. Obamas personal army may come to my house and put me in a deep dark prison cell. You know OGB. Instead of KGB its now OGB.


You are getting what you wanted. Obama wants you to stay home and pay you for it.

I hear the news complaining about jobs.

Hellooooooo? Diden't you pay attention to who won the election? You helped him get elected. You paid NO attention to his friends, things he did and still does. You gave him a pass on his hate teaching in his church. You will ruin this country, and you report that there is no jobs. That is a simple fix. Close down the national news agencies. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC. If you wind up like FOX news where both sides of the story is given. The others give only their side. Extreamly Democratic. Also I heard very little on Acorn and their voting fraud. Stuffing ballot boxes with votes from dead people and having people vote time and time again. In some cases 72 times. This was played down by the Democratic news stations. All of this. The truth was censored. I thought we lived in a free country? I have not seen RUSSIA or USSR anywhere, but we sure get censored news.

Obama wants the country to be supported by the government.

I hear the swoosh of the rich leaving the country. This was also predicted. If I was rich I would leave also. Where would I go? I have no idea. I am not rich so its a mute point.

You get what you wanted. Bankrupt. Can you say depression?
sure you can say it with me.


Remember what goes around comes around. History repeats itself. This is what America voted for.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sports and Politicians

I almost got sick to hear all those black athletes talking about Obama's win. Like they also hate America. Lets get rid of them. We pay them millions of dollars to play sports in a country they grew up in and also hate. We deserve what we get.

I still thinks we need to get rid of all the
politicians. Get rid of their golden perks. Let them go back to the reason politicians take the oath of office. To work for the people in their state, not themselves.

We need to fight for it now.

Vets for America!

I just can't understand how someone who openly hates America becomes president?

President or not I will not follow him. His wife also hates America. Can you see that woman in the white house? Makes me shiver to think of it.

I feel sorry for all the military folks out there. I pray for you all.

Those of you who voted for him should be ashamed. You took an oath to protect this country. By voting for this person you have given up on this country.

I hope you fight for this country again. Take it back from the hate mongers.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


It is just unbelievable that America voted for someone that hates America. I just can't believe it.
He will destroy America. 666 is out there somewhere. God fearing people start praying.

May God bless me and all God fearing Americans.

I wonder if Rev. Wright (Mr. God Damm America) will be Obama's preacher in the White House?


I wonder if Powell got 30 pieces of silver for endorsing Obama?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted this Morning

I was able to get out early and vote this morning. Voted for the only true candidate.

Let's see why?

He's a vet.
He's truthful
He doesn't hang out with terrorists
He doesn't listen to hate preaching pastors.
He opens his records to show who supports him.
He wants to keep America free.

Give up?

Senator John McCain

So how did you vote?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

New topics

It looks like that I have not done nothing for several months. That is because I vented about how stupid the Democrats are. Anyone who voted for Obama is throwing America to the wolves. Voting for someone who cannot even go to work in the state senate but you think he will run the country as president?

That is all I have to say about that..... This is a few days before elections and I will keep it as that.

More stuff coming but not politics. (I hope.)