Monday, June 29, 2009

Madoff largest swindler?

I hear everyone say the largest swindler in history is Madoff.


The largest swindler in history is Obama and the Liberals in Congress now.

Madoff swindled billions that is chump change compaired to this administration who so far has swindled the American tax payer out of TRILLIONS and looking for more.......

Hold on to your wallet. Pull out your crisis manual. America is about to drop into a crisis of unbelievable porportions. The President is as corrupt if not more than Madoff. The American people are just not smart enough to figure it out. Must be the Government School Grads.

The Government has proven how to destroy things. They are corrupt. Look at Social Security and Medicare. Funded well but the Democrats swindled the money from those plans to fund personal projects (i.e. steal the money which they did) now they no longer steal money from funds they now go stright to the tax payer. Forcing bogus bills to get money from the tax payer.

Wake up America. Now they are setting their sights on health care. Say no..... to Obama care.

Just another peg in the corruption of America.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stupid Americans

I am saying you are too stupid for your own good. Can anyone out there understand that Obama is here only to destroy America? He has no thoughts to protect and save American Values. His only thought is to destroy America so the other countries could destroy America with no Military.

Obama has cut money on all the major defense systems in the Military.

He Bows to the Saudi King.

He hides his Birth Records.

He is a crook in the first degree and needs to be removed from office. Impeachment.

Inspector Generals

The liberals praise the inspector generals when they say waterboarding is wrong. But when inspector generals find Obama's friends stealing tax payer money for themselves there fired?

Double Standard?

How about the judges in America.

The sports star that killed the man with his car and was given 30 days probation?
The man who stole Lance Armstrongs bike got 4 years.

I am still waiting for my congressmen and women to insist on Obama's birth right to hold office.
Not one has asked. They need to be removed from office.

Somewhere along the line Congress has forgotten that they work for us. Not themselved.

Look at the Cap and Trade bill that was passed by the Congress. The people who sponsed this bill have all heavely invested in this engery. Kinda like insider trading on Wall Street. Illegal.
What do you think about Congress then. Were they corrupt when they passed this Cap and Tax uh I mean Cap and Trade bill?

Call your Senator and tell them no to Cap and Trade.

Tell them no to Obama Care Too.

If this keeps up there will be a second civil war in America. Thanks to the Democrats, Liberals and Obama.

Obama is Corrupt and taking YOUR money. He is a Dictator. We need to impeach him. We need the help of Congress but they are cowards. Traders to freedom. They need to be removed from office as well. Impeach them as well.

The only thing Government has done since Obama was elected was to spend eight times what any other adminstrations did in 1,461 or 2,922 days but Obama did it in less than 150 days.

If we let Obama and the Democrats and Liberals get what they want America will cease to exist as a free nation and the only rich people will be the corrupt in Washington D.C.

By the way Obama already said that America could not afford Cap and Trade if it was passed. Well guess what we are about to see if he was correct?

You Americans are so STUPID! Obama already has proven that he wants to destroy America and you are letting him. The poor are now poorer and the rich just lost most of their money or will soon enough. When Congress goes after the rich. If you have (X) amount of money and Obama says you can only have (Y) amount. Congress will pass a bill to tax you the difference. Just like they did the Bankers and Wall Street employees who got money for their work.

Like President Regan said, "Government cannot make you rich" The only thing Government does is make the Corrupt Rich. They slap themselves on the back and say we did a good job today.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Obama is a crook.

How much more do you need? Obama getting rid of inspector generals because they found fraud and waste. They were fired to keep quiet.


Friday, June 19, 2009

All sorts of stuff

I see that ABC is no longer hiding the fact that they are Obama's propaganda news service.

I also see that Boxer needs an adjustment in her high and mighty pea sized brain. Hey, Stupid. YOU WORK FOR US, Ma'am. How dare you go after a General that has put way more time in than you to get where he is. Then you stop a hearing to tell him to call you Senator? If it were me I would have said "Yes Ma'am" and went on. If you would have fussed again I would have just left.
If asked why I left? "She is more interested in herself than what I was there for."
I was in the Military and I have done things like that. It showed how stupid the power hungery are. The people of California, which thank God I don't live in anymore, have to deal with her.

There is so much corruption in Washington that it stinks. I can smell the foul stench way out here in Missouri.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What the F?&k Dictator Obama?

When did Obama turn this country into a Dictatorship?

Obama News on ABC. Then he wants to seize FREE COMPANIES???

Whats next getting thrown in jail for disagreeing with a Dictator?

Sounds like whats happening in Iran but this is happening in America.

We have a President that wants to destroy this country.

He wants to destroy Health care. Cap and tax is a joke.

Obama is bad for this country.

No balls Barry ummm Barrack with his stance on Iran.

We have a crisis in this country and its called Obama.

He is the crisis we are suffering now. Whats happening in Iran now could easily happen here with Obama siezing control of free companies. Forcing Socialism on America.

If you can't afford health care then why do you have a HDTV?, New Car? New Computer? New cell phone with all the bells and whistles.?

I have health care. I can't afford HDTV, New Car, New cell phone with all the bells and whistles. New computer.

Those are choices that people make. I picked health care over gadgets.


He is not good for this country and when is America going to wake up and smell the shit Obama is force feeding us?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Save Health Care

Save our Health Care NOW!!!! Call your Senators and Congressmen and women and tell them "NO" to Obama's health care reform.

I do not want to pay for little Sally health care because she wants a new 50" HDTV and would rather spend the money on the TV instead of Health care.

I DO NOT support tax payer funded health care. Let them get off their fat lazy asses and do some work and pay for their own health care.

You don't wanna pay for health care then suffer what comes. Don't ask me to pay for your health care.

Obama wants to destroy America and this (health care) and the energy (tax and pay) will destory America.

If the Democrats and Obama and a few Republicans continue this way we (meaning Americans) will wind up in a GREAT DEPRESSION within a year.

Guess what? It is no longer President Bush's fault. The first stimulus bill Obama and the Democrats passed it has been Obama's fault. Frank, Dodd, Pelosi, and the corrupt Democrats in office.

So next year when America crashes two years the most then you can scream Obama needs to be replaced and take America back.

We need to go back to the Constitution. Reverse this trend that the Democrats are taking. Save this great nation.

If the people do not want to work then suffer the consequences.

If people want to buy stuff instead of health care then suffer the consequences.

You live in the greatest country in the world for a reason.


You have a choice on how you want to live. How you want to take care of yourself and family. How much you want to pay.

I agree that the Drug companies are FUCKING the American people with the drug costs.

Why do we pay 3 to 20 times more then other counties for the same drugs?

Why does Congress RAPE the Medicare and SSN money for personal projects instead of using it for what it was ment for? Leaving it bankrupt?

Refund Medicare and SSN PLUS INTREST!!!! Fire the corrupt Senators and Congressmen and Women. Like Kennedy, Frank, Dodd and Pelosi. Obama needs to know that we like America that is free not corrupt like it is becoming.

Monday, June 8, 2009

NO to Obama's and the Democrats Health Care Destruction.

Well, of course its Health Care Destruction. Everything the Government ever touches is destroyed. Look at Medicare? Look at SSN? Look at Housing? Look at Education?

Obama made a speech that Tarp 3 or whatever the number is now will create or stop the loss of 600,000 jobs.

What he fails to tell you is that we have already lost almost 2 Million jobs and this 600,000 jobs are just temp jobs. None of these jobs are long term. 3 to 6 months of jobs and they will loose their jobs as well. Add another half a million to the unemployment rolls.

This guy (Obama) is such a fraud. He could not tell you the truth if his life depended on it.

Even some Democrats are starting to see him for what he really is. A snake in the grass.

God bless America and the Constitution and her people one and all. Even Obama.

P.S. Where is Obama's Birth Certificate? The real on. Not that joke he put on the internet.

He was not born Obama. So that is a bogus Birth Certificate.

He thinks the American People are too stupid to figure it out.


Friday, June 5, 2009


Why when you listen to the news they make job loss sound great? "We only lost 100,000 jobs this month, thats 20,000 less than expected."

Every month we have lost jobs. But the news makes it sound that the jobs loss is a good thing.

How DUMB are the American people? A job loss is a job loss no matter how pretty the news makes it. That is where the Government intervention into education has caused this problem. Dumb down America. How to fix it? EASY. Get the Government out of education!!!

Last century there were one room school houses everywhere and those who left those schoolhouses were as bright as two year college grads now!

Today they graduate with a 6th grade education. They can't do math, they can't read, they can't spell, they can't use their brain to solve problems.

The government says you can't spank you kids at home? No discipline. That relates to no discipline at school. Now you have metal detectors at schools, Armed security. Lock down schools from the time the kids show up till they leave? Are we training them for prison?

Again these are things that I notice. Obama and Washington is sending America to HELL on a Rocket. The DUMB down Americans are too stupid to figure it out. No one can read to realize that the Liberals have destroyed this country. FREE HOUSING, FREE HEALTH CARE, FREE CARS, FREE PHONES, FREE FOOD, FREE MONEY and NO WORKING that is what Liberal Americans want.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The truth is out there the only problem is that the liberals can't or won't read. It proves that Obama cause the housing problem. I am so sick of this guy. He can't talk off the top of his head. He has to do all teleprompter. He looks like an ass swinging his head back and forth. Everyone knows he is reading. He can't talk without notes. It looks so tacky for a sitting President to read everything. He is a joke.

Obama the Joke. I guess I can call him OJ now..... Obama the Joke...... I like that....... OJ is still unable to speak without reading out the whole thing. Crib notes don't work for this looser.

Then we can talk about him (Obama) shutting down N.Y. Because he decided to spend a couple hundred thousands of tax dollars to fly to N.Y. and then shut down Broadway so he could watch a play. Putting thousands out of work for the night.

Then we have Government Motors. Formerly known as General Motors.

America is being destroyed. I am using this to let you know that it was destroyed while you did nothing.

Obama wants to destroy Health Care.

The Government can't run anything because they destroy everything they touch.

So we can now say, Auto industry is gone. Health Care is going, and we have OJ who is not savy enough to run this country. He can't even fight his way out of a wet paper bag, let along a country.

Obama is destroying this country and he will get what he deservers. It may take a little while but it will happen. Those who are evil go to hell. He is very evil......