Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nanny State

I am so pissed at Congress, and News. They are racking Sen. Bunning over the coals for asking Congress to follow what they pass. Pogo. Pass only what you can pay for. And the first thing they try to pass is welfare that is unfunded. That is what this bogus unemployment package is. Welfare.

We need to fire these crooks no we need to throw them out. With no chance of ever holding a job higher than a meter maid. Strip them of their golden parachute retirement and health care they refuse to accept but insist is good enough for the American people.

Starting with Obama and all the left leaning politicans in America. They have proven that they hate Americans and America. As long as they get to pad their pockets with our tax dollars.

The only option will be civil war. It will happen. There are too many freedom loving Americans in this country.

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