Sunday, July 24, 2011

America - Was the Home of the Free and the Brave

Yes, you saw the title. America - Was the Home of the Free and the Brave. Why?

The Democrats have made America the home of the give aways.

If you are an Illegal you get free health care, you can get Social Security, You can get Medicare, you can get housing, you can get food via the Democratic established government and best of all you don't have to pay any taxes cause you are an illegal alien.

But if you are a citizen you have to fight for a job, you have to fight for health care, you have to fight for Social Security, you have to fight for Medicare, you have to fight for housing, you have to fight for food via the Democratic established government and worse of all you have a new and massively increased IRS to take more of your money.

Obama says on one hand that the American dream is alive and well and anyone with an idea can become rich on the other hand if you start a business you are considered rich by Obama and you need to pay your fair share. But he never says how much their fair share is? In other words, fire your employees and pay me what you would have paid them plus any profits you show.

So where is the equality in America. Obama wants any business that hires people to be classified as a rich business and needs to pay more in taxes. So the people who want to lay around and play video games on their big screen HD televisions can stay home and get assistance from the government.

You ask any public school graduate what the government should pay for and everything above is listed plus a Car, free gas for the car, A cell phone, with no limits, a computer with free internet, and spending cash to take out a date. They want 100% guarantee on everything. If it fails they want the government to pay for it.

This is what is American teachers have taught in Public Schools.

We have borders that do not protect it's citizens. We have Mexican Drug lords coming across the border to rob, steal and kill and our government does nothing to protect the citizens but instead sells automatic weapons to the drug lords. Then tries to blame the American gun dealers of the sale so they can squash the 2nd amendment.

To continue on this thread...

Yet, when AZ tries to pass a law against the illegal problem the Federal Government sends in lawyers to squash the bill and the massive amounts of illegals take to the street to protest the law.

Do we really live in America?

In other countries you do what the illegals are doing here they would wind up booted out of the country the least amount of punishment to death the most extreme punishment.

In America they get all the comforts of home plus so much more as long as they vote for the Democrats.

There are States that go against the Constitution and issue ID cards and Licenses that allow the illegals to get anything they want. We the American people need to send the bills to these states, if they want the illegals to get free stuff let the state and the people in the state that voted for these people pay for it.

I am tired of paying for the lofty goals of the criminals in office.

If an Illegal wants to become an American I have no problem with him going the way of my parents. Get a sponsor, get a job, and check in with your case handler to see if you are a productive cog in society. Not the current burdens we have in society thanks to the Democrats and the criminals they put in places of power to get their wishes.

The destruction of the greatest nation on Earth!!!

They (the Democrats and Liberals) call us Nazi's but their policies are more in line of the Nazi party than the Rest of the parties combined. (Constitution Party, The Tea Party, The Libertarian Party, The Republican Party, The Nazi Party and the Communist Party.)

Now you know the reason for the title.

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