Friday, March 5, 2010

Slice of life

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who blogs. Let's us in the country get a feel how other people in the country are doing. Just a slice, enough slices build a picture. We all know a picture is worth a thousand words.

So how is the health of America?

Overall - on life support. Critical condition.

Losing jobs month after month. The Democrats are happy. We are glad we only lost 36,000 jobs last month. Great news. Let's make them one of the thousands losing their jobs and see how glad they will be?

We have a President and Congress who want to control Health Care and take over your freedoms. Obama, says we the American people will be in control of Health Care. The wake up call is we Americans will be forced to buy government insurance and if we don't we will be fined for not buying government insurance. If we get sick we go in front of a panel. If we are too sick we will be sent home to die. It will be cost effective for us to die. The Health Care a.k.a. ObamaCare will utterly destroy our health care system in America and destroy the level of care we get and bankrupt the country. The government can't run anything. Look at Social Security, Medicare and how about the Post Office.

Fix those before you go after Health Care. Prove to us you can fix it and we will consider your health care reform not a takeover.

Have you noticed that the Nobel Peace prize award has gone to a couple of real losers. A. Gore and B. Obama. For what? Just what did they see in Ole Al Gore and what did Obama do to win the prize except for his vision of a Nazi America. You listen to Obama's speech before he was elected. He wants his own army as big as the military. (In Nazi Germany it was call the SS).
He wants the government to run everything. He wants the government to pay all the people. You give the government you pay check and they will pay you much less because the rest of the money has to go to the folks who won't work. We already have Government housing for people who can't afford to live anywhere else. With that they collect food stamps and welfare. So they have a house to live in, food money and spending cash on a monthly basis. Why in the hell would they want to work. Everything is paid for. It might not be much but at least they did not have to work for it. Free

It is now wake up time for America.

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