Thursday, December 1, 2016

You want to know what's wrong with America?

Let's look at the items leading up to this train wreck,

First, the IRS.  President Lincoln from the founding Republican party and Congress, in 1862, created the Commissioner of Internal Revenue and enacted an income tax to pay Civil War expenses.  Since then they have been stealing from the American people ever since.  There is a good argument for taxes to pay for war, but not to enslave the people to be dependent on government, which is where we are today.

Abortion, the murder of millions of defenceless humans at the hands of government, via Planned Parenthood, funded by, you guessed it, your tax dollars.

Unsecured Borders, this has been an issue for a very long time.  Illegals, those in this country illegally, hence the name, who suck up resources we have paid into this government via taxes that now this government gives to these illegals, FOR LIFE!!!.  Then they take our jobs, under assumed names, paying little or no taxes, having babies at tax payer expense, and then get money for the baby, housing, food, education, drugs, medical all on the backs of the few paying tax payers still working.

That leads into Sanctuary Cities. This is the definition of a Sanctuary City.  "A Sanctuary city is a city in the United States or Canada that has adopted a policy of protecting undocumented immigrants by not prosecuting them solely for violating federal immigration laws in the country in which they are now living illegally."  This is called BREAKING THE LAW,.  Ask all those who have lost family and friends to illegals, and those illegals are still free on these streets.  All the money (taxes) the cities and government spend on illegals to feed them, house them, educate their children, medical costs for them, drugs for them.

Then there is the PROPAGANDA Media, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and MSNBC.  As we have seen in this election how bias the propaganda media really is.  Enough said there, they did it for us.

The Democrats are at war with American business owners.  You know, "Share the wealth", and "You didn't build that".  Let's look at Share the wealth.  The business owner went to school, maybe college and then started his/her business.
Working long hours to get their head above water. Then getting successful enough to hire people to help.  This is the real sharing the wealth.  But this government wants to steal the business owners profits and give it to people they want to, not people who really need it.  Then Obama's famous words. "You didn't build that",  My response is, Yes I did.  Obama talks about roads the government built.  Where did the government get the money for the roads?  Taxes, me and you, parents, grand parents.

Now there are Sanctuary Schools. Why are our tax dollars going to these schools?

All this winds up with more and more people on food stamps, people on unemployment, on housing, on welfare.  People being taught in our schools that government will take care of you.  Why do you think they stopped teaching government in schools?  They didn't want the people to know they are in charge of their own destiny, and the government takes care of the country, not them.

Identity Theft, from the halls of government to your pocketbook.  Your Social Security number was never to be used as it is today.  Of course that is a mute point now too, since the government raided the Social Security funds to build bridges to nowhere, and to build airports in Senators name.  So all the money that you had taken from your paycheck for your retirement, the Congressmen and women and Senators decided to use that money for things other than your retirement.  Causing a huge decrease in the amount of retirement you get.  This is your money, they stole it.  They give themselves lifetime retirement checks, golden parachute health care, they are allowed to ignore the law they force upon the rest of us.  This is why our founding fathers constructed the Constitution the way it is.  As time goes by, the corrupt powers that be have distorted this great document.  Now they say its a breathing document and should change with the times.  Like the 17th Amendment that took the Senators out of states, the Senators were representatives of the state.  The state legislatures elected who would go to Washington to speak on behalf of their state.  The 17th Amendment changed that.  It no longer represented the state but the people that lived in the state.  This goes back to illegal aliens and Sanctuary Cities. 

If you look at the problems we have here in America, it's called GOVERNMENT!

A great example today, the Congress shelved the Impeachment of the head of the IRS.  He was caught lying to Congress, He knew about the targeting of Americans who disapprove of Obama by IRS Agents.  Then the REPUBLICAN led Congress shelved the matter.  You want to talk about what's wrong with America, you saw it today in Washington, D.C.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Obama and the Liberal Democrats have tried to ruin this country.

Remember when Obama purchased back old cars?  That was a failure.

Remember when Obama said you could keep your insurance and your Doctor? Another mega failure.

Remember when you voted for hope and change.  You got the change with no hope.  Hence the President Elect Trump.

IRS going after Conservatives, Tea Party groups.  

Remember when Obama and All the Liberal Democrats said if you have a business you didn't build it?  The government built the roads and lights you use.  Two false statements there.  First, the government didn't build it, the government builds nothing, secondly, yes you did pay for it with the massive amount of taxes you pay. 

Remember when Obama had that professor who broke the law and Obama stuck his nose in there and had a beer summit at the White House?  That was when Obama started his crusade against the Police, leading to all the murdered cops killed by Black Lives Matter, the same group Obama has had at the White House several times. 

Now you have Obama telling protesters to keep protesting. 

Remember we have Wikileaks to thank for exposing all the corruptness this government is involved with.

So if you are against President Elect Trump. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!

There are many Democrats that have moved over to the Republican side to vote for President Elect Trump.  The main reason is Health care that was destroyed by the Democrats.  Democrats are the only ones who voted for it.  A bill no one read, no was allowed time to read, and was pushed by the party, that is why only Democrats voted for Obamacare and it turns out to be a disaster.  The people finally figured it out when their insurance bill came due. 

I would say, Obama was unqualified to be President.  The only reason he got the job is because he was black.  Many black people had to suffer 8 years of this administration to realize Obama is NOT their friend.  He wants their vote and gives them food stamps, phones, welfare, life long unemployment as long as Obama is in office.

A Congress who refuses to do their job.  If Congress had did their job we wouldn't have 8 years of Obama.  He would have been impeached for any number of crimes against America and Americans.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Cancer in America

There is a cancer in America.

It is called the Democratic Party.

It has additional virus

They are called Liberalism and Progressivism.

Let's see where this cancer started.

Way back it the early 1900's.

One of the first things this cancer did was to get rid of states in federal government.  By passing the Seventeenth Amendment It took the Senators out of the states and put them in the pocket of the political parties. 

Then came education.  If you look back to education back in the late 1800's and the early 1900's.  People in 8th grade were getting an education that most college graduates don't have.  If you went to High School you really got an education and then to college to be a professional.  Today's education system is a joke.  Half of the graduates from high school can't balance a checkbook, can't read past an 8th grade level and knows nothing about civics.  Absolutely nothing about America being a Constitutional Republic.  Government having limited powers.  Instead they teach government will take care of you.  Ask the 90+ Millions out of work but they still have a car, get gas for the car and still have food on the table, still have access to housing, internet, cell phones, and with no job.  How is that possible? 

Government has done as much as it can to Destroy America from within.

Trade deals that hurt, hinder the American business.  From Mom and Pop businesses that need the money from big business to survive.  All the way up to mega Corporations that got bailed out by this government.

Then the government has passed bill after bill to destroy America.  Giving major funds and laws to protect the 1% and making criminals out of the 99%. 

This President has cut race relations between blacks and whites back to the 50's.  He has managed to erase everything Dr. Martin Luther King did in his lifetime. 

The Democratic party and now the Republican party don't want a Sovereign Nation.  Otherwise they would get rid of sanctuary cities, secure our borders, not allow terrorists into this nation.  As it is now, this government, is allowing hundreds of thousands of terrorists into this nation under the guise of humanitarian aid.  There is a record in Europe, and how that flow of humanitarian aid is going.  Terrorism is on the rise, rapes, murders and most from the terrorists allowed to enter via humanitarian aid.

This government is so corrupt today, that last election we voted in Republicans to get rid of Obamacare, instead they voted to fund it and then they funded Obama's push to fund the illegals here.

The Democrats claim that ID for voting is unconstitutional.  I suggest that all who refuse to show ID at the voting booth loose their benefits.  No Food Stamps, no Welfare Checks, No Cell Phones, NOTHING.  Then start all over and try to get these services again with no ID.

But you know when America really took a nose dive to destruction?   1973, Roe v. Wade.  Allowing the murder of unborn babies.  Millions upon millions of babies have been murdered on the alter of inconvenience.  And it is considered legal.  Yet you kill a pregnant woman you are charged with two counts of capital murder.

Again I look at the BIBLE and it tells of everything that is happening has to happen before Jesus Returns.  Right will be wrong, wrong will be right, there will be wars and rumors of wars.  No one comes to my father except through me Jesus said.  You just have to read the BIBLE to see that it does have a timeline and that prophecies that have been fulfilled and the ones that haven't happened yet. 

These things have to pass, America is not in the BIBLE.  Mexico is not in the BIBLE, Canada is not in the BIBLE, South America is not in the BIBLE. 

Friday, March 18, 2016

Real America

Let’s start

Today’s America is NOT the America my parents immigrated too.

This is not the America I served under during my years in the Marine Corps.

All the top (corrupt) Democrats in office says they want to make America look more like Socialist Europe.
Carrying on from there, Europe was under massive Socialism and Communism the last century. What happened? Money was worthless (America heading that way now) and War, not civil war because during the peace time of Europe’s Socialism before WWII they took all the guns away from the people so when they showed their evil ways, no one could oppose them. Then WAR broke out and they needed other people’s money and resources to keep going.

We have Socialists in America today, Obama, Hillary, Sanders, most of the Democratic Party and the so called “free” press.

They continue to leave our borders unsecured. They continue to put people on the rolls of welfare and food stamps.
There is a saying, “Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime”.
How about the sign in the forests, “DO NOT feed the bears, they become dependent and refuse to search for food”.
How about the feeding the starving children here in America. Why are they starving? Parents are on food stamps and welfare and refuse to work. Then they say I can’t find any jobs that pay. They refuse to work at a McDonalds, beneath them. So the family suffers. Why are we suffering like this? Democratic and Republican (corrupt old timers) who want to turn America into a Socialist utopia.
Socialism has never worked everywhere it has been tried. ALWAYS leads to MURDER, further CORRUPTION and eventually WAR or CIVIL WAR.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

This is a post I posted on Facebook.

Let's Talk,
Since when did the Main Stream Media, Most Major Newspapers, Liberals and the Democratic Party become Anti-Constitutional and the Conservative, Republican Party become the so call Constitutionalist?
Well, let's look at what most Republicans stand for:
Marriage between One Man and One Woman (Mormon clause)
Believe in God, Family, Country
2nd Amendment
Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Assembly
Smaller Government
Balanced Budget
You get rich or poor on how much you are willing to risk and work.
Now let's look at the Democratic side of things
Get rid of guns
Government takes care of everything
Everything is free.
Now Reality
When you want something for free, that means the government is taxing your Parents, Brothers, Sisters, Neighbors, Family, Friends, Business, Your Boss (if you have a job) and all those millions of people you don't know so you can have something free.
What happens?
Your company gets rid of people to keep making a profit, or moves overseas where the tax rate is much lower and the employee wages, Your Boss lays people off to stay in business, and if they can't make a profit they close their business, either way you lose a job.
Guess what, you wanting everything free, your parents lost their jobs, their home, your brother and sister did the same, Your neighbor had to move, your friends are still your friends because you have free stuff. When that runs out so do they.
So let's talk about Socialism. Sanders is a self proclaimed Socialist. He never had a job, lived off the government his entire life. He is just following the Socialist plan book. Dumb down the population in schools, (Why do you think the government is so against home schooling?) The literacy rate in America is way down there. We are a superpower with an uneducated population. These are the people who refuse to work, want everything free (because they got it in school free) and expect if they vote for Sanders it will keep going that way.
Sorry to burst your bubble, like British Prime Minister Thatcher said, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.” If you look at what this government has done to America, you can see other peoples money is going fast.
We have a government that is printing TRILLIONS of dollars with nothing to back it up, and one day like it happened in U.S.S.R. you couldn't buy a loaf of bread with a wheelbarrow of cash. it is going to happen here. Then what?
We have a president that incite riots. He is someone who should be in prison, instead we have a Congress that refuses to do its job. There are so many corrupt people in Congress they exempt and break the very laws they impose on you.
They call them internment camps. We who know through history call them death camps. You see they can't feed, clothe and house millions? They start with the ill, the very young, the weak, the stupid, the special needs and get rid of them (thats slang for murder). What's left? The healthy, (for now). They put you to work in camps with men standing guard with guns, They have orders to kill any uprising, any decent. The pretty women become sex slaves for the haves and, well you're now a havenot. You get nothing. You are now a slave to your government. You can't fight back, you gave up that thing called the Constitution, your Bill or Rights, that said you have the right to assemble, you have the right to free speech, you have a right to worship your GOD, you have the right to carry a gun. But guess what, you gave all that up for free stuff so you wouldn't have to work.
This is where America is heading unless you take a good look in the mirror.
America needs to WAKE UP to the TRUTH, and its not coming out of Washington, DC or the Mainstream Media, the schools, the Major Newspapers. It's coming from our Military, Churches, Friends and Neighbors we help in times of need and celebrate in times of joy.