Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Story of a Constitutional Teacher

I noticed through various media that Obama claimed himself as a Constitutional teacher for 10 years. After seeing him in action over the last 3 I have one thing to say to all his students.

SUE - Bring lawsuit against the school and Obama for piss poor education and training. If you were to do what he is doing you would be in Jail.

So that begs the Question? Why is he still in power? Simple. The Corrupt Congress.

IF WE THE PEOPLE refuse to take our country back from these crooks we deserve all the heartache and pain we have coming. Our ignorance, stupidity and laziness are the reasons this country is going to Hell on a Sled Rocket.

You refuse to listen to the truth. You listen to the likes of MSNBC. They could not report the truth if it were plastered on the walls in front of them.

You have the likes of the Unions who are being paid off by Obama for a health care exceptions.

Look at Obamacare a unconstitutional law, forcing the people to pay for a product the government can't provide. There you look at states like AZ where the Gov. of the state looks like she was paid off to veto a law to correct a wrong done to the American people.

The Corruption in America is so out of control that we the People need to start over. Take the document called the Constitution that our forefathers created and start again. But this time we keep Government OUT of Education, Health Care, Energy, Business, Everything but securing our borders and providing for the common defense.

We can never get free as long as the corrupt in charge.

The Tea Party has pushed against the system and the system is scared. They see that the PEOPLE wll take down this corrupt government if given half a chance.

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