Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Big Brother?

IRS will increase by 17000 employees just to check to see if you have government mandated tax called health care or face a fine a.k.a. tax. So you get taxed if you have health care and taxed if you don't.

The Corruption within the White House is so rampant that they don't try hard to hide it.

The bribes they made to get health care passed is corruption, The Democrats are now known as the party of Death. With the Stupac 12 voting yes (they said they voted their conscious) They are against government funded abortions. But they voted for it. Wonder what deal they got? $10,000 an Abortion. Is that the going price of a human being?

There are tons of stories of the corruption in Washington. The deals made behind closed doors, that will not come to light for awhile. Because it is not in the bill it still has to be written. The deals were made on a hand shake.

We the people 70% are dead set against this corrupt bill to be signed into law this morning.

This is proof that the party does not care about the American People. Have you seen the approval ratings of Congress? The President? Hell Obama approval ratings are as low as 23% to 56% depending on which poll you view. His disapproval is even higher. Congress as a whole is about 25% Pelosi is 11% and Reid is 6%.

I came across a great story on Canada free press because there is no news in America anymore its all propaganda and it asked why did the Clintons and the Obamas surrender their law licenses? The story goes on to explain that lawyers who did something bad enough to be disbarred usually surrender licenses so disbarment is not on their records. They found out Obama lied on his bar exam. It took several years before the lie was found. The Clintons was for the lies about White Water and Mrs. Obama they are unsure of. Go to Canada Free Press and read it for yourself. A real eye opener.

Also Acorn is closing so that means we no longer have to fund them. The judge that said we have to fund Acorn. It is unconstitutional to stop funds. This judge should be disbarred. It is unconstitutional to throw money at something so corrupt. This is just a money pit for the Democrats.

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