Saturday, March 6, 2010

DC Comics

I was in the book store today and guess what?

They have put Obama books on the discount shelves.
Reduced price for a quick sale.

They don't want to be caught with fire starting material.

For those of you who are DC Comics fans. - Sorry to say they have backed Obama. Spiderman gave up the cover of his comic for Obama.

Well, I guess DC will feel the pinch from me, not buying any of their comics. Not that my money will affect their bottom line. The best way to affect a business, don't buy any of their products. So if I don't buy and those who feel the way I do, don't buy. Then it hurts. Don't purchase any DC Comic product. That would be a comic, Movie, or any other merchandise with a DC character on it.

This will tell DC Comics we do not like Obama and his socialized agenda. It is anti freedom and anti American. Just the oppsite of the super hero in the Comics.

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