Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Microsoft is losing market share

There was a story on Linux celebrating it's 20th year. In that story it noted that Linux has 70% of all market share from smart phones to Super Computers. When it comes to the desktop it is less than 1%. MS has 90% of the Desktop market and Apple has just about 10% of what's left. Linux has less than 1%.

When you look at Windows you have to spend good money for the OS and then you have to purchase an AntiVirus to get Windows to work. Then if there is anything you want to do you have to spend good money to get that software. Then if Windows thinks you owe them money they shut down your computer.

So you spend money to buy your computer but Windows has control of it. It is time to take back control of your computer just like your country. Try Linux.

It comes with just about everything you could ever want and best of all. It Free. Just purchase a magazine with a disk in it or download a version and install it. You can even run both Windows and Linux from the same computer although why you would do that I really don't know.

There are only a few places were you have to put up with Windows. But for the most part. You could save thousands just by switching to Linux. And did I mention, Wine on Linux will allow you to run some Windows software on Linux! I think it is long overdue for you to take back control of your computer. Bring that Desktop market share to 70% like everything else Linux is involved with.

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